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I launched my first blog in January 2011. I had released my first self-published novel on Amazon. I was very excited, and I was sure that I’d soon conquer the world…

I quit after three posts, no views, no comments, no nothing.

Five days into my career as a blogger, I grew bitter and remorseful, felt invisible, decided it was all for nothing, and deleted my blog.

I was so disappointed that I did not give blogging another try for a solid year. And then, it happened again: I spend the first month posting on a daily basis only to get around 500 views total, and almost no comments at all. I gained about 30-40 followers during that month.

This makes you ask yourself questions. You try to find reasons. Your mind plays tricks on you, the same way it would if you would find yourself stranded on a deserted island.

Maybe you are just now starting your blog, maybe you’re thinking about it, or maybe it’s been a while and you’re ready to call it quits.

You thought about it and thought about it and… there’s something holding you back. In fact, a lot of things: you lack the time, the confidence, or the money…

You’re tired, stressed, busy, sick.

Maybe this isn’t for you. Maybe it’s best to wait for some future day, when things won’t be so difficult. I’m sorry to break it to you, but ideal circumstances will never occur.

You will always have to face the demons of no time, no support, no money, no confidence, no ideas, or ill health.

And when you realize that almost everyone faces these same problems, your reasons start to look a lot like excuses.

So let’s call them out, one by one.

1. What if people don’t like what I have to say?

Blogging can be so damn personal it feels like walking on the street naked. It’s not just the stories you share, but also the fact that you get attached to your writing.

But like it or not, putting your ideas in the public domain and running the risk that someone might not like them – even hate them – is the price of entry for being a successful blogger. If you think your blogging heroes aren’t nervous each time they click “Publish” then you’re kidding yourself.

But putting yourself out there means you’ll attract a crowd of like-minded readers.

Yes, you may have to deal with haters. Everyone does.

And I’ll let you in on a little secret: in time the haters become more amusing than frightening. You’ll realize that while they’re complaining, you’re blogging.

Remember, if someone has a negative reaction to something you wrote, that means your writing is powerful. Your writing provoked a strong emotional reaction.

And that’s a good thing.

2. What if I don’t have anything new to say?

Sometimes you ask yourself this question, sometimes you’re dead certain: there’s nothing new under the sun.

Feeling like you can’t add to the conversation as a new blogger is only natural. But it’s not just about what you say, but rather how only you can say it.

The truth is that genuinely original ideas are rare…

But you know what is unique?

Your personality, writing style, and opinions, all mixed up and delivered in the most concise and smart manner possible.

The more you have the guts to be yourself, the more unique your content will seem to be, and the more your readers will love you for it.

3. What about the competition?

If you spend your time worrying about other people…

Jim Rohn used to say that one should never wish things were easier. You should wish that you were better.

Why would anyone want to read your blog if there are others who are writing about the same topics?

If you do not have the confidence to answer that question, then you should acquire it, loan it, find it, buy it, or sell your soul for it, for without the right mindset and the right attitude, the blogging world will feel like hell.

4. Ain’t nobody got time for that…

Your days are packed. You’re running around from morning till night, and you sure as heck don’t have spare time to work on a blog every day.

Let’s get something straight: we’re all busy. And we all feel like everyone else is just kinda busy, but we’re really, truly, jam-packed busy. But if we all feel like that, we must all be wrong. Right?

Successful bloggers are just as busy as you are, if not more so. The guy you’re so jealous of who churns out post after post doesn’t have a trust fund and a maid. Like you, he has a job, a family, volunteer commitments, pets, school functions, chores… the list goes on.

It’s all about resolve. About motivation.

Promise yourself that you’ll either find a way or make one.

5. This is too difficult

You make a list of all the tasks that need doing on your blog and become frozen with indecision. Should you work on your blog design, brainstorm some post ideas, build your social media presence, or do one of the other 200 things on your list instead?

It’s enough to make anyone quit in frustration.

Here’s a tip: start anywhere. Seriously.

As long as you do something, anything at all, you’ll be ahead of the game.

As they say in that Nike commercial, just do it.

It’s the only reliable way to break through the paralysis of indecision.

6. Someday…

Maybe you have a chronic illness and don’t want to commit to a blog until you feel better. Or you’re in the middle of a divorce. Or your bank account is empty.

