This is Why You’ve Yet to Have a Blog Post Go Viral4 min read

Blogging can be quite confusing at times.

Is it an art?

Is it a craft?

Is it a business?

Is it a part time job? Full-time? More than that?

What exactly do you need to become a successful blogger? How many followers? How many comments? 

What about SEO? Or headlines?

Networking with other bloggers? Guest blogging? Commenting on other blogs?

You get the idea.

And sometimes, because of all these things you must do, you have no idea why a blog post does not perform well.

If you think that your blog post should have gone viral but didn’t, you should remember the following.

Maybe your post lacked emotional depth.

Emotion is the key to success in the blogging world. 

It’s not just the information you share with your readers, but also how that information makes your readers feel.

There’s an emotional undertone to everything you write, and this is something you should be acutely aware of.

You must know how to appeal to certain emotions:curiosity, astonishment, admiration, uncertainty, humor, or amazement. 

Think of writing your blog posts as if you were building a rollercoaster… of emotions.

I’m not kidding.

You should make your readers feel something different as they progress through your article, and you should do it on purpose.

If you want to inspire or motivate your readers, you should first make them feel doubtful, afraid, to feel exactly what’s keeping them from achieving their goals.

Empathy is extremely important when it comes to blogging. Show your readers that you can walk (and have walked) in their shoes. 

Maybe you just published your post at the wrong time.

Believe it or not, timing plays an important role in the success of a blog post. 

First of all, you should know who your target audience is, which means you should know what times of day work best. 

Secondly, you should be aware of international events that might interfere. If everyone on the web is reading about some celebrity or some event, odds are they won’t stop to read your post.

That’s why, if you feel that your post didn’t quite get the attention it deserved, should try to republish it after a few months.

After all, that’s what I did with the most popular blog post on this blog. The first time I posted it, it got a few comments and about a hundred likes. Nothing unusual. A couple months later, I reposted it without changing a thing about it. It went viral.

This proves that timing is extremely important when it comes to the success a blog post enjoys. 

Maybe you didn’t properly format your blog post.

The way you format your blog post matters a lot. 

You should take into account that most readers are actually scanners. You should add subheads, bullet lists, and try to format your post in a visually appealing manner.

Break down large chunks of text with the help of images, videos, and quotes.

Maybe you don’t have a tribe of loyal readers yet.

The number one factor that determines a blog’s success is this:

You build a loyal following of people. They consume everything you write. They regularly engage with your content, whether it’s commenting or sharing on social media.

Then you write something truly amazing. Something they resonate with. They read your words at just the right time.

And most of them share it at the same time.

That’s how your post goes viral.

You don’t need a lot of followers. A thousand extremely loyal ones are more than enough to make any blog post go viral.

The key here is to consistently and frequently produce quality content, and build your loyal fanbase. You will be able to see this as your articles get more and more attention.

Then all you need is a truly remarkable piece of content, and you’ll go viral.

Ultimately, it all comes down to being self-aware enough to be honest with yourself as to what your content is lacking, be it emotional depth, bad timing, or a bad headline.


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  • marronisgoing

    Everything you said here is true. Couldn’t agree more!

  • bigskybuckeye

    I have made a habit of reposting an earlier post every Monday. Readers are finding something fresh and new from my archives.

  • summerhilllane

    I like the idea of reposting blogs from my archives that didn’t get much traffic. One of my followers commented that they couldn’t access an older blog post I had referenced so it means these posts go to never never land.

  • summerhilllane

    Thank you so much, I always learn from you and appreciate you. Much love and take care of yourself ❤️

  • gabriellewalters

    this is very true. I learned a lot from this. I definitely need to focus on the time that I post and getting a loyal tribe

  • fallenfigsbookblog

    As a rookie blogger this post is SUPER useful! Thank you!

  • ikwords

    Thanks! I will keep it all in mind from now on with my new blog!

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