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You can tell. Just after reading the first few sentences, you know. Reading that blog post is going to change you.

In fact, you are so affected by its message you can’t help but share it.

We’ve all experienced content like this. But the question remains: how to create it?

If you’re serious about blogging, your goal is to create content that makes people pay attention, think, and feel.

And I believe that we should keep in mind these very elements as we do our best to craft an experience that will have a profound effect on our readers.

1. The visual element.

Your reader notices the overall presentation of your information before they read a single word.

This means using colors, fonts, formatting to entice them to actually read your content.

If you get this part right, your readers will move on to the next step in the journey, and they’ll begin to read.

If you get it wrong, the journey will end right there. They’ll click away, or turn the page.

From the theme you select, to the widgets that adorn your sidebar, to the fonts, the text size, and how long your paragraphs are, all of these elements matter a lot.

So use high-quality design to invite your readers in, and to convince them to spend time on your blog.

2. Then it goes directly to the mind.

Spend time working on a headline that draws your reader in. Write subheads that guide them through your text like signposts. Break up your article with bullet points.

The essentials must be emphasizes with block quotes. Incorporate images that add to the meaning of your words.

Pay attention to both your content and the way you break it down, polish it up, and present it to the reader for this will ensure that your blog post gets read. For real.

Not skimmed through. Read. Word for word.

But there’s still another, often forgotten about, element.

Your reader’s heart.

3. Feelings. And stuff.

The most brilliant content presents information in a way that touches emotions, too.

Great blogging tells a story. A story about human nature, a story that makes us feel less alone.

We all know what it feels like to fail or to be looked down on. We’ve all felt insecure from time to time. And we’ve all had the experience of working hard and achieving a long-term goal.

When you knit together experiences we can all relate to, your content will go straight from the eyes, to the mind, to the heart. And it will stay there, and be remembered.

Content that make people feel something is content that gets shared. It gets people talking. It’s the definition of remarkable.

Writing a brilliant blog post is simple, but not easy:

  1. Use everything you know about design to invite your reader to interact with your content.
  2. Strong headlines, subheads, and solid content will hold their interest.
  3. Incorporate common human experiences that will touch your reader and make them remember what they’ve read, and want to share it.

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  1. Hey, I am very new to this blogging scene and your piece on blogging was helpful. I am still having a hard time putting everything together, especially the format isn’t straight forward. I will be checking you out often. Take care!

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