[Show Me The Money] An Introduction3 min read

Most folks are struggling financially right now, so I’ve decided to start a new series on making money from a blog.

[Show Me The Money]

We’ll discuss ideas, options, and best tactics to use depending on your audience size, your niche, and stuff like that.

As this blog is called The Art of Blogging, let’s first discuss the art of making money from a blog.

Yeah, there’s an art to that as well.

Namely, the big misunderstanding as to what you’re exactly making money from, and I know I used to be quite frustrated about this a few years back.

Because you’re not making money from your blog, you’re making money from:

1. Your Content

If there’s not content, there’s no money.

Your income is in direct proportion to how much content you share, how valuable that content is to your readers, and how much of it is for sale.

This is the part that often frustrated me. I had no actual content for sale, nothing that was valuable to my readers (I was writing short philosophical essays and selling fiction books), and thus I had to rely on donations, which is not ideal.

Now, the thing with content, of course, is that it depends on your niche.

The good news is that you are often limited by your creativity and the amount of work you want to put in.

Almost anyone can turn a blog into a book, and almost anyone can create premium content that they can share for money.

But oftentimes, great content is not enough. It’s not enough to make a blog popular, and it’s not enough to make money from a blog.


Because there’s this second element…

2. Your Audience

You make money by capitalizing on the relationships you build with your readers.

If your readers don’t like your or trust you, it does not matter the quality of content you have for sale, because they won’t be buying it.

And this applies to any monetization tactic you might employ: if your readers don’t like you, they won’t even click on your affiliate links.

Hence, trust is an essential part of earning an income from your blog.

The other part, in case you have a niche blog, is the fact that your readers have to perceive you as an authority in your respective niche, and, just like trust, takes time to build yourself up to be perceived as such.

What I am really trying to say is this: be nice to your readers.

That’s why I always advise you to interact with your readers, to reply to their comments, to ask them what type of content they’d like to read, and stuff like that.

Because the connection you have with your readers is one of the most important assets you can have as a blogger, and it determines the financial success of your blog, regardless of the quality of the content you share.

And, after all, quality is subjective, and if your readers adore you, they will also think your content is top quality.

For more tips and tricks on how to make money from your blog, check out my online course, Make Money Blogging.


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