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If you blog consistently for a long enough period of time, you’ll run out of things to write about. It happens to everyone.

Then, you might do one of two things: complain and quit for a while, or rewrite an old post.

A lot of bloggers develop certain main themes when it comes to their blogging: ideas they believe are important enough to write about over and over again.

And there are plenty of reasons to republish old content:

  • You didn’t get the feedback you desired.
  • You want to edit a substantial part of your blog, including the headline and introduction.
  • You believe in the value of your message.
  • You know that your readers need to read the same message a couple of times before they act.
  • You’ve got a change of heart about the message of your blog post: you’ve changed your mind, decided on a new perspective, or simply gained new insights that you’d like to share with your readers.

All of these reasons make it important to know why and how to republish old content.

Why should you republish old content.

First, I’d like to say that republishing old content is not a tool for the lazy and unmotivated to keep releasing “new” content.

No, it’s a deliberate act. You identify the themes and ideas most worth your readers’ time, and you write about them over and over again.

People need repetition — and you don’t have to start from scratch when writing about the same ideas.

How to republish old content.

I recommend the following when it comes to republishing old content:

  • Wait at least a few weeks to 2-4 months before deciding to republish an older blog post
  • Change your headline and subtitles.
  • Revise your introduction. How do you do a better job at enticing your readers?
  • Add new stories or analogies: What can you do to better explain your ideas? What personal stories?
  • Expand on your ideas. Or simplify them. Take some of them out.
  • Change quotes or add new ones.
  • Add/Change the images.
  • Revisit your other articles: Take bits from articles written after you released the post you want to republish and piece them into a new article.

Now, the reason an old blog post of your might not have been successful can have nothing to do with the content itself.

Maybe it had everything to do with promotion.

Let’s explore the idea of how you can better promote your blog posts when republishing content:

  • Use social media: Share your article in your social media feeds. Write a line or two about what inspired you to write a post. Share a link in your Instagram Bio, etc.
  • Share with your mailing list.
  • Share on forums: Share your posts on writing forums, Quora, Facebook Pages/Groups
  • Share on Medium: This is a great way to reach a different audience than those who follow your blog.
  • Link from other blog posts: Interlinking is one of the best ways to share important posts with your readers.
  • Repeat: Don’t promote your piece just once on social media. Most folks have feeds that are incredibly busy and, most often than not, will fail to see your post. Share a few times during the first few days after publishing your post.

Republishing content is a great opportunity to come up with content that might be better than your original blog post.

Experiment with new perspectives, different headlines, new ways of sharing your articles on social media, and new ways to incorporate quotes, analogies, and images/videos.

Also, do not underestimate the importance of giving your words a change to a second life: after all, sometimes a post underperforms simply because of bad timing, and nothing else.

People need repetition — and you shouldn’t shy away from reviving and recycling old content into great new content.

Trust in your ability to revise what you’ve already created. You’ve done the work already. Just do a little more to transform it into something new.

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  1. Fantastic tips. Re-using old content ensures that we never really run out of content in the first place. Nice job!

  2. Reblogged this on .

  3. Very good advice

  4. I read every word and saved it for future reference. Thank you. ❤️

  5. I notice how you practice what you preach, Cristian. Rereading an older post of yours usually reveals new insights… Now I understand: it’s generally not an “old post” but rather one that’s been revived and updated. I’ll begin looking for the changes and learning from the way you do that. I have more than one really good posts from 6-7 years ago that didn’t get the exposure i thought they deserved. Let me revisit and rework them, updating them to reflect my improved blogging skills. Great idea! Thank you – again!

  6. Thanks for your advice 😃 I will remember it

  7. These are all good reasons to republish old content. Another reason to republish, at least for me, is because the content I published awhile ago is relevant again. For example, my post on slavery and chocolate always seems relevant around Valentine’s Day since lots of people get chocolate around that time.

  8. Fabulous advice. I’ve got some four year old posts that would be very interesting to look at four years later with a disease I hoped would not take me alive first. Seeing as how I’m
    here I think it’s probably a good exercise in just looking inward at personal growth if noting more comes from it. Thanks again!

  9. Thank you. I often wonder if I should ever go back and update my older posts or let it be as a proof of how I have evolved over time. This post gives some really good tips.

  10. Wow! I picked few advices again, it’s not only for republishing but I think for a beginner like myself. Thanks for sharing Christian.👍👍

  11. Yeah, I can definitely see where a few changes like to the title and moving around some content could make a big difference. Excellent post!

  12. I have done a couple of times on my blog. I called it repost-remix, ‘cos I imagined it’s like a music artist releasing a remix of one of their older songs.

  13. Great advice as always! Now that I’ve been at this for almost a year already, I’ve been feeling like it’s time to revive some older posts! Probably gonna cringe on the re-read, but hopefully that means I’ve learned something! XD

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