How to Write Blog Posts that Your Readers Will Love6 min read

Would you like to become a better blogger? Would you like to create blog posts that people will remember, comment on, and share?

Silly questions, right?

Of course you’d like that.

But… how?

Do no worry, for I have compiled a short step-by-step guide to help you become a blogger that’s incredibly persuasive and completely unforgettable.


Let’s start with the best way to structure your content.

They don’t say content is king for nothing…

Use these tips to structure your blog posts, so your message isn’t buried deep in your post:

  1. Write your headline first. Think of why would anyone want to read your post, and in what way they’ll benefit by doing so.
  2. Then write your subheads. These will help structure your post.
  3. Take your time with the opening paragraph. Your opening paragraph has to draw your readers in. Each sentence has to make them want to read the next.
  4. End your blog posts with a bang. Make sure your lasts lines are so kick-ass that they inspire your readers to take action or change their beliefs.
  5. Use bullet points. Most people won’t read every word of your content. They’ll scan the headlines and the bullet points.
  6. Don’t disappoint. Remember the compelling reason in your headline? Make sure you deliver on it.

How to write headlines that convert

Here’s the kind of statistic that is going to break your heart — only 2 out of 10 people read an article beyond the headline.

If you don’t write irresistible headlines, that means almost no one will bother to read your blog posts.

Use the following seven foolproof steps to maximize the number of folks who read past your headline:

7. Present a benefit in your headline. Everyone’s time is precious — so what’s in it for someone who pays attention to your content? What do they get out of it?

  1. Be specific. If your headline is generic, nobody will be interested.
  2. Don’t try to outsmart (yourself or the readers). Clever headlines are difficult to write, and even the good ones often fail.
  3. Write several headlines for each post. Try out different ways to deliver the same message. Remember it’s all in the execution.

How to write blog posts that your readers won’t forget about

Tell me if this is you: folks are reading your content, but your message doesn’t stick.

If yes, don’t worry. Follow these seven simple tactics to make your message unforgettable:

11. Avoid routine common sense. No one’s much of a fan of Captain Obvious.

12. Surprise your readers. The unexpected will make your reader pay attention.

13. Add concrete details. They’ll help your readers picture your story.

14. Tell a story. As they say, we are not made of atoms, but rather stories.

  1. Make your readers feel something. Emotion is a word you should never forget when reading your blog posts.
  2. Use metaphors. They’ll help people understand what you’re trying to tell by relating it to something they know.
  3. And the rule of three. Our brains are wired to remember three things more easily.

How to become a more persuasive blogger

Think of your last blog post. Why did you write it? What did you want your readers to do after reading it? Did you want them to buy something? Believe in something? Change their ways? Subscribe to your blog?

You have to choose one objective.

And always, always remember that one cannot hit a target one does not have.

Whatever you want, use the following five steps to writing content that persuades:

18. Use the word because. You should always give people a reason why they should take action.

19. Anticipate objections. No matter what you blog about, there’s someone who will disagree with you. Think about it. Approach your subject from different angles.

20. Use statistics. These add credibility to your story.

21. Be passionate. If you’re not passionate about your blog, why should a bunch of strangers care?

22. Write about what you know.  Being persuasive is much easier when you know your stuff.

How to mesmerize your audience

Use the following tips to engage, delight, and ultimately convert your readers into avid fans:

23. Understand your readers. Know their fears, dreams, and desires.

24. Write for your ideal readerChoose a single person. Just one. That one person you’d like to write for, the person who’d most benefit from your articles.

25. Be conversational. Nobody wants to chat with a company.

26. Be engaging. The word you is the most powerful way to be more engaging.

27. Don’t insult your readers. Being clear doesn’t mean you have to tell your readers things they already know.

28. Be likable. Do great things for your readers, help them out, and be generous. It’s obvious isn’t it?

How to self-edit so you don’t look dumb

The following tips will make good content great:

29. Plan ahead. Give yourself time to let your first draft rest.

30. Read your blog posts backwards. This is the best way to spot typos.

31. Use a spell checker. You do that already, don’t you?

32. Proofread on paper. You’re less likely to skim the text.

33. Read your text aloud. You’ll find where you stumble.

34. Simplify. Remember your purpose? Cut all ideas that are irrelevant.

35. Shorten your first sentence. Short sentences are more likely to draw readers into your content. And don’t forget, the only purpose of the first sentence is to make people read the second sentence.

36. Cut excessive words. Read each sentence carefully and delete each word that isn’t necessary.

37. Edit out complicated words. Do you want your content to be difficult to read? Cut long words and replace them with shorter ones.

38. Check your engagement level. Is your content focused on your readers? Count the number of times you’ve used I and me versus you.

The truth of the matter is that great blogging is not just about delivering great information. There’s too much information easily available on the web already.

It’s not just the what, but the how.

The execution.

If you focus on becoming enchanting, persuasive, and memorable, you can succeed as a blogger, and gain the kind of audience that most only dream of.

Cristian Mihai

Became Internet famous by the age of 23. Never recovered. I write short author bios all over the web. I’m an acquired taste. Don’t like me? Acquire some taste.

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  1. I’ve never heard the idea of reading posts backwards…I love this! I get so used to seeing what I’ve written that it’s common for me to miss mistakes. I can’t wait to try this today!! Thank you for all the tips and content you share…as a new blogger, it really helps me a lot! 🙂

    1. It’s a brilliant way to catch a lot of typos and such. It just doesn’t make as much sense, so you stop seeing it as an entire piece, but rather one sentence after another.

  2. This was a great post. I was able to read through so fast, but no skimming. So helpful for a new blogger like me. Thank you so much! Look forward to more.

  3. Cristian, thank you for always being generous with your blogging tips! I am always learning new things. I’m currently taking the art of blogging bootcamp 2020. With your discount, I’ve finally purchased it! Thanks so much 👍🏽

    1. Hi Maeve,

      I saw that you enrolled in the Bootcamp. You’re going to love it. A ton of content and tips and tricks and strategies.

      I am also going to update the course in a few days, so stay tuned.

      1. Awesome!

        I just finished the Bootcamp in hours.

        I’ve taken A LOT of notes from it. Surely, I’ll be going back to it from time to time. Also enjoyed the experience!

        Please do notify us for the update. ☺️ I’m really glad to have purchased the Bootcamp. Thank you for taking time to reply here too!

  4. Thanks for the tips! Editing is something I struggle with! Definitely going to try reading backwards

  5. Thank you Cristian for another insightful post to help your fellow bloggers. Especially us wanna be writers.

    Your generosity in sharing your knowledge is appreciated more than you know.

    Thanks again.

  6. In crafting my blog headlines, it’s important not to dash people’s hope. As you rightly pointed out, always deliver on your promise. Also avoid overconfidence.

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