Do You Want People to Read Your Posts? You Must Do One of Three Things

There’s this one mistake I see a lot of bloggers make. It’s something that I have often written about, expressed concern about, warned about, and tried to offer some valid alternatives.

Please, if you want other humans to read your words, internalize this next sentence:

Your blog is not your journal.

If you want to write about what your cat had for breakfast, that’s fine, but don’t expect it to resonate with people.

Yes, you need to tell stories. Yes, you need to share your personality. But if you make it all about you, nobody will care.

Blog about what you want, but know that certain ways of writing and subjects aren’t as appealing as others, so don’t whine when you see that heartbreaking zero next to your followers.

You can be authentic, unique, and sincere, but your blog posts have to do one of these three things in order to resonate with others.

You have to entertain

People love to be entertained. Life can be boring, even painfully so. People want an escape from that. If your writing provides it, people will pay attention.

Tell stories, but tell stories that make people laugh, cry, or both at the same time. When you’re done writing, read over your work as an objective viewer.

Would you be entertained by your writing if you were a stranger? If you’re honest with yourself, you’ll know when the answer is “no.”

You have to teach

How to posts are popular for a reason. People like learning new stuff. If you can help people improve an area of their life they’ll appreciate, trust, and engage with you.

And, yeah, you can totally share your experiences, you can inspire others by writing in such a way that others can understand something new about themselves.

Make your readers better for having read your work and they’ll become loyal fans.

You have to inspire

Ephemeral as it often is, inspiration lifts people up from their darkness, gives them hope, and every once in a while, instills lasting change in your readers.

An inspirational post is this: a blog post that makes readers go, “Oh, yeah, so it’s possible.”

You inspire others when you show them that they too can become great at something, that they can grow through whatever storm they’re going through.

But if you somehow manage to do all three at once…

The pros, the bloggers we all admire, do all three at once with almost every single post they publish.

Their writing style is what others call entertaining, they teach others something about a certain topic or skills, and they inspire people to take action upon the information they have shared.

You can master the art of blogging as long as you purposefully aim to add these three ingredients into every single blog post you write.

When it comes to creating fantastic content, life changing content, you have to keep this one rule in mind:

Do whatever you can to write the most concise and clear blog post that adds massive value to people’s lives.

The next time you publish something and it fails to receive even a single comment, ask yourself if it was entertaining, educational, or inspiring. Chances are it wasn’t.

So you go back and punch those damn keys, while reminding yourself that we must write because of the way we feel, while also being aware of the way our words make others feel.

32 thoughts on “Do You Want People to Read Your Posts? You Must Do One of Three Things

  1. I have just started my blog. Traffic is not the first thing I am looking for but I do want my writing to reach more people so that I can motivate and inspire people at various stages of life.

    I have very limited social media followers and that too who are not into blog but art. How can I bring people to engage in my writings?

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    1. If you don’t already I suggest sharing your blog posts on Tumblr. I’ve come across many “writeblr” accounts. It might not give you hundreds and hundreds of followers but at least you’ll be connecting to a community of people that also enjoy writing. It might be worth a shot at least.


  2. Thanks for sharing. I never thought about asking myself the question if I would read or if I am entertained by my own blog post. Good point and definitely worth keeping in mind.

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  3. Good advice. And it’s not enough just to do it; you have to keep doing it . . . every time. I’m slowly learning it takes time to get the results I want, and one should never drop the fundamentals.

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  4. Your blog is not your journal – that’s a good piece of advice to remember. I do see lots of posts which tell me so much about the blogger’s family and I can’t help wonder why they think I would be interested in people I dont know, have never met and am never likely to.

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    1. Loneliness. I guess that’s the answer. People who just want to feel less lonely, that they want proof they exist. Maybe that’s why they write about their personal lives so much.

      We all want that, but some of us try to have a much bigger impact by writing about things that are much larger than our day to day lives.


  5. I’m not overly worried about my follower count, but I would be grateful if you had any tips on getting people to comment on your posts.

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  6. It’s all about how I make my readers feel… and if I help them feel better, more inspired, more hopeful, I am accomplishing my goals. Thanks for the reminder, Cristian ❤ It's all about them… not me! ❤

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  7. Hi I’ve got to say I found this informative. As a new blogger my traffic is definitely the biggest thing that’s demotivating me (though it’s not problematic in the slightest).

    I’ve decided that one way to prevent this demotivation is to schedule all my posts for the next 6 weeks so that I can focus on networking and getting my name out there!

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