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When I decided to start this blog, I knew that there was more to blogging that the usual technical stuff related to using the WordPress platform, that there was an art to blogging.

And art is difficult to define, let alone write a recipe for. It’s like trying to create life out of nothing — and perhaps art, in its many forms, is the closest thing to life that we will ever have.

That being said, there are a few subtle things that make one an artist of blogging.

If you ever wondered why some get thousands and thousands of avid readers while others struggle to get even one lousy comment, then read this post.

1. Have the guts to be wrong

Human society can be defined as a great deal of people always trying to do what is right, or at least define it for future generations. We are always trying to fix, improve, overcome…

But what about the wrong thing?

Yes. I mean it.

What about being wiling to say something that feels wrong, yet proves a certain point.

If you have the guts to be that person, you’ll find a lot of people paying attention to you.

2. You should also be… right

The tricky thing is that you should be better at this than just about anyone else.

Think of it. We all remember Roger Bannister for being the first who ran a sub-4 minute mile, not all the folks who were just as fast or even faster that followed him.

Think in terms of what you can do to explain your topic better than your predecessors, and people will take notice.

3. Write about what others can’t

As writers, we are basically translating what we think into words and ideas. Sometimes we forget how difficult that is for some people and how important that makes us.

I have received thousands and thousands of comments from folks who simply wanted to thank me for stating what felt like the obvious: something they had been subconsciously aware of, but could never pin down and define properly.

4. Don’t just say, but also do

Everybody online is trying to say something important, but very few are trying to do something important.

Dare not to just give advice to others, but to live that advice yourself.

5. Think like there’s no box

Don’t just think outside the box, but rather think like there’s no box.

Write from the point of view of someone who couldn’t care less about your topic or niche, or even from the perspective of someone who hates said topic.

Connect dots that you’d never even think of being on the same plane.

6. Don’t take yourself so seriously

The Internet is that place where everyone gets offended over nonsense.

As bloggers, most of the time we’re so busy teaching that we sometimes forget to entertain. As a result, our readers fall asleep. And what’s the best way to wake people up? Humor.

If you can make someone laugh, you can pretty much make them do anything you want.

7. Solve an issue

If you can help someone else solve an issue you’re having, and you are good enough at explaining it that they can follow through, then nothing else matters.

Ask yourself if you can solve people’s problems, and the value you’ll add to others lives will help you find the audience you’ve always wanted.

8. Predict the future

Every once in awhile, make a bizarre claim about the future. If you have any authority at all, people will take notice.

9. Be brave

The fact is, pretty much everyone is afraid of something, but very few of us respond to fear with courage and grace.

Be one of those people, and you’ll find the world will be watching.

10. Be brutally honest

Be so honest that you’re scared to click the “Publish” button. Be so honest that no one knows what to say in the comments section. Be so honest that there’s this inner voice that begs you to stop.

You’ll feel better … and you’ll make a lot of others feel better too.

11. Know that you cannot please everyone, so don’t even try

If you can’t stomach being hated by a portion of the world and loved by another, then you don’t deserve to have a blog.

12. Tell a good story

Stories support your points, make for some great intros, and teach people while entertaining them, but a good story can turn you into a living legend. I’m not talking about the little anecdotes that pepper the blogosphere. I’m talking about the kind of story that haunts you on your deathbed. Forget about all the others. Write that one.

13. Pick the perfect image

Want to make a good post better? Pick an image that expresses exactly what you mean, and put it at the top of your post. Yeah, it takes time, but the extra traffic is worth it.

14. Create a work of art

If you really want to surprise your readers, put some actual effort into your blog posts, creating a work of art. You’ll be surprised by how many people remember it long after you yourself have forgotten about having written it.

15. Put your readers first

Yes, you’re the blogger. Yes, it’s your blog. Yes, you’re the one working your heart out. But it does not matter. The only thing of consequence is your reader. You can rebel against this fact for as long as you like, but as long as you do not care about your readers, you’ll never be a genuine artist of blogging.


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  • bertahenry

    Great advices, thanks you

  • theunvarnishedblog

    Really good advise, Cristian. Sometimes your advice doesn’t translate to political/social commentary blogs such as mine (The Unvarnished Blog), but this one hits the nail on the head for everyone. 🙂

    You write by your advice, you have built your brand on your advice, and it clearly shows! Thank you for sharing your secrets to success.

    • Cristian Mihai

      I do my best to write the kind of blogs that apply to most bloggers. Sometimes, indeed, my advice does not apply to everyone.

