What To Do When You Fall Out of Love With Your Blog4 min read

Ever get to a point with your blog where you’re just … worn out?

Writing a new blog post feels like a chore. Your readers are getting on your nerves.

You don’t want to quit … but you do want to get some of that old magic back, the way it was in the early days.

If you could use a few ideas to rekindle that spark, you’re in the right spot. And if you’re still passionately in love, don’t worry … the same techniques can be used to keep the fire as bright as it is today.

1. Learn something new

The moment you quit learning and growing, you begin to die. That was what made blogging so much fun in the first place — that crazy learning curve. It may have been overwhelming or intimidating at times, but it was also exhilarating.

It’s critical to your blog (and your self-respect) that you keep learning. The moment you think you’ve learned everything there is to know about blogging, that’s when everyone else starts to surpass you.

Add a new skill to your mix, or get even more amazing at some of the skills you already possess.

2. Do a Q&A call

If you end up thinking that you don’t truly deliver something of value, announce a free Q&A for your readers.

You’ll find that you know a lot more than you think you do. You might not be able to answer every single question, but that’s ok — just let your readers know you’ll look into it.

You’ll be amazed at how many questions you can answer. This is the fastest confidence-builder I know. It’s also amazingly energizing to see firsthand how much you can help the people who are reading you.

3. Connect

Quick, name your 10 favorite blogs.

Today, visit each one of them, read their most recent posts, and drop some comments. Remember how they used to inspire you? Well, let them help you once more.

Go make some connections — and not just with the most popular bloggers out there: connect with that wonderful reader who always leaves awesome comments, connect with the blogger who’s got about as many readers as you do, or that guy on Twitter who always makes you laugh.

4. Find a mentor

Truth be told, most bloggers think they can do everything alone. We tend to be contrarians by nature, and we’re addicted to drawing our own map.

And all of that is awesome. You need to be self-reliant. But it’s not cheating for you to get some help, too.

When I first started blogging, my legs were wobbly. I had a lot of passion and a ton of drive, but there were definitely days I was going in the wrong direction.

Working with someone gives you some much needed perspective, and helps enjoy the process a whole lot more.

Just like a personal trainer at the gym, a mentorship program won’t do the work for you, but the mentor can help you realize that you’re strong enough to do the work yourself.

The important thing is that you find someone who resonates with you, shares your values, and has a style that will challenge you to do more than you can do alone.

5. Schedule time away from your blog

I don’t care how much you love blogging or writing. I don’t care how much energy it gives you. If you want to give it all the juice and passion you have to offer, you’ve got to step away from time to time.

You’ll be more creative, more energetic, and more excited about your blog when you build in time away to do some the other stuff you love.

The first thing we all need is to get moving. You don’t have to run a marathon if that isn’t your thing, but get out for a walk or a bike ride every day. It improves your mental clarity, your mood, and cuts your risk of pretty much every kind of disease. You’ll be a lot more productive, too, which is a nice bonus.

But you don’t get to stop there. I also want you, at least once a week, to schedule some time to just play. I don’t care if you go to the art store and get finger paints, just do something you find fun. Don’t make it too practical. Give that inner child some play time, and watch what that does for the rest of your life.

How about you? What do you do when you need to rekindle that spark?


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  • Maha

    Yes even i experience days where i am clueless onto what do i write today, but then when i think back on my day to day life and focus on what has bothered me most i get a topic to write. That’s how it has been with me so far..hope this tip helps:)

  • glenmckenzie(justabitfurther)

    When I’m at that point, I like to get outdoors and hike in our area where we live. It clears my mind and helps me to re-focus on life and blogging as well. I liken it a dirty windshield on your car. You need to stop and clean it every so often in order to see where you are going or want to go. Kind of need to clean the dust and grime out of my mind in order to re-focus.

    I also spend some time scrolling through the 1000’s of pictures my photographer wife has shot. Her photo’s are often the inspiration for many of the posts I write. When I do this it is an escape from stuff for an hour or so, but I also come back inspired with new posts to work on.

  • dirkpietersblog

    For me, meditation does the trick. Believe it or not but it is when I get the most ideas.

  • Shannon J. Anderson

    You read my mind! I was just saying last night, I sometimes feel the blog takes more effort than I think it’s worth when it doesn’t get the response I’m hoping for, or when it takes away from other things I could be working on. I like to remind myself of the positive feedback people have given in the past, especially when someone thanked me for sharing something. It reminds me that even if one person reads it and feels helped, it’s worth it.

    • Cristian Mihai

      Hi Shannon,

      I’ve wanted to quit blogging a few times in my seven years or so of doing it, and each and every time that happened, someone would comment or e-mail me about how much my words inspired and motivated them, and that would keep me going.

  • Syd Weedon

    Delete the old blog and start a new one — “creative destruction.”

  • equipsblog

    I have sometimes found that some of the most inconsequential posts generