Ah, The Joy of Being a Beginner Again

In case you missed the last couple of posts I shared with you, I am actively building a new platform on Medium.

If you’re just now hearing about this, or if you want to grow your audience on that platform, read on to find out how I gained over a thousand followers, earned over $100, and got a bunch of blog posts curated in a month and a half.

Two reasons why you should be using Medium

There are two reasons you should be republishing your old content (and writing some new content) on Medium.

First, you get to reach over 90 million users, so there’s the added benefit of building a platform there. And what a platform it is. Yeah, I am in no way sponsored by them to say this, but the quality of the content on there makes it that much easier to network and engage.

And it makes sense, because Medium is a membership site. You have to pay $5 per month or $50 per year to read as many articles as you want, which is a must-do in order to engage with as many people as possible.

The second reason is the Medium Partner Program. You get paid. Simple as that. You write stuff, they pay you.

You get paid depending on how much time a member spends reading your content. There are no ads, no nothing. And the pay is far better than if you were to place ads on your blog.

This is what makes it great for a beginner. You get to monetize your blog and reach a new audience.

Medium Curation: the trick up their sleeve

Here’s a fascinating fact about Medium. A team of actual humans go through each and every single article that gets published, and they select the best to promote in their app, on the homepage, and in e-mails.

What I noticed is that the more popular your post becomes, the more they promote it. So they don’t go all in right from the start, but it’s still nice.

Of course, if you plan on publishing on Medium, I highly recommend checking out their curation guideline: there are certain types of content not allowed, and there are strict rules regarding self-promotion and affiliate marketing.

Building an audience on Medium

You build an audience the same way you do on any platform: you engage others. You read, like, share, and comment other people’s content.

The interesting thing is that you get to see how many people read your comment, which acts as an incentive to interact more; for those of you who feel that commenting on other blogs has no benefits at all.

In order to get from 0 to 1, 000 followers in one month and a half I spent about 4 hours per day networking.

Like I said, the community is great, the content is fantastic, so it’s quite a joy to go through articles and engage with fellow bloggers.

Earning money on Medium

If you enroll in the Medium Partner Program, all you have to do is share your best content. That’s about it.

You get paid about $1-$1.5 per each hour a reader spends on your article.

It’s an easy and effortless way to monetize your blog, but it does require some work.

I am now averaging about $5-$8 per day, but there are writers out there earning a hundred times that amount.

Like almost any other monetizing option for your blog, you need a lot of people reading your content.

Sharing your content on Medium

Of course, writing a post is just as effortless as it’s on WordPress, even more so.

The only thing I recommend you do, if you want to republish your old content Medium, is add a link to your post as to not confused Google’s search algorithms.

One thing worth mentioning is publications. You can create your own, where you can share your content, or you can submit articles to other publications.

There are quite a lot of publications to choose from, depending on your niche.

Some of them have an audience of hundreds of thousands of followers, so there’s an added benefit in terms of how many people get to see your article.

All in all, I am excited about this platform.

I highly recommend you use it in order to reach more people, build an new income stream, and develop some new connections along the way.

See you there, and if you have any questions about this platform, do not hesitate to use the comments section below.



10 thoughts on “Ah, The Joy of Being a Beginner Again

    1. No. You don’t have to pay the $5 monthly membership in order to earn, but you should, because that way you can read as many posts as you can and network with other bloggers.

      How else are you going to get noticed? There are some 300, 000 writers on the platform…

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