What to Do If No One Is Reading Your Best Posts

Content is king. Quality content, the kind of stuff that people want to obsessively read, print out, and hang on their walls.

So if you create that kind of content, you’re pretty much set, right?

Well… sadly, no. Great content is one of the most important steps you can take, but then you need to actually promote that content.

That might make you nervously giggle inside, but I believe in you. Once the quality aspect is covered, here’s what you want to work on:

1. Network

Today, tomorrow, next week, and next year, you need to be networking with fellow bloggers, web journalists, social media power users, and others who have the audience you’re looking for.

How do you make connections with influential folks on the web?

  1. Add value.
  2. Be good.

You have to create some amazing content worth paying attention to. And you have to be the kind of person that others want to hang out with.

Networking isn’t about sucking up to people you don’t like. It should be about cultivating relationships with guys who are passionate about the same things you are. Spend your time on people you respect and like.

2. Make your content easy to share

As you’re building your network and creating all that epic content, remember to make it easy to share.

Analyze the content that gets lots of shares on your favorite blogs. Try to model your content on that.

3. Be your own kind of blogger

Your content needs a unique voice. It needs a point of view. You have to stand for something, or else you’ll fall for everything.

No matter how crowded and cluttered your topic is, there’s always a way to stand out. But you need to put the work in. It can take time, and thought, and a lot of words written. But there is always a way.

Want more advice on blogging? Want to take your blog to a new level? To the blogging stratosphere?

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44 thoughts on “What to Do If No One Is Reading Your Best Posts

  1. Good information. The last paragraph under Networking really stood out to me. Where you mention that networking is about cultivating relationships. This is something that would have helped me early on in my career outside of blogging. Networking seemed to be a nasty word. This puts it into perspective. Thank you for the tips!

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  2. Great post and I have one to add. Please make sure that links to your blog work! I can’t begin to count how many blogs I can’t reach because their links don’t work (usually they’re not updated when a blog changes). Links should be added to gravatars too! I feel so sorry when I can’t reciprocate a visit.

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      1. Most of the people I’ve spoken to said it makes them feel vulnerable, the idea of being open to a bigger audience means being more criticism. I suppose I understand the fear but thankfully it’s something I haven’t had an issue with.

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      2. Well, that’s kind of the point.

        You know the saying, “To whom much is given, much is tested?” Well… that’s how it is. The amount of hate I received over the years… but also it was significantly less than the praise and the number of people I have helped.

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    1. Hi Haley,

      Yes. Find the top 10 bloggers in your niche and interact with them. Like really do it. Read their posts, give thoughtful comments. Try to add to the conversation, so to speak. Interact with your readers. Build genuine connections. After you’ve built rapport with the top bloggers in your niche, ask them if you can guest post on their blogs, or if they’d like to guest post on your blog or if they’d like to be interviewed by you.

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    1. Networking requires you be outgoing and friendly. That is all.

      Just search for popular bloggers in your niche, read their stuff, comment, befriend them. Be nice and polite and thoughtful. That’s about it.

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  3. The important thing is to be a leader and believe. You can connect with a million people, but if you lack the mindset of being a leader, your desperation will cloud your success. Be yourself and be a leader.

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  4. I think your marketing must be good. Bring high value to the table. Lately my blog gets more than 1.5 views per visitor. It seems I’m building an audience. Bought a book called “sell like crazy”. Recently someone from the huffpost shared my article. But still no one comments 😦


  5. Great post, as always! I’ve always been nervous with networking, since it seems like it’s either fostering a one-way relationship or having some ulterior motive. Then I heard something that changed networking for me. Something along the lines of networking is simply being nice to talented people. Or just being nice to people. You never know what relationships might form!

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    1. Thank you, Matthew!

      And, yes, in a way, networking is just that: you take care of yourself by taking care of others. Now, the thing is, people often try to justify their own selfishness, and they rationalize it, but the truth is that we are sociL because it is in our best interest to be so. No one expects otherwise, but at the same time, we must do it with a big of grace, and that makes a big difference.

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