[Blogging Mindset] The Only Thing You Need to Become a Better Blogger2 min read

I bet you’d like to become a better blogger. I know I would.

That’s why I read — and I read a lot. 

That’s why I enroll in courses, read e-books, and do my best to consume as much art, literature, podcasts, interviews, how-to guides, psychology books, YouTube videos, TV shows, and movies that I can.

That’s why I write a couple thousand words each day.

That’s why I blog about the art of blogging here.

But the truth is that becoming a better blogger comes down to one word.

Just one.

That word?


The commitment to show up, no matter what.

The commitment to keep punching those damn keys, even though you’d much rather do anything else.

The commitment to sacrifice your time, your energy.

The commitment to network with other bloggers.

The commitment to read everything there is to be read about in your niche.

The commitment to work on developing a proper plan, proper goals, and fighting like hell to make them come to fruition.

The commitment to fail, and fail, and fail.

The commitment to try, again and again.

The commitment to work on your skills.

The commitment to give up on bad habits.

The commitment to do what you say you’ll do, no matter what.

You see, commitment means promising yourself to keep going. Commitment is what wakes you up in the morning to start punching those damn keys, or editing a blog post.

Commitment means to promise yourself to never, ever, ever give up.

Without commitment, there’s no shortcut, guide, or hack that is going to help you become a better blogger.

Because becoming a better blogger begins with you deciding that you’re going to pay the price.

You wouldn’t expect to be given stuff at the supermarket without actually paying, right?

To commit means to pay the price that is asked of you. Upfront. Each and every single day. Whether you feel like it or not.

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Cristian Mihai

Became Internet famous by the age of 23. Never recovered. I write short author bios all over the web. I’m an acquired taste. Don’t like me? Acquire some taste.

13 thoughts on “[Blogging Mindset] The Only Thing You Need to Become a Better Blogger2 min read

  1. This is definitely what I needed to read today. The only reason why it’s taken me so long to start a blog is because the commitment part scares me.. guess you just have to dive in hey!

  2. You know Cristian your advice sounds like what I would tell someone that is trying to become a great author—but then I suppose all of those suggestions are parallel. Blessings and Peace. Happy Passion Day!

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