The Reader Is ALWAYS Right

It seems most bloggers tend to forget that running a blog is essentially the same as running a business.

Your blog posts are your products.

I know what you are thinking. “But I am not charging folks any money to read my articles.”

Yes, but you are asking them to give up on something much more precious than money: their time.

And this means your readers are your customers.

And you know that terrible, terrible cliche: “the customer is always right?”

In other words, you need to do everything in your power to provide your readers with the best experience possible.

Your blog needs to reflect that fact.

This is not about how much you care about your topic, or your words, or how much time and effort you invest in your blog.

In case you haven’t figured it until now, the world does not reward you based on how much time you put into something, or how much heart, but rather on your results.

And your results are always determined by how your readers feel about your blog.

1. Sure, but I blog for myself…

Stop it!

I mean it.

This line of thinking is prevalent among those who are so mentally lazy that all they can do is delude themselves into thinking that the only reason they write on the freaking world wide web is for their own self-gratification.

The same way men who can’t get a date end up thinking there’s something inherently wrong or evil about women.

Without readers, you have no blog.

As simple as that.

2. Sure, your blog is also about your own needs and desires…

At the end of the day, you are choosing to share your thoughts and ideas with the world because it has a positive impact on your own life.

But at times you will be forced to make certain sacrifices; sometimes you have to compromise what you want in order to write about what your readers want to read.

What happens if you somehow get bored about blogging on the same topics over and over again?

If you suddenly start blogging about different topics that your readers couldn’t care less about, then you are going to alienate the vast majority of them.

People who are into self-help are not usually into supernatural fiction, the same way those who read finance blogs are not terribly passionate about sports…

Some of them are, but most of them will be taking their business elsewhere, and spend their precious time reading other blogs.

3. It’s all a balancing act…

The truth is that writing only about what readers want to read oftentimes makes for a lousy blogging experience.

Also, you run the risk of hating the topics so much that you won’t be successful anyways…

The truth is that you need to write about topics that inspire you, motivate you to give 110%, but do it in such a way that your readers are more than glad to offer you their time.

This balancing act takes a long time to master, and even then, as your own preferences change, you might find yourself “trapped,” writing about a topic you no longer care about.

Whether you make money or not, blogging is a business.

And a business is always about solving people’s problems.

Never forget that.

Because the bitter truth is that most bloggers who struggle to get other humans to read their content suffer from the same problem: they are blogging mostly about themselves.

Get a real understanding of your readers.

What is it that they want to read?

What are their biggest problems that you could solve right away?

What is some piece of information they are desperate for, and only you can provide?

Figure these things out, and then give them to your readers…

36 thoughts on “The Reader Is ALWAYS Right

    1. Well, the obvious one is to ask your readers directly.

      Also, you can deduce it by figuring out what type of posts are more popular than others.

      If all this is not possible, then you can always analyze the posts of the most popular bloggers in your niche, and see what is it that they are doing, and incorporate that.

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  1. Cool post, I am new to this so I am trying to get my head around everything. I only have a couple of new posts, I have advertised my blog on social media, but not much traffic yet. It might be partly the niche topics I’ve chosen, veganism and spirituality, but also that I am not sure how to write well yet

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  2. I find I am always writing with the intention of inspiring, moving or shifting my reader or the receiver, but my personal fuel or inspiration is and are things that inspired me too! 🙂 It’s a win-win… I get inspired and hopefully so does my reader. I love to spread JOY and empowerment and to help raise the idea that there is so much beauty in life. BTW thank you for all that YOU do Cristian!

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  3. Good stuff, Cristian. I still write for myself, and I contend that is what a blog is meant to be about – what you want to write about. BUT I also pay close attention to the reactions (likes, comments) I get from my posts. I can’t deny having some interest in growing my blog. SO, with that in mind, I find myself being more selective about the subjects my blogs cover. I try to choose subjects that my readers show more interest in.
    That’s the hitch… what kind of blog do you want? Do you want a blog that has many followers and as such, is purposed to that end, or do you simply want to write about what’s on your mind and not concern yourself with having more than a few followers? I say do what works for you and don’t worry about it.
    With that said, though, what you have here is an awesome blog, and you leave little doubt that you are an expert blogger. So, to your audience… I highly recommend listening to what this guy says. He knows his stuff.

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  4. Hi! I enjoy reading your writing so thank you ! I don’t agree with your last point, though. I think the personal story can be very powerful and engaging and attract loyal readers.

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    1. It depends. If the personal story adds value, teaches folks something, or is relatable enough to a certain audience. But the vast majority of content out there is just boring, the kind of stuff that even the writer shouldn’t think about more than once…


  5. Also if we all always worried about the quantity of readers, then nobody would ever write poetry 😉 I have some poetic / arty type blogs and I wish I saw more of them out there. I’m a videographer by trade

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  6. There is probably very little that “only [I] can provide,” but because I am unique, I can give it a new twist, right? Write for them, from me, with my twisted passion … got it!

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  7. Really great advice at a perfect time! Thank you. I’ve been revamping my blog to bring it to the next level and this will help me distinguish myself from other travel blogs. You’ve made the questions direct and concise. I really appreciate that. ❤️

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  8. This was great advice. I never thought I was writing for myself, but I needed to figure out my niche and stick to it in order to even get people interested in what I have to say. I am still fairly new but I hope to grow my audience one day.

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