12 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Clicking The Publish Button

Inspiration. One of those words you just love to hate sometimes. It’s unreliable. And when inspiration hits, you just gotta start punching those damn keys.

Nothing wrong with that, but after do you do after you’ve transformed a blank page into what resembles a blog post?

Edit it?


And then? How do you know if your post is good enough? How do you know if your post is worthy of being read by other folks on the world wide web?

It’s not like trying to lift Mjölnir, so how can you be sure your post is worthy?

Actually, I believe we could all improve a lot of our posts by asking a few simple questions before hitting that publish button.

Here are twelve questions that I ask myself.

  1. Does this post add value to my readers?
  2. Does this post help my readers solve some of their problems?
  3. What is the main point of this post? What is the essence that I want my readers to internalize by reading this post?
  4. What do I want my readers to do after reading this post?
  5. Have I used a headline that draws people into my post?
  6. Could I have said the same thing in less words?
  7. Have I previously written an article that relates to this post that I could link to?
  8. Did I do everything I could to make my post engaging? Did I ask my readers to comment? To add to the conversation?
  9. Is the spelling correct? What about grammar? Could this post still use a bit more editing?
  10. What parts can I edit out to make the post more concise?
  11. How could I format the blog post in such a way that scanners will be compelled to read my post. What about sub-headings, images, block quotes, etc?
  12. Should I wait a little more time before publishing this post? Would coming back to it in a few days’ time help me to come up with new ideas that can improve it?

What questions would you add to this list?

35 thoughts on “12 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Clicking The Publish Button

  1. Great advice! I guess, “do I finally feel catharsis?” probably shouldn’t be on the list sane people use before blogging, yet it’s my go to!

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  2. There are several questions on your list that reflect my practice, but 1 and 2 are not among them.
    I’ve never thought of my blog as a place people come to for answers to their problems. If anything it’s the place they come to when they can’t find answers to their problems, and need a few minutes of distraction.

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  3. A good set of questions, you’ve hit the nail on the head, I would add one more question, is the post personal? As in your own experience for a personal blog

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  4. Hi Cristian, 🙂

    I read the list and thought – good advice! But… something about it wouldn’t let go and my mind kept coming back to your post. Something…

    So I sat down and I thought; what do *I* want to say when I write.

    The flame, Cristian. The Flame of Inspiration. That fire which burns so brightly inside you, that you need to focus on it and open the windows and doors of your soul to let it shine through!

    Because only then will it bring meaning to you and to the world.

    And of course, after that it is a really good idea to think about how you can make your post more accessible, more friendly and attractive. And then you can add all of those wonderful things which can make your post popular – including, of course, what it will change or bring of good to others who may read it.

    But the spark, that is number one; the Light of Inspiration, and nothing else! 🙂

    Have an inspiring week, everyone!
    And thank you for posting, Cristian 🙂

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  5. Questions number 1,6,7, and 9 are questions I ALWAYS ask myself before publishing my blog posts. They’re very essential questions.

    Before hitting the publish button, I would also ask myself if I wrote the post in my writing voice and not that of another blogger. I love it when my personality emanates through my writing. Many bloggers try to imitate their idol bloggers’ writing style and voice instead of writing with theirs.

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  6. Great tips, Cristian. Thanks for sharing.

    Btw, you should totally trademark or copyright the phrase “Punch those damn keys” if you have not already. May be the title if your next book. 🙂


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