Don’t Want to Bore Your Readers to Sleep? Follow These 7 Simple Rules4 min read

When it comes to blogging, holding your reader’s attention is everything. 

On average, only 1 out of 10 visitors will read past your headline.

You want to engage your audience, you want your writing to have a certain flow and style that makes them want to read until the end?

Here are a few tips that are going to help you accomplish that.

1. Write about what your readers want to read.

This is something a lot of bloggers struggle with.

The thing is, you don’t have to sell your soul, and you don’t have to quit blogging about the topics you love.

You just have to pay attention to the type of blog posts your readers seem to interact with the most.

If you have no feedback at all to draw inspiration from, you need to experiment with different types of blog posts. 

If you pick the right subject, readers will hang in there till the last word. And it’s not because they like you — they don’t care about you until you write something they’re interested in.

2. Alternate sentence length.

One rule of thumb is to avoid using too many long sentences.

Also, be aware of the way those sentences flow, the way they form paragraphs, and their distribution within a certain paragraph.

Sometimes your point can be lost in a long sentence, whereas short sentences tend to make your point clear.

3. Use short paragraphs.

Long paragraphs are hard to read and look uninviting. Scroll through your article. Does it look easy or hard to read?

I’ve been drawn in by great headlines only to give up on reading the article after seeing long paragraphs.

Short paragraphs encourage readers — believing they can finish your article in no time at all, even if the article is quite long.

4. Entice your readers.

What is your post about? What are your readers getting out of the experience if they decide to read your article?

Let them know what they’re going to be learning (or what they’ll be able to do) from your introduction, the provide those answers/lessons.

Great blog posts carry readers along for a journey. There must be a reason to read on. With every line, there must be something gained and more to look forward to.

One way to do this is to end paragraphs with a short sentence that invites readers to the next paragraph.

5. Tell compelling stories.

I strongly believe we’re not made of atoms, but of stories.

Who we are, how we define ourselves, how we describe our past, they’re all stories. The story of our first heartbreak, of our first paycheck, of our first pet. The story of growing old, the story of being scared or brave or relentless in the face of disaster.

Stories are a brilliant way to capture the reader’s attention.

6. Something to look forward to at the end.

There must be something to look forward to at the end of the article. This is really important.

What do you want your readers to do when they finish reading your article? How would you like them to act?

Think of these two questions when writing the end to your blog posts. If you want to inspire them, end on a high-note, trying to tie everything together, and inspire them to act.

If you want to make them laugh, end with the best joke from the post.

If you want to entice them to read more of your blog posts, or if you are writing a series, then it’s best to end with a cliff-hanger.

7. Clarity above all else.

Rule of thumb: the simpler, the better.

As bloggers, we are sometimes un-aware of how much we complicate our writing. From the words we use, to the way we present our ideas, the structure of a blog post should aim for clarity above all else.

In order to do this, you must know what you want to write, why, how, and for whom.

I hope you’ve found at least one tip you can apply to your writing and retain more of your reader’s attention.

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Cristian Mihai

Became Internet famous by the age of 23. Never recovered. I write short author bios all over the web. I’m an acquired taste. Don’t like me? Acquire some taste.

24 thoughts on “Don’t Want to Bore Your Readers to Sleep? Follow These 7 Simple Rules4 min read

  1. Great advice. In fact, it is humanly written and it is useful, especially for those who just start out or are trying their niche.
    I just cannot always implement that on my art blog, the goal is a bit different. On the other blog I am doing just that, not that successfully, though.
    Lots of people will click on like, but rarely read, especially till the end. Sometimes article works, sometimes doesn’t. I’ve noticed popular are actually not posts which literally would teach something unique and new and valuable. The most likes and comments are frequently under posts which simply repeat what some thousand others have said. I suppose, number of followers matters. However, not everybody can keep strict schedule when it comes to posting. I know, I cannot because of health, etc.
    That hurts for sure.

  2. I actually do. However, I am too serious about everything. I cannot post something which feels incomplete. On art blog, I would post always with images of my paintings, project images or art classes stuff. Painting can sometimes absorb all time, and there is no time at all to do something else. I also want to always have only high quality everything, that takes time.
    When I told that health issues do interrupt posting, I literally meant that after surgeries (which I had many and often) I sometimes cannot even make myself do the simplest things, not to mention post anything..
    I would agree it is possible to post an article regularly, even if it is once a month. However, I think quality should be always put first and quantity after that. I know also people who literally burned themselves out trying blogging too hard.
    I am very sure, readers pay attention to advice in your post because it is what many blogs are lacking. I personally find a lot of completely pointless writing on WP. I think we all do.
    Thanks, stay safe!

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