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If you are passionate about your blog, if you want to reach more people, if you want to feel proud whenever you hit that publish button, then you most likely have spent hours upon hours searching the web for the secret to blogging success. Maybe you’ve invested in e-courses, books, and maybe even booked a one-on-one session with a blogging expert.

But, you know, the answer is simple. It’s straightforward. It’s so common sense that most folks mistakenly believe it’s bullshit.

Want to know what the best piece of blogging advice ever is? Well, read on.

Honestly, all it takes is for you to 200% believe in what you are writing. Not just that, but you must also strenuously believe that writing fabulous, amazing content that people care about, that working hard on shamelessly promoting content that you are certain people will be grateful for, and that perseverance matters a lot.

The truth is that content is king. If someone loves a post of yours, they will like it, comment on it, share it on social media, and link to it.

A group of folks who are passionately in love with your content can become an unstoppable force and can do more to propel you to new blogging heights than anything else you purposefully do.

Simple, huh?

Write the best damn thing ever published on the web, and you’ll have all you ever dreamed of and more.

It is easy for you to discard this piece of advice. You can control how much work you put in, but you also have to admit that you are not working hard enough.

That’s why folks like to put the blame on bad luck, or not having the right connection, or coming late to the party.

The truth always pisses you off. If you avoid it, you also avoid success. But the truth also always sets you free.

Assume responsibility, accept the fact that working hard at producing quality content matters more than anything else, and you will soon become unstoppable.

Let me put it this way: I work some 12 hours a day on my blogs. If you spend less time than that, why would you be more successful than I am? Wouldn’t that be considered unfair?

Yeah. The folks who are incredibly successful at this spend insane amounts of time working on their craft.

So stop wasting your time looking for the secret ingredient to becoming successful as a blogger and realize that it all comes down to doing the hard work, over and over again, and failing over and over again until you get it right.

That is it!

Incredibly simple, yet phenomenally difficult.

As they say, you can either have results or excuses. The choice is yours.


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  • The Everyday Radical

    YES. Good advice. I was feeling mopey about how unhappy I am with the “look” of my blog in comparison to some others I follow, then I saw that one of my favourites has been working on it for 7 years. I just don’t have the time to put into the design and promo at the moment, but I am trying at least to make sure the content is quality when it does go out. I wish I had 12 hours a day to spend working on my blogs, because I love it, but alas the rest of life gets in the way at the moment. Maybe once the boy is at school…

    • Cristian Mihai

      As the saying goes, either find a way or make one. If we want time, we have to make time. Maybe work in small chunks of time? Maybe sacrifice some leisure time? There’s always a way if one is determined enough to find it.

  • JanBeek

    No excuses! Just punch the damn keys and pour your heart out! Happy 🎈❤️🥰 Day, Cristian.

  • De'Ante

    appreciated this.

  • ibusaprincess

    Punching tge keys is now my hobby

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