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I’ve been blogging for more than seven years now, and in this time I have watched the internet morph into the amazing, giant media monster it is now. Because of this shift, the web is saturated with articles.

Nowadays, nobody can get away with publishing the same type of articles over and over again. Mediocre content never gets more than a few reads.

So, how do you write content that stands out, how do you come up with a one-of-a-kind idea?

Read on to find out.

Personal stories will never go out of style. People care about people.  People want to learn how it’s done, how others have managed to overcome obstacles they themselves are facing.

I deeply believe that everyone has at least a few interesting stories to share, and that those stories can have an impact on the web.


I think that personal stories are mostly worthless unless someone else can relate, can be entertained by the writing itself, or can learn something new.

As I often say, we all read because we want to feel less alone. We want to know that someone else knows how we are feeling, that someone else’s life is not that different from ours.

If done right, sharing a personal story is one of the most innovative and unique things you can do.

This is one of my favorite types of blog posts.

Like this one I did about the TV show Mad Men. Oh, and this one about Fight Club and the art of blogging. Or Ernest Hemingway‘s guide to blogging.

Find ways that you can link your niche to a popular book or tv show or celebrity.

Are there an awful lot of blog posts about the same idea in your niche? Well, change it somehow.

Don’t write the same things as everyone else. Spice it up a bit. Write about doing things differently, disregarding some sacred rules, or just tell folks that they should do what everyone else tells them not to do.

Be sure that it all makes sense though.

What is a common held belief in your niche that you know to be plain wrong?

Write about that.

If done right, you’ll elicit a ton of response in the form of comments and shares, even though a lot of people will disagree with you solely because you have challenged their beliefs.

The trick is to be genuine. Don’t disagree for the sake of shocking folks, but rather because you truly believe them all to be wrong.

If you want to stand out, you’ve got to spend more time thinking about ideas. Try to set aside time daily for that: to come up with as many ideas for blog posts as possible. Write them down.

Think of different angles, new styles of writing, and connecting dots that no one else has thought of doing yet.

If you are willing to put the time and energy, you will be able to see (and hit) targets that no one else can see.


  1. This is great advice. A lot of bloggers (myself included) tend to fall into the trap of info-dumping on their readers without stopping to consider why they or their audience should really care, or what reason the audience has for taking the advice at all. Making it personal and taking hard, unique stances will at least yield interesting reads!

  2. Great advice, loved this x

  3. Disagree with everyone in your niche?? They write about love and faith and meaningful relationships. I should disagree? Hmmm… I’ll have to think on that one.

    • Well, I write about blogging. Disagreeing with everyone in my niche does not mean I should tell folks not to blog. It might be something along the lines of disagreeing about the importance of SEO, or stuff like that.

      In any niche there’s some idea that you might not disagree with. Even faith. Or love. Think about it. There’s bound to be something that they preach, but isn’t feasible, or something that sounds good in theory, but is not easy to put into practice, or might prove to be even impossible.

  4. Thank you Cristian. For you always inspire me to think outside the box, and not limit myself when it comes to creative ideas…

  5. I love this post! I’ve been doing all of these suggestions since starting my blog a few short months ago; well before I read this post. I’ll definitely be following you for more insights!

  6. Great tips!!!! Thank you for sharing this. I’ve heard people say blogging is dead and maybe… in some ways yes… but for those of us who still love to read and connect, it’s very much here and alive. We have to be more creative and understand there are so many others people can read, but following these tips will surely help with people wanting to stop by!!

  7. Fab points – thank you for sharing. I’ve definitely found my most popular posts have been the ones where I’ve gotten quite personal so it’s a really good way to engage your readers!

  8. Thank you for this! I found it so much easier to write when I keep it personal.

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