How Often Should You Post?

For those of you who don’t have the time to read through this blog post: blogging is a conversation. You blog as often as it takes for it to still be a conversation.

Okay, now let me explain.

It’s all (kinda) about social proof

Let’s say you publish a blog post. Now, people are going to read it. Anyone who visits your homepage, the first thing they’ll see is this post. That makes it more likely for them to comment: folks usually like to comment on the most recent post.

Now, the rule I go by is that I do not post content until the conversation starts to happen; my latest post is receiving comments, and this makes it more likely for other folks to express their opinions, even if it’s no longer the most recent post.

And, yes, this means that if you’re just starting out, it’s almost impossible to blog daily. Maybe you’ll barely get a comment or two in the time it takes for you to publish another post.

What to do instead of daily blogging

My advice is to spend enough time on promoting a post until you get the conversation going.

Let’s say you publish a blog post today. You do not rush to write another post, but instead take to social media to let folks know you posted something new. Advertise, connect with fellow bloggers, read and comment on their blog posts…

Do all this until you receive a few comments. It might take a day, it might take 2-3 days.

When your blog is young ( you do not have a lot of readers):

  • You do not post too often
  • You spend more time promoting

And, yes, this means that popular blogs can get away with daily blogging, or even more than that…

If you do not post every single day…

It doesn’t mean that you do not write every day. I encourage that, actually. I am a big fan of having 10-20 blog posts ready, because you never know when you might need them.

You also need to focus on all the other aspects of blogging, and you need time to do that, especially when just starting out.

The idea is to schedule your posts in such a way that all of them get to spend enough time at the top of your homepage, so they receive at least a handful of comments.

105 thoughts on “How Often Should You Post?

  1. I was just saying to myself the other day how often should I blog, but I read your blog the other day and got the answer but I think it said I should write everyday, which I do. Either way its great advice and I appreciate you! Thanks

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  2. Wow! I sure learn alot about blogging when reading your posts. This is indeed helpful to me and other people who are new in this blogging world. Thank you.

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  3. I guess the frequency depends on availability. I work a full-time job and some, so the ability to put out frequent posts is difficult, especially since I want them to be a good read. But I do notice that more posts brings greater visibility. Blogging can be an interesting balance.

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      1. Finding satisfaction…this is something to ponder. Maybe, at least for myself, I also need to order my priorities which may mean writing more than any other “leisure” time activity? Thought provoking as always.

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      2. Let me ask you this: would you rather be exhausted but proud of what you have accomplished today, or rested from doing nothing at all?

        We all choose satisfaction, given the chance. And we are always given the chance, we’re just so dumb we don’t see it. And we want stuff like “work-life balance” or “finding time” or “free time” or whatever. Those are just fairytales…

        You only have life time. That’s it. And you must never take it for granted.

        When folks tell me I work too hard, I tell them I’ll have plenty of time to rest when dead. Until then, I spend my weekdays either working or working out.

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      3. I disagree. I think there can be balance. How each person perceives or actualizes it may be different, but it is possible. Will it always be even across the board every day…probably not. But, it is attainable to achieve a level of equilibrium.

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      4. It’s not fun, it’s not something that you can maintain. It’s just… not worth it.

        Life does seem to be a sort of balancing act. It’s not. You can go all in, live life to the fullest, no holding back. That’s happiness, that’s progress, that’s working hard to become more than what you thought possible.

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      5. I understand your perspective. Yet I think for some it’s just the way things need to be. I imagine in a few years, if I become a mother who is career oriented, that I will have to make the necessary balance. Especially as both are important, although in different capacities. So, both are intergral to my life, happiness and progress (motherhood and career being just one of the many examples in life).

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      6. Me too. I spend a decent amount of time editing and going over the post before hitting the publish button.
        So that makes it difficult to post too frequently.
        But obviously more frequent posts bring in more visitors. I’m aware of that. 🙄

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    1. Try interacting with more folks online. Just for the sake of it, really. I mean, don’t even hint at self-promotion. Just genuinely take an interest in what they have to say.

      90% of being a good conversationalist is genuinely listening to what the other person says. Not just to reply, but also to understand.

      Well, a bit part of getting comments is being able to comment on other people’s blogs…

      Also, social media… different ways to attract the same kind of audience. If you know who your ideal reader is, then you can use social media to your advantage to hook them on your content.

      Not a big fan of paying for ads. Tried it, but mostly to promote various online stores or my novels, not blogs and such.

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      1. Thanks Cristian! I appreciate the advice. I’ve wondered if my writing tone is too authoritarian? I enjoy genuinely enjoy interacting with bloggers maybe I need to do it more. I hope I don’t reek of self promotion :/

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      2. Well, if you get your comments on these posts approved, it’s a good start. I do not approve comments that include links to blogs. I don’t care if my post reminded them of this or that piece they wrote some time ago. I don’t approve them. My blog, my rules.