Every time you think about starting your blog, you tell yourself, “It’s not the right time. As soon as I take care of problems X, Y, and Z, I’ll get started.”

But the truth is by the time you’ve fixed X, Y and X, new problems will have taken their places.

So guess what? There’s never a perfect time to do anything.

You want to do it.

Start where you are, do what you can with what you have. Do not dream of accomplishing things, but rather focus on developing the habits that support your blogging.

Funny. What kind of habits do you think you nurture if you keep finding reasons not to blog, excuses, and problems, and you keep postponing?

7. I’m too tired

This excuse doesn’t fly. You know why? Because nothing gives you more energy than working toward a goal you’re passionate about.

So if you’re too tired at the end of the day to work on your goals, the answer isn’t to abandon your goals – it’s to set more exciting ones.

8. What if I fail?

You don’t want to fail. Of course you don’t! No one wants to be rejected, or worse still, ignored.

So, yeah, it’s best not to blog. At all. Ever. That way, you won’t be criticized, you won’t be ignored.

Don’t even start.

But isn’t that just another type of failure?

Wouldn’t the thought of what could’ve been break your heart over and over again?

Think about that the next time you want to quit blogging.

If you try blogging, you have a chance of succeeding and a chance of failing.

If you don’t try, you have a 100% chance of failing.

Which is the less risky choice?

9. I’m not good enough.

Sometimes bloggers even add an “yet” to this frightening thought, and it still doesn’t make much difference.


What does that mean?

You can learn, you can evolve…

There’s so much to know about blogging! You’re inundated with tips, courses, books…

Not good enough?


And let’s not ignore the fact that the absolute best way to learn is from experience: set up your blog and start posting.

10. I don’t have the imagination.

You don’t have the imagination, the inspiration… you can’t come up with that many ideas to write about.

I mean, how can someone blog every single day…

Do they do only that?

Do they live and eat at their desks, in front of their laptops?

Is it really like that?

No, of course not.

The more you blog, the easier it gets. The more you will be able to blog. It’s like going to the gym. Or running. Or anything else in life.

When you set your mind to do something, then inspiration finds you. If you know that you have to blog, and you want to blog, then you’ll come up with ideas.

Mindset is the most important part of being a blogger. Do not focus on what you can’t do, on what could go wrong, but rather focus on what you can do. Focus on the task in front of you, the things you can control, the parts that you enjoy the most.

Do not complain, because no one cares for a crybaby. Ditch the excuses, and punch the damn keys.

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Cristian Mihai
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  1. Awesome information! This pumps me up! I just started to blog again, I’m trying a new approach, a gaming blog. I plan to write something about a game I play that day or my thoughts on an upcoming game, ect. I’m looking forward to starting this adventure again! And I won’t quit this time! Thank you for the motivation!

  2. Excellent reality check, thank you!!!

  3. This is exactly what I needed right now. I pretty much covered all the excuses, but have managed (roughly) one post a week. Loved the reality check, as Twintype said.

  4. i like No. 2 best: what if I don’t have nothing new to say? your response: ‘The more you have the guts to be yourself, the more unique your content will seem to be, and the more your readers will love you for it.’ so true. you’ve nailed that one.

  5. This is such a powerful post! Best of success to you! 🙂

  6. Very inspirational post! I really want to share it, if you don’t mind!:-)

  7. Number 8 got me.
    Might fail vs. 100% chance of failure when we stop trying.
    Gotta give it a go.
    Thanks for the pep talk.

  8. Inspiring.

  9. So true 👌

  10. mcwilsonkygmailcom

    I said each of these to myself before I started just last week! You are so very right about each one! I managed to get the courage to start, which was the hardest part for me. This is such an inspiring post that I must get my friends that are contemplating a blog to read it! Thank you for this!!!

  11. Thank you for always inspiring us. Means a lot. 🙂

  12. I find it odd that your blog seems to be the first port of call to bloggers but even your skills are insufficient to make many of the bloggers continue. I check up on the respondents here and there is always a few that have already quit. It’s a shame that there is so little interest from hobby bloggers.

  13. Well said, indeed perseverance is a key. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and for the encouragement!

  14. Very nice, but I just realise that to keep atracting followers I need to spend all my free time in Internet… And this make me frustrated… I want to enjoy thr world as well … How to balance?

