[Blogging Mindset] Forget about Numbers for a Moment2 min read

“It’s not the number of followers you have or “likes” you get, it’s the strength of your bond with your followers that indicates how much anyone cares about what you have to say.

In this game, the one with the most real relationships wins.”Gary Vaynerchuck, The Thank You Economy

Numbers are funny. We, as adults, are kind of obsessed with them. A “ten million dollar home” is easy to imagine, easier than actually investing the time to describe how the house looks like.

And the blogging world is also plagued by this obsession with numbers. It’s all about traffic, stats, and followers. Views, unique visitors, hits, clicks, likes, and comments.

Lots and lots of numbers offering you the cold perspective of your success (or lack of it.)

Here’s the kind of truth that few will ever share with you: it’s not just about numbers.

I once read an article that blogging should feel like this awesome house party. Everyone wants to be invited. All those who stumble upon your blog can’t help but subscribe, feeling a bit jealous on you.


I fell in love with blogging long before I ever started my own blog. I accidentally stumbled upon this Romanian journalist’s blog. I’d spend hours and hours reading the comments. The content was okay, but the comments. Oh, man, those were funny. Everyone was having fun, even the terrible internet trolls.

There was a lot of sarcasm, and I’d often laugh out loud at this guy’s replies to someone else’s attempt at trolling them.

Engagement is the name of the game

Sometimes, because of the niche you choose, it’s just impossible to gather a large following. There just aren’t that many people interested in your topic.

But you can make them care. You can show your readers that YOU care, that you are passionate about your topic, and that your expertise is second to none.

And, yes, you can monetize such a blog, sometimes even better than extremely popular blogs.

I’d like to ask you a simple question: are you having fun with your blog? Is there a reader who makes you smile whenever they comment? Are you making friends with other bloggers in your niche?

Cristian Mihai

Became Internet famous by the age of 23. Never recovered. I write short author bios all over the web. I’m an acquired taste. Don’t like me? Acquire some taste.

6 thoughts on “[Blogging Mindset] Forget about Numbers for a Moment2 min read

  1. A big thanks to u for this one !
    I used to think of likes and followers everytime and more dn Facebook I used to check my blog. This advice is I think most effective.

  2. Yes, Cristian, I am having fun with my blog … and I smile when I get comments from my regular followers – and an ear-to-ear grim when a new follower takes time to really relate to what I have posted about. You’re right, it’s all about relationships. I wrote to a new follower yesterday telling him it was nice to “make your acquaintance” because he is my first “friend” from Ghana. He responded that there was no acquaintance here. Mmmm … maybe he misunderstood my intent?

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