[Show Me The Money] $9.682 min read

This was my first payout on Medium for my first week of republishing my content.

There’s one aspect of making money from your blog that isn’t talked about: the fact that most people quit when they see payouts like these.

After all, what can you buy with $9.68?

Not much.

But there’s one important element that is often overlooked:

If you can earn even $1 by using a certain platform, selling a product or service, you can earn more.

A lot more.

You just need more readers, a more loyal audience, higher prices, a better product/service, more reviews/testimonials, a better sales pitch.

You can optimize the process, so you can earn more.

That’s why I am investing 4-5 hours every day on Medium. Publishing content, networking with other bloggers, the good stuff.

You see, the vast majority of bloggers want to earn real money from the start.

Well, it doesn’t work like that.

It took me some 60 days to earn my first $10 from Amazon Affiliates.

First month of blogging? Sold three e-books for a grand total of $1.05 before taxes. Six months later I was earning anywhere between 1, 500$ to $2, 000 by selling my e-books on Amazon.

First month of placing ads on my blog? $32.69. Second month? $452.94.

Blogging is a game of momentum. It’s a game of slowly building a portfolio of content, of building relationships with your readers.

Little by little, a little becomes a lot.

So my advice to you is this: do not let yourself be intimidated by the fact that you only earned $1 or $ 0.05.

Keep punching those damn keys, keep giving your best, and you will soon earn more.

Remember that payment from Medium?

Here’s how much I earned in April:

And right now I am averaging between $2.5 and $3.5 per day, so I will be doubling my income in May.

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Cristian Mihai

Became Internet famous by the age of 23. Never recovered. I write short author bios all over the web. I’m an acquired taste. Don’t like me? Acquire some taste.

17 thoughts on “[Show Me The Money] $9.682 min read

  1. Yup, we all have to start somewhere! My first job was flippin’ burgers at a dive inna one-horse town for $1.50 an hour!

    1. Hi Alexandra,

      A sort of WordPress. Kind of. Pretty cool. They have a differenc concept though. In order to read all articles, you need to become a paid member. From the money they collect from their 90 million users, you get a share depending on how many reads you have.

      What I like most is the quality of the content.

      1. Just appreciated.

        Here’s the thing: you can publish anything you want, but they curate the best content, promote it on their homepage, e-mails, and in the app. Of course, you get a lot more exposure because of that.

        Another thing: there are publications. Kind of like online magazines. You can make you own, but it’s best to submit to other magazine that are more popular (the most popular publication has something like 600K followers). Of course, it’s up to them if they accept a certain article or not.

  2. Does it work with the RSS feed of your WordPress blog, or do you post to Medium separately? Thanks for this post. My favorite line is, “Blogging is a game of momentum.”

  3. Excellent! Yes, a nickel, a dime, a dollar? I resonate with that. Value it all as part of your bigger all, and actually building it Brock by brick. It’s not that every little bit counts, as much as, as you say, “keep punching those damn keys.” Every letter of each of those key punches builds into something bigger over time. Heck, don’t fix a slow leak on a tub faucet, and drip drip drip it will fill the tub for free sooner than you might think — until you receive the water bill.

      1. Love it!
        “He who takes care of the little things will be given much.” SO not a passage about thinking small. It’s about doing the WORK, instead of wishing for success or to manifest something or whatever one’s vision by sitting around and smoking hope. Or, as you say, not to “Aim small, hit the target, and then chill.” That has consequences. Again, thinking small isn’t hard. It’s just a habit. A habit with consequences. Same for thinking big.

        This is wicked cool stuff. I’m really glad I found your blog. Kindred kind of glad. I really the Rantra and wisdom back and forth. I can tell you’ve been through the shit and didn;t allow yourself to be crushed, just played along, found your rhythm, and got stronger, which is also called rites of passage.

        I am valuing my experience experiencing the value built by your work.

    1. And yesterday I earned $5 through the platform, so that’s great news. The increase is real, given that you are consistent and put in the time to network.

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