Nine Amazing Tips to Help You Start Your Blogging Journey like a Boss5 min read

I have been blogging for over seven years now, which means that I’ve been making mistakes for a long, long time. A lot of them.

That’s what experience is: the ability to make a lot of mistakes, and to learn from them.

That’s why I’ve compiled a list of the 9 most important tips you must know if you’re just starting out.

You know, so you don’t make the same mistakes I did all these years.

1. Invest in a custom domain.

Your blog’s identity resides there. It’s what readers type when they want to show someone this cool article they’ve stumbled upon.

If your blog is “” some folks might not notice or care, but most will think of you as unprofessional, a dabbler of sorts, someone who might quit two weeks from today.

Nothing lets the Internet know you’re here to stay than a proper domain for your blog.

Oh, and I do wonder what search engines prefer to rank higher? Hmmm… tough question.

2. Chose your niche.

Choose the topic of your blog with care and consideration.

Your blog should mirror your passion and knowledge on a certain subject, not be about anything, everything, and nothing at the same time.

A lot of bloggers set themselves up to fail by writing about a bunch of random stuff, half of them being about topics no one else really cares about, and then they delude themselves into thinking that either:

  • they don’t really care about readers
  • the world is unfair and all the good bloggers never become popular

Also, you need to know whether you will be able to consistently post on the topic or not.

3. Consistency over quantity.

It is better to post once a week, but do it every single week, on the same day, at the same hour, than it is to post three times this week, once next week, no posts the week after that, and four posts after that.

Focus on consistency and quality, not quantity. These are the blog posts that keep your readers engaged and makes them come back.

Also, it is easy to blog a lot in the first few weeks of your blogging journey. However, delivering high quality content day after day after day gets more difficult as time progresses and ideas dry up, which is why it’s better to hold out a bit.

Schedule posts in advance. Always keep at least enough blog post ideas in your Drafts to last you an entire month if needs be.

4. Blogging is hard work.

People start a blog and think it’s easy.

You know who thinks like that?

Folks who have no idea what blogging is all about.

Blogging can feel like a time consuming, never ending task. Blogging is not just content creation, but also promotion.

You also need to network with other bloggers, work on your visual layout, on your social media profiles, and a bunch of other stuff.

If only there were a checklist that could help you with that.

5. Learn, learn, learn.

Invest some time in learning everything there is to know about blogging.

Download tutorials, read e-books, find a mentor.

Learn, because there is a lot to learn, and there’s so much competition that only being genuinely an expert in this field will ensure that you stand out from the crowd.

6. Every single person knows something you don’t.

The moment you think there’s nothing new to learn about blogging, that’s when everyone else starts to surpass you.

Trust me, I thought I knew it all. I was wrong. So wrong, in fact, that I am now working double time to make up for this error in thinking.

7. Expectations are going to break your heart.

Do not expect an easy ride when you blog.

You can do your very best and still fail.You can write your heart out and still no one comments on your post.

There will be days that will have you banging your head against the wall, not knowing what to post.

There will be days filled with doubt, anger, petty frustrations, and a burning desire to delete the damn blog, and never punch those damn keys again.

Also, be ready for this: it is going to take you longer to reach the number of readers you want than your worst estimates.


Because blogging is way more difficult and complex than you think when starting out.

8. Your blog’s success is determined by how much you sacrifice.

Since all this hard work is going to use up your time, you have to be prepared to give up on some thing.

For those that have a full time job – your personal life might be impacted. Or your sleep. Maybe some of your other passions or interests will be affected.

You must carefully decide what is the price you are willing to pay in order to become successful as a blogger.

9. Practice makes perfect.

I am Romanian, which means English is not my first language.

When I first started blogging, I’d struggle to write a few hundred words a day, and call them a blog post.


Let’s just say that I can write a lot more than that.

Do not view your present skill level as being final. It is not.

Blogging is a skill and an art, and you can become better.

It’s all just hard work: coming up with the perfect headline, formatting your post, writing that killer ending line.

As they say, practice makes perfect.

