[Blogging Mindset] Blogging in The Time of Quarantine

With many countries going on quarantine because of the outbreak of coronarirus, which means that a lot of people are not allowed to leave their homes without an urgent reason, you might find yourself with an awful lot of free time on your hands.

What do you do with all this time at home, when you’re not allowed to go out?

Well, you blog. Of course.

Take this time to invest in your blog. For instance, learn more about blogging.

Or take this time to write drafts for future posts, outline some ideas, or edit and republish previous articles.

The thing is, you’ve got to keep punching those damn keys.

Do you think I stop because of what’s going on around me?

Does the world stop?

It doesn’t. You shouldn’t.

Whenever I find myself in a bad place emotionally, physically, financially, spiritually, I find that if I just keep working, things tend to work out for the better. I work and I work and I work.

I suggest you use this time to do the same.

Do what you’ve always wanted to do with your blog but never had the time.

Use this chance to write the words you’ve always wanted to write.

Write your truth, the way you want to, because you never know what’s going to happen.

16 thoughts on “[Blogging Mindset] Blogging in The Time of Quarantine

  1. Agree on all levels. I am “stuck” in Cambodia where I’m about to install myself in a little boutique hotel for the foreseeable future. A big tropical garden and a pool, a little restaurant onsite. Just one or two other guests. So a month of blogging all day and a TV series for the evenings. Take care everyone.

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  2. This truly is a once in a who knows how long chance to upskill, shake off the rust, and get to grips with those projects that have been put off. In a situation where we can feel to have lost control of our ‘normal’ everyday lives, it is vital to use time productively and not look back on it with regret. All the best to everyone.

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  3. This is a fact! I’ll also like to add that instead of publishing all of the content you write because there’s so much time…
    We could also save a lot in our drafts and schedule the rest so we still have good content when this virus says good bye!
    Thanks for sharing


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