  15. awesome words this hit home- i have been there once and i think i am heading there for a second time, yes i feel like quiting again

  16. loads of encouragement. good read. Cristian.

  17. Your words at the top are damn fucking inspirational ❤

  18. I just started blogging. The insights you have given will come a long way in helping me too. Thx a lot✌🏻.

  19. Thanks for your advice.

  20. Thank you so much for this. I just started blogging a week ago. I have a question for you. How do you get more followers? Did it take you years to arrive at the 24,420 followers you have today?

  21. Very informative and deeply motivating..thanks for sharing..

  22. Thank you for this…I really needed to hear something like this nonetheless I will keep on pushing…God bless you

  23. Thanks for the advice and inspiration. I have just restarted my blog after taking a year off because I had a lot of the same feelings as you describe. Keep up the good work.

  24. needed to see this today! I’m hoping to get two different blogs going. One based purely on philosophy, the other a more insightful form of everyday stuff (:

  25. Great advice!

  26. Man, I have been through this. . .most days I’m STILL going through this. But you’ve got some great advice and a lot of encouragement. Thanks! I needed it!

  27. Like the words of Dory in Finding Nemo-“Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…”. Thank you for the reminders to keep pushing forward!

  28. You have truly inspired. I was feeling sorry for myself today and now I’m kicking my own arse. Thank you.

  29. #2 is what trips me up CONSTANTLY. When I write my posts I often wonder to myself whether they’re anything people are actually interested in spending their time reading or if they’re time is more precious than to read the same information they knew before stumbling onto my blog. So thank you for reminding me we are all unique and have a different way of communicating the same idea(s), which may appeal to certain readers. Beautiful post!

  30. When I first started blogging in March of last year I felt I wasn’t cut out for this blogging thing. It sounded great when I was thinking about starting, but when I launched my blog I had no idea what I was doing…SEO, plugins, updates, website design overwhelmed me and made blogging stressful. There is a lot more involved than I ever imagined. It seems so effortless for other bloggers. Especially those who have turned their blog into a business. I thought the lack of support meant people didn’t like what I was sharing and that I was wasting my time.

    One of the things I’ve stopped doing is checking my stats constantly, it was driving me nuts. The low numbers makes the progress seem slow or like I’m going nowhere not to mentioned discouraged. This is harder said than done, stats feel like instant gratification, but this is what I believe causes bloggers to quit prematurely.

  31. Nice pick-us-up post Cristian; thanks for sharing. :))
    And haha I love that Andy Warhol quote in your linked post about haters, so very very true:

    ‘Or, as Andy Warhol said about art, “Don’t think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art.’

  32. The more you blog, the easier it gets

    You must have a positive, driven, and persistent attitude when it comes to blogging or anything else that you want to do. Do not let procrastination, laziness, negativity, and other obstacles win and keep you from your fate. There are many people who are somewhere they regret or hate being.

    I keep writing blog posts regardless of what others say or any other consequences.

  33. Great post. I can easily fall into one of these traps from time to time. I jumped over to your blog site and noticed you don’t have a facebook or IG? I’m curious to know – what is your take on social media platforms, are they necessary to drive site traffic? I personally would like to carry on my blog without an Instagram or Facebook, because those are the ones they get me into a comparison trap. Do you feel like bloggers need Instagram or Facebook in order to be a successful blogger? And by successful I mean get enough views on their site to even consider monetizing in either ads or affiliates.

    • I do have a Facebook page. Well, several. And one Instagram account, but it’s personal.

      Social media is a great way to find your target audience and engage with them.

  34. We truly do stay busy by being busy..
    Thank you

  35. I launched my blog in 2007… still an uphill climb to grow. It’s a lot of work!

  36. Marble-sized hail stones just stopped pelting my windows. The dark clouds are rolling away. The sun is starting to shine. Kind of like this uplifting post. Thank you.

  37. “Ditch the excuses and punch the damn keys.” Heard that!

  38. I saw my self in this article. Thanks. Yes, I was also afraid, I don´t have a much follers as yet, however, it does not stop me to write. I will like to blog more often but sometimes I don’t have the time. But one thing for sure is that I enjoy it.

  39. Loved and related to this: “Blogging can be so damn personal it feels like walking on the street naked. It’s not just the stories you share, but also the fact that you get attached to your writing.” … Signed, Lady Godiva

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