The Ultimate Article Writing Checklist

Because even if you know, in theory, what are the ingredients to a great blog post, sometimes it’s easy to forget.

We cannot trust such an important task as writing fantastic content for our blogs to our memory alone.

We must know, for certain, what needs to be done and in what order.

We must also be aware of what’s important and why when it comes to the content we create.

26 thoughts on “The Ultimate Article Writing Checklist

  1. creating content is difficult. I totally agree! not easy. I’v recently learned that keeping things super simple and relatable to others is really important. I might have a concept in my mind around my niche as a relationship coach, which is empowering women to make healthier relationship choices, but the way i write it can come off super complicated. really helpful thanks for posting.

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  2. All bloggers can benefit from having a road map to guide them along. I have to use both left brain to stay organized (yes, the checklist) and right brain to fuel my creative side of writing poetry and short stories.

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  3. Thanks for your article, today I am trying to write how I speak, that is, I have been writing this morning what I know best and I am trying to explain it. I don’t know if this will be my right method but your article has inspired me and I don’t want to write anymore because I’m looking for a topic of interest. I will write as you say what I know best. Thank you so much!

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  4. This is a wonderful checklist! Well done.

    I actually just shared my own thoughts on writing as it relates to writer’s block.
    It pairs nicely with this.

    I love the accessibility to these resources to improve our writing. It is such a useful skill and has many implication to every area of our life since it is so closely related to thinking!

    Thank you for sharing! (:

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