The Lavish Dwarf Entertainment Rule of Blogging2 min read

“Several years ago, an investment banker was jailed for trade violations. He was caught partly due to his lavish parties on yachts, often featuring hired dwarves. The owner of the dwarf rental company, Danny Black, was quoted in the Wall Street Journal as saying: “Some people are just into lavish dwarf entertainment.”

Tim Ferriss

There are over half a billion blogs out there.

Whatever niche you’re in, it’s probably overcrowded and content saturated. And odds are the the vast majority of potential readers only follow the top 10-15 blogs in that niche.

What is there to be done about this?

Should you quit blogging?


Not at all.

You should employ the lavish dwarf entertainment rule.

What sets you apart as a blogger?

What’s different about the way you write about your topics?

Do you connect seemingly unrelated dots? Do you offer insights that no one else has thought of offering?

What traits help you stand out from other blogs in your niche?

You should work on answering these questions until you figure out what’s different about your blog, until you can distill it all into a short and simple phrase.

The truth is that success in this overcrowded blogging universe is only possible if you are willing to brand yourself as different and prove it.

If you are willing to carve out a niche, to work on developing a voice that others get addicted to.

Otherwise, it will feel like an impossible struggle to work your way to the top.

There’s so much content nowadays that content rated as an 7 or 8 out of 10 doesn’t even get skimmed through. Only the best content gets read.

You should always aspire to figure out a different angle, to write about the common misconceptions in your niche, to write your truth, even if your voice shakes.

Don’t do what everyone else is doing, but adapt, improvise, and improve upon what others are doing.

Add your own signature.

Write in a different style than anyone else.

Because the truth is that in a world of half a billion blogs, only those who provide a different experience tailored to specific tastes are going to make it.


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  • equipsblog

    Your dwarf hook was a giant in so far as catching our attention. 🙂

  • homeschoolguru

    Love your post, as always. Thanks for keeping us focused and always bringing new ideas.

  • KathrinS

    That was a great hook and I like the comparison. Do you know the 1000 true fans idea? I guess most niches can attract 1000 fans, even if they aren’t very mainstream.

    • Cristian Mihai


      I’d say that nowadays almost any blog, regardless of niche, can aspire for 1000 true fans.

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