[Blogging Mindset] When Blogging Sucks

You’ve felt it, didn’t you? The feeling that your words are failing you, one by one. The feeling that you are an impostor, the sense of aimlessly punching the keys only to produce words that are bland, boring, and stupid.

Sometimes you try to forget about this feeling by being a perfectionist: you tweak and edit and proofread and search for the perfect picture to your blog post, over and over again, and you never click the publish button.

After all, if you’ve just written the worst blog post ever, it can’t do much harm if it never gets published, right?

Other times, you procrastinate. You tell yourself you’re going to do it later. Or tomorrow. Or next week.

The truth is, we all go through this. Me, you, the guys earning millions of dollars per year from their blogs.


That’s the cost of having to be consistent – the side-effect of going after your muse with a club.

Some days, when having to sit at the desk and punch those damn keys, you just got to bleed for a few words that you can’t even stand to read.

Some days, you will hate your words more than anything else in the word.

But at the same time, it’s well worth remembering that most people quit after only a handful of such days.

The rest of us? The ones who keep blogging day after day after day for years? Well, we keep punching those damn keys, no matter what. We keep showing up.

We know that everything is temporary. Even our doubts and fears. Even our frustrations. Even this lack of inspiration.

This too shall pass, as they say.

But you must never, ever, ever, under any circumstance, quit. You just keep punching those keys, okay? You keep doing your thing, even if you think it’s pointless, because, I assure you, it’s not.

And let me tell you one more thing: the one thing that is going to shatter your heart into a million little pieces is not giving up. No. Far from it. It’s wishing you hadn’t given up.

30 thoughts on “[Blogging Mindset] When Blogging Sucks

  1. I personally don’t have problems with punching keys, honestly, though i can understand why people would.

    I struggle with the “technicalities” of blogging, you know… how this and that works, how and why you should use that thing instead of the other, ecc… can someone relate? 😀

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  2. Thank you! I needed this. Especially that last paragraph: “the one thing that is going to shatter your heart into a million little pieces is not giving up. No. Far from it. It’s wishing you hadn’t given up.” Yep. This.

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  3. Dude. I don’t want to blog today. All I keep hearing is “punch those keys” lol. I’m still working, it’s not full time but the recent changes have included extra challenges at work. However, today is my day off and my day on for my blog schedule. So let me end this comment and get TO it. haha

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  4. Right words to the right time -for me. I was seriously thinking about stopping. But today some positive reactions maybe it’s not too bad continuing-maybe it does mean something to some people ? Thanks for encouraging. Have a nice weekend

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  5. Cristian you really hit the nail on the head with this post. Man for the past week I felt like Alice floating through the sea of time with confusion and spaghetti in my head. Fighting to get back to the main idea. Kudos—Great post. Blessings and Peace.

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  6. You just voiced out exactly what I was experiencing just last night when I was doing my first blog….it’s tricky, I must admit…but we need to purpose to never give up, just like you have said.
    Thanks for the encouragement.

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  7. Thanks. I am new at this and find it doesn’t matter how much I think about a post ahead of time, when it comes to writing I will draw a blank or even leave out what I thought my important points were. Your post reminds me not to do too much proofreading and trying to make it perfect. Sometimes it is better to just hit publish and let it go.

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