Build Your Personal Brand

Your blog is your personal brand. Your blog represents you in this online environment, and every small detail matters.

If you are trying to find more readers, or trying to build a platform, a community, you may be overlooking some of the essentials that are at your disposal.

As they say, first impressions matter. And they last a long, long, time, so here are five basic personal branding tools you should take advantage of before you move on to more complex ones.

1. Email address

The amount of e-mails I receive from people whose addresses are almost hilarious is insane.

Use this format: This looks way more professional than

Better yet, buy your own domain name. You really have no excuse for not doing this, especially since it also allows you to have an email address that looks like This makes a positive, powerful impression.

2. Email signature

Your email signature is an often overlooked opportunity to create a positive impression.

But do try to stick to the basics. Do not add too much information, because people don’t spend a lot of time staring at your email signature.

Here’s mine:

CRISTIAN MIHAI | “I can’t paint, I can’t dance, I can’t sing. But sometimes I write.
Website & Blog:

3. Business cards

Go old-school in 2019, but don’t go overboard. The basics: your logo, your name, contact information, and perhaps a tagline. Make sure to include your social media contact information.

After all, why not have a business card for your blog? Share that to folks when you mention you’re a blogger (and proud to be one too).

4. Blog/Website

Here’s why this is on the list:

What do your readers know about you? The actual you?

If your blog does not offer people the chance to get to know the person behind it, you lose credibility. It’s going to be tough for them to trust you, and almost impossible to make any real money.

Unless you’d actually die (not of embarrassment) if you revealed your identity, do try to make it easy for people to figure out who’s behind your blog.

5. Social media profiles

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube. Use a consistent theme, try to use the same profile picture if possible, better yet if it’s your logo.

Readers should instantly know that’s you if they happen to look for you on any social media platform.

Do you think of your blog as your personal brand? Do you use it as such?

4 thoughts on “Build Your Personal Brand

    1. Hi Maranda,

      You don’t have to be a huge blogger yet. You just have to think like one. You have to think like you are the blogger, not just a blogger. You’re not just one of x bloggers, you are unique. You have something no one else has. This is the proper mindset to have.

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