Content Creation: 7 Phenomenal Tips That Are Going to Revolutionize The Way You Write Blog Posts4 min read

If you’re passionate about blogging, odds are that you’ve read articles, guides, or enrolled in blogging courses. Now, most of the advice regarding content creation is rather lukewarm.

After all, quality is subjective.

But the road you have to take in order to produce quality content is not.

That’s why I am going to share a few ways to think about your posts that are going to revolutionize the way you create your content.

1. Start with someone else’s words… until you find your own.

Every once in a while take a few sentences from something that you enjoyed reading and punch the damn keys until you’ve got them all on a blank document.

You will find yourself suddenly aware of those words, as if they were your own.

Your own words and ideas will take a life of their own, adding, embellishing, improving what you’ve just written before.

You almost always find your own words by using someone else’s as a foundation.

2. Start in the opposite direction of where you want to go.

If you’re writing about self-confidence, you might start by asking your readers a few questions about self-doubt and uncertainty. 

If you’re writing about bravely facing your fears, begin with a story or anecdote about the way fear changes you mentally and physically. 

Doing this creates tension and guarantees that your post will be about a change in the narrator.

As with other types of writing, at the heart of many fantastic blog posts is the story of how someone changed under pressure.

3. Connect two seemingly unrelated dots.

What does blogging and Zen Buddhism have in common?

You can read all about it here.

What about the movie Fight Club and storytelling?

Read about it here.

Connecting two seemingly unrelated dots (and doing your best to make a connection) will keep your readers tuned in because they want to understand what at first appears to be an unlikely comparison.

4. Bring in opposing viewpoints.

Conflict and change are the foundation of every great blog post, and one way to highlight that conflict is to include an opposing point of view. 

For instance, you might want to write about the importance of positive thinking — you can create conflict by quoting someone who considers positive thinking to be counter-productive.

5. Write short paragraphs.

Your writing will be faster, livelier, and clearer if you write short paragraphs. You will be able to better organize your thoughts and ideas, and express them in a more concise manner. The readers will also be pleased by the amount of white space and how clear and tidy it all is.

6. Steal… like an artist… of blogging.

Enhance your blog post with a metaphor you read in a book you loved. Make a point with an anecdote or story you overheard while you were out to lunch. 

The key to being great at this is to:

  • never be lazy – don’t just copy and paste. Add, embellish, improve upon what you’ve taken from others
  • steal small – one sentence or phrase.
  • apply it to a different niche.

Here’s an example:

My catchphrase “Punch the damn keys,” is taken from the movie “Finding Forrester.” I’ve become incredibly fond of it. Four short words that seem to define what I advise people should do most when it comes to blogging.

Take someone else’s words and make them your own. Improve upon them, adapt them to your needs, do your best to add to them your own thoughts and ideas.

After all, the only blogger who dreads the empty stare of a blank document is one who never quite gets it in their head that everything worth reading has been written far before they were even born.

7. Give some thought to style.

Style is the “how” of blogging. It’s the way you express an idea or thought. It’s the words you use, and h0w you place them, and the way you arrange your sentences into paragraphs. 

A reader will start reading your blog post because of the topic, but will often give up half-way through because of style.

The truth is that there’s no topic or idea that cannot be made fascinating by a competent blogger. It’s all in the way you write.

This is an excerpt from The Art of Blogging E-book.

For over a hundred (or so) other tips and tricks that are going to revolutionize your blogging game, order your e-copy today.


Cristian Mihai

Became Internet famous by the age of 23. Never recovered. I write short author bios all over the web. I’m an acquired taste. Don’t like me? Acquire some taste.

33 thoughts on “Content Creation: 7 Phenomenal Tips That Are Going to Revolutionize The Way You Write Blog Posts4 min read

  1. You said: “You almost always find your own words by using someone else’s as a foundation.”. I really like to write using quotes as a prompt. I just finished reading Atomic Habits by James Clear and noted down some quotes that I plan to use as the basis for some posts. If you haven’t already read it, I think you’ll enjoy it as much as I did. Another source of quotes that I like is an app called Brainy Quotes.

    I definitely want to improve my style of writing. Beyond daily practice and having a good grasp of grammar, what resource do you suggest?

    1. On Writing by Stephen King.

      Elements of Style by Strunk and White.

      And reading everything possible about blogging. Anything at all. It helps develop your style.

  2. A big ditto on keeping paragraphs short and concise. A maximum of four sentences might be an effective guide. When I read a post with monster-sized paragraphs without an efficient use of time and space, my attention span drops-off.

    1. yes I;ve been looking up recipes and I can’t tell you how annoying it is to scroll through long paragraphs and adds to get the the recipe.

  3. Especially with number 4 it’s so true….I posted a post about Practice Not Always Being Perfect….I got a lot of engagement on that post. I also shared it with my friends and then they became more interested in my blog. Thanks for sharing with us

  4. 6 and 7 are where I am. My blog is mainly my journal. I share the thoughts and process of my projects. I am an artist.

    1. There are 11 more tips in the book. And about a hundred more tips, tricks, and strategies about content creation, content marketing, social media, and creativity.

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