5 Tips to Improve Your Online Writing Instantly3 min read

If you’re honest with yourself, you want to produce the kind of content that makes people feel. You want to write with passion about experiences and ideas and dreams and hopes. You want to help your readers, inspire them, or entertain them.

But the issue is that there are certain rules when it comes to online content. Attention spans are not as long as they used to be. There’s a ton of content out there. It’s tough.

So, how do you write in order to engage strangers half a world away reading you on tiny screens?

Read on to find out.

1. Make your writing as clear and concise as possible.

This means simply that you should write in a way that your audience can understand you. If you know who your ideal reader is, odds are the way you speak is the best way to make yourself understood.

2. Vary your sentence length.

Great writing is all about emotion. And the length of the sentences in a paragraph matter when it comes to that. Too many long sentences make for writing that is difficult to follow, while too many short ones are disruptive.

If you never mix it up, it feels monotonous, like a lullaby meant to put your readers to sleep.

Your sentences should be dramatic, punchy, and varied. There’s a place for short and snappy sentences, just like there’s a place for longer and more drawn out ones.

3. Know what you want your readers to do.

Complimentary to being aware of the emotional undertone of your blog posts, you should also know what you want your readers to do.

It should all flow towards a clear call to action. The opening line and the ending line should be linked somehow. There should be a point to everything.

By writing like this, you make your writing more engaging and interactive. You have a point. You want your readers to do something, which means you are aware they exist. That is a lot better than someone who even doubts another soul would ever bother to read their words.

4. Write your headline first.

Your headline has to be not good, but exceptional. First impressions matter.

Also, writing your headline first gives you greater clarity on what you are trying to write about.

5. Writing is (mostly) rewriting.

Don’t overlook the importance of editing your content.

Focus on the way the words flow, on the formatting, on paragraph length. Yes. A typo is not going to get you into much trouble, but if you’re writing is sloppy, it might be quite the dealbreaker for most people.

I’d recommend that you edit your blog posts at least a day after writing your first draft. Let the damn thing breathe for a while. Think about it, ponder over the meaning of what you just wrote. It’s better that way.

I also recommend reading it out loud, reading it backwards, or printing it. All great ways to catch mistakes, typos, and grammar errors.

These were five simple tips to instantly improve your online writing.

What do you think is an equally important (and simple) tip that you’d like to share with us?


  1. I really enjoyed this, thank you. I am learning so much from you. I have written all my life but only in my journal (or scraps of paper that get saved for awhile). I am new at blogging and need all the help I can get. Thank you for this continued help. I find typos distracting and I have found quite a few in my own writing and sometimes in other people’s blogs too. I corrected constantly even if it has already been posted. ❤️

  2. Another way to improve your writing is to write about things you care about, things you’re passionate about. That way the words will automatically come to you and you don’t spend three hours writing and rewriting the same thing over and over. You have to care about what you’re writing about 🙂

  3. Hey Cristian! I just read this post and I think that it is great. This post alerts blog writers about very simplistic ideas that will make their writing just that much better! It’s truly the little things that matter and make the biggest difference.

    I am someone who writes posts and edits them as soon as they are “done.” I am going to try and give my scheduled posts some time to breathe before editing, Thank you!

  4. I use to follow my old college writing rule of using at least 4 sentences in each paragraph. That looked so boring and was a huge mistake.

  5. Very informative

  6. I’ve discovered that it is important to make paragraphs short. That addresses the short attention span of the reader and keeps me focused. Thank you for the post. My goal is to improve my writing. This helped.

  7. Am just starting, and I have learnt a lot…

  8. The headlines first point got me. I’ve learned over the time that it’s hard to give a writing headline once it’s done. It’s very hard for me. I work with the headline for the fact you state; it helps me focus on the topic.

  9. ‘Write your headline first.’ – its true to follow
    . Your Half of Work completed.

  10. I write the headline first. Then I prep the graphics. Then I write the draft. Before publishing I preview. The last thing I do before publishing is punch up the headline lol

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