What about number ten?

What do you think is an important blogging tip that a lot of beginners would benefit greatly by knowing about it?


  1. Very useful tips here. Totally resonate with sacrifices etc with blogging but I love sharing my travels and thoughts and experiences so I am going to keep at it!

  2. I will do it! Thank you! πŸ™‚

  3. I learn every day from you. However, I didn’t check my email yesterday and missed the free analysis. 😒

  4. Helpful tips! Thanks for sharing ✨
    Kind regards

  5. Great tips Cristian! You are indeed the Bloggers Champion.

    I would stick to this! Really need to improve on blog content.

  6. Lol – Christian….I’m starting to think your epitaph should be, “Punch those damn keys!” and, because I am a visual thinker, it gives me a strong picture of a slightly angry young man bashing away at an old school typewriter that is hooked up strangely to an old tv monitor…and his fingers are all bent and bashed up and red…and there is a cup of cold coffee, bouncing around on the desk beside him….almost falling on the floor! Keep up the good work, inspiring and entertaining at the same time πŸ™‚

    • I’m starting to think my epitath SHOULD be “Punch those damn keys!”

      And that image is oddly accurate.

      And I will do my best to keep up the good work!

  7. Always enJOY your posts! Thanks once again. I’m falling in love with blogging πŸ™‚

  8. ‘ohh… those romanians!’ πŸ˜‚

  9. Thank you Christian, I think one of the problem is the fact that there is too much information everywhere and not all are good.

  10. Hi Christian and thank you for your reply and I must say that I totally agree with this. I have a lot to learn and I found a site recently that is already helping me, it is called: Shout me loud.

  11. This was an awesome! Thanks for the inspiration πŸ’ͺπŸΎπŸ’ž

  12. Reblogged this on Plaisted Publishing House and commented:
    Nice great tips to help your blogging journey

  13. Yes it is true ineed to be profesional on blogging
    Iam new

  14. Thank you again, Cristian, for this informative post. This is helpful for newbie bloggers like me. However, I have one question… Does the platform where one blogs matter? I mean, I know at some point I gotta get my own domain and all, but I’ve read from others that Wix is a better option than wordpress, or that Wix is worth a try. Any thoughts?

    • Hi Tina,

      Well, the platform that you are best used to is the most valid option. If you want to be able to customize anything and add plugins and such, a self-hosted blog makes sense. If you don’t want/need that, is just fine. I have yet to try Wix, but you can also look into Medium, if only to republish some of your content there.

      About domains… that’s an entirely different thing. You NEED a domain. It’s your address. It’s like the difference between telling someone you live on this street, that number, and giving them some vague description. It’s huge. Most folks consider free domains as temporary; they won’t subscribe because they think you are going to quit blogging. After all, how serious are you if you do not have your own domain name. I do think you should invest in a domain name. No questions about it.

  15. I am new I have just posted 3 blogs your information is very good and I will definitely learn with this

  16. This was really great. As a beginner, I am already nervous about the direction to go with my next post.
    It is such a struggle to find my style of writing.

    With so many ideas, how does one ensure to put their perspective into one entry? This is , I think, my biggest struggle – transferring a thought (or perspective on a subject) into words long enough to make it an entry in such a way that they understand my viewpoint.

    This really is valuable information. Thank you!

    • Well, that’s the thing about blogging: we all have certain themes, and we all keep writing about those themes, over and over again, always refining the words, the style, etc. It is the kind of work that never gets done, only abandoned.

  17. For tip No. 10, I’d say being patient with yourself and enjoying the blogging journey. Remember to have fun while at it, and in the moments of fierce frustration, remember your why, why you began this journey in the first place. That will definitely cheer you on the journey to becoming a better you.

  18. Hello Cristian, I’m from India. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, that was encouraging. You gave me an insight to be more organised at least a month ahead.

  19. As a new blogger, I am glad I have the chance to have such an experienced blogger to guide my steps. Your advice is both motivating and making a lot of sense. You’re giving a lot of value to your readers, thank you for that ! πŸ™‚

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