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  4. Great advice as always. I was beginning to wonder how you managed to write so many blog post and now it makes sense. I’m going to try to have more post’s for the days when I can’t think of anything to write.

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    1. You develop the habit over time. I started out by writing a post once every two days or so. That was 6 years ago.

      Last year I’d write some 10-12 posts per day across multiple blogs, but it was all I did. No time for anything else.

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      1. Yes, it was. It wasn’t a sustainable rhythm. The truth is that you can do anything, but not everything.

        For instance, I can have this insane workout habit where I do 2 workouts a day, but just eat and sleep for the rest of the time. I can do it, but I’d like to do something else…

        Never ask yourself if you can do something or not. That’s silly. The question is whether you are willing to pay the price or not. To sacrifice something else for it or not.

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  5. I have a schedule of one blog in 10 days and I try to stick to it. Mine is a humor blog and I don’t like to unleash them on my readers (few as they are) back to back. Besides I spend the rest of the time visiting other blogs and discovering new ones.
    But I do have a couple of posts in various stages of writing – I need to write whenever ideas hit me you see.
    Excellent post. Excellent suggestions. 👌

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  6. I learnt a lot by this article. I’m an Engineer, who is currently jobless and hence I resorted to blogging as writing was my passion😀 I’ve been less frequent in posting because I was occupied with family, job search n etc. Besides, I crave for views so that I feel someone else is reading too, not just me talking to myself like an insane😜 I should definitely put more efforts (which I do a lot and end up taking one hell of a time to research thorough & I secretly think if that’s the reason I’m infrequent) & keep the motivation on.

    You can visit me too ( & put your precious thoughts in, where I need improvement or if I’m borderline okayish 😀

    Anyways, loved reading👍👍 Keep it up

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  7. What do you think about the idea of waiting to launch a blog until there are 5-10 posts to publish at once? I read that advice as well. I suppose the two strategies could be combined by then posting only one at a time in increments after the initial launch. Am I making sense? What do you think?

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    1. Don’t publish them all at once. But, yeah, in a way, you could post daily for a week or so, just so you have a few posts worth subscribing to.

      Or you can offer a free e-book as incentive. Depends on the topic of your blog.

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  8. Hi, Cristian, and thanks for the insightful article. We’re quite new to blogging and trying our best to provide value to our readers. Your post was an interesting read, thank you.

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  9. Never really thought about this. But now my question is I do not really receive many comments in my posts in fact not many have a comment at all would this means stop blogging and only try to promote as you say?

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  10. Hey Christian! This was really useful insight! I’m really trying to get a conversation going, through adopting your techniques, but people just won’t comment. I’m lucky if I receive a Like. Have been blogging weekly for almost 1 year.

    Perhaps you have some advice?

    Thanks and appreciate your efforts 🙂

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    1. Ok, here’s an assignment of sorts.

      Find the top bloggers in your niche, and read their posts. Their best stuff. Leave them comments, but aspire to write the best freaking comments these guys have ever had the pleasure of reading. Like really put some effort into it.

      You’ll accomplish the following:
      1. Gain a few of their readers – the folks who click on your blog and want to see who you are and what you’re all about.
      2. You’ll be able to make some friends, hopefully, and one day to guest blog on their blogs. This will help you reach a lot more readers.

      The thing is that about 1% of followers will comment, so you need to focus on getting more readers.

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  11. My personal opinion is as often as you want. I don’t commit to any number because it gives me the freedom to express how I feel on any given day without making it feel like a job. But I do think I should blog more often. Someone could blog once a week and have a massive readership whereas someone else can blog every day and struggle. I do agree that blogging more regularly will increase visibility. It depends on your purpose of blogging. 👍

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  12. I need to be more consistent! Particularly as I guess I’m lucky enough to get at least 1 to 2 comment on my blog posts. Great blog. I like that you’re very straight forward with your thoughts, no beating around the bush or sugar coating 👌🏾

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  13. Wow, as a new blogger this post definitely made me realize how blogging works. I will attempt to re-post or re-blog this post of yours. As you can see I don’t even know the terminologies yet! Lol

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  14. Thanks for this!! I was kinda feeling sorry for myself for not posting as quickly and promptly as some others seem to do.

    Promoting my posts is very important for me as otherwise I am not visible. So I post and spend the whole week promoting it and visiting other blogs too. 🙂

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    1. Hi Radhika,

      We all have our own rhythm. After all, a few years ago I would have thought it impossible to blog daily on multiple blogs at once.

      You get better over time, and as you get better, you can write a lot more in a lot less time.

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  15. I agree with you Cristian. I post about 5 times per week. By spreading my posts out, each post has proper time to accumulate a fair number of views. My blog is only 7 months old, but my views are steadily climbing. Between posts, I am reading other blogs, writing engaging comments, writing and editing future posts, and doing necessary research.

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