      • theunvarnishedblog

        Although the particular topic might not always translate, your enthusiasm is always reinvigorating and inspiring! Thank you for what you do! 🙂

  • bingingonabudget

    Love these blogging tips. What do you think is one of your best tips for a new blogger looking to gain some traffic?

    • Cristian Mihai

      Punch the damn keys – write with passion about what matters to you.

  • George Papastavrou

    Doesn’t #10, brutal honesty translated as hate nowadays? This is a hard one to do right I guess…

    • Cristian Mihai

      Depends on what you’re honest about.

  • Candy Keane | Geek Mamas

    Sometimes the thing that takes the longest for me is finding just the right photo, lol. I gave up with the post for today and skipped it. (I know, bad blogger! No SEO brownie points for you!) But I totally agree that the right photo can make a difference 🙂

  • JanBeek

    Yes, Cristian, I agree, “… perhaps art, in its many forms, is the closest thing to life that we will ever create.” I belong to our local art association. My art is music (I play the accordion) and writing. I have improved that art by daily practice. Your encouragement has been a big part of that. Thank you for your daily advice. Today I’m coming away with, “Be brutally honest.” Here I go!

  • Librocio

    Wise words that can and should be lived outside of the blogsphere as well. Never pass up an opportunity to address an elephant in the room!

  • bradkay60

    Sometimes it’s difficult to push through when it seems few are listening. Thank you for validating many of my reasons for blogging.

    • beweiss

      I love this response.. glad to know I’m not the only one looking for some validation.

  • hrpassion

    Being totally honest is somehow a card with 2 blades, it can harm, dissapoint and break relations especially If the blog is on a specific field

  • kindnessl

    Thank you for the tips and pointers, they really helpful. I like to statement about “being so honest that your afraid to push the publish button “

  • jomz

    These are great advice. Thanks.

  • kennethrey15

    Hi. I’m a newbie here. These tips are great and helpful. Thank you! 🙂

  • dymondia

    Being an introvert meant that I never really cared much about whether my blog attracted any reader at all. And I don’t even post regularly since I’m stuck with writers’ block. But now I’ve decided to let people know about my blog, so thank you for the blogging tips!

  • Jacob Kirts

    Create a work of art indeed! I appreciate the tips and it looks like many others do as well. Keep up the great work!

  • raysfindings

    This advice is so real and makes sense to me, I’m going to apply all of them to my blogging efforts.

  • missmentalhealth

    Great advice, I started my blog not caring if people read it, I find it cathartic and helps me mentally to just get my stories and ideas down on paper. Since people started reaching out to me, I found that’s what I enjoy most about blogging – connecting with people.

    I only have a small readership and I want to grow that but was unsure how. I want it to grow not even for the numbers, but selfishly for the community aspect of creating conversation. I want people to tell me they disagree or ask questions. Just still not 100% sure how to push it.

  • Ethan Tyrrell

    Nice tips as always! I had gotten in the bad habit of avoiding writing, and getting motivation to write was just what I needed.

  • kariettef

    Great post. Really good advice

  • drtanya@saltedcaramel

    Very useful points as always Christian.
    I tried to reblog this but there was a glitch and it didn’t happen.

    • Cristian Mihai

      Thank you.

      I happens. That glitch.

      You could use the “Press This!” button.

  • juliasjournaluk

    Reblogged this on Julia's Journal and commented:
    I agree, blogging is a work of art as you are creating something unique based on your experiences, interests and view points. Attracting readers is not easy, but good storytelling techniques and selecting good images is the secret to success (I’m still learning myself!)

  • Mohmy

    Thankyou for these tips Cristian 😊

  • bigskybuckeye

    Cristian, I always find something new to hang on to from your posts. Number 5 hit home with me: think like there is no box. I have enjoyed making a blog that is unique to my background and strengths, yet willing to put my own stamp on it.

    • Cristian Mihai

      Thank you for your compliment.

      There are many aspects of blogging that don’t get talked much, because they are difficult to explain, let alone be taught to others.

      Some of the points in this post are like that.

  • adeabdul

    “If you can’t stomach being hated by a portion of the world and loved by another, then you don’t deserve to have a blog.”

    This statement is the sublime truth that I needed to hear!

  • karensila

    Valuable piece of advice 👌👌

      • karensila

        Most welcome. Supporting each other! We are one community.

  • billiethehuman

    Wow once again you’ve fired me up to write a new post. I long for a time when there’s no box and I know that if you want change you have to be that change yourself. Unfortunately too many people can write about homelessness but very few can write about the path out when homeless services want them trapped in that cardboard box. I’m going to try sharing this on my blog “Billie The Human Asking Those Questions Your Just Not Supposed To Ask”

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