The Five Essential Qualities of Great Blog Posts2 min read

Almost every “blogging blog” out there and about 97% of all blogging guides ever written state that one should always choose quality over quantity; one should write great content.

How does one do that though? What does it mean to write a great blog post? Hmm?

Well, there are a few qualities of great blog posts that set them apart from meh blog posts.

A great blog post:

1. Solves a problem – Believe it or not, people read a blog article to solve a problem. Yes, that problem can be as simple as having a few minutes to kill, being bored, or wanting to laugh.

A blog post that doesn’t solve a problem doesn’t get read, shared, or commented on.

2. Engages the ReaderSome bloggers mistakenly believe they’re in the role of the teacher. They’re not. A great blog post is something like history being taught by the class clown; interesting information being delivered in a way we understand, while laughing our eyes out.

3. Must be Read RIGHT NOW – The web is flooded with content. Why would anyone read your posts? Why would they read them now? Ask yourself these questions when writing your blog posts.
4. Easy on The Eyes – Making a blog post visual doesn’t just mean adding images and videos, but also making good use of subheads, numbers, bullets in order to break down your blog post..
5. Educates, Entertains, Connects – This is the holy trinity of blogging: if you can teach someone something new while making them at least smile and providing them with the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, that’s gold right there.
BONUS – Great blog posts take a stand. They are clear, direct, and definitive. Because they are written by someone who’s an expert in that particular topic, someone with authority.

Someone who’s brave enough to write what they want, how they want, and then share it with their readers when they most need it.

Friday’s Newsletter is live now.

Here’s a snippet from the post:

Have you ever poured your heart into a blog post only to find that you kind of got lost along the way, and it does not make much sense anymore?

There’s no clear middle… or an ending. Or even a proper introduction, for that matter.

It’s all a mess of words and feelings and ideas.

You know what’s the issue?

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  1. One thing I’ve done more recently is researching more into my blogposts for additional info or just to be sure of what I’m saying.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Dzięki for the post! 🙂

  3. Very informative thank you for sharing 👌

  4. I do buy what you say and the way you articulate your thoughts makes the post, by me, a great blog post.

  5. Great post! It totally makes sense!

  6. Totally agree, tho sometimes I have trailed off a wee bit

  7. Thanks for this inspirational information.

  8. Thanks for the info! I’m a new blogger myself and want my blog to be successful so this has helped a lot.

  9. Thanks for the post Cristian!

    I think read-ability is one of the biggest aspects for online content and school really doesn’t teach it. Personally I think it’s what made Buzzfeed stand out in the early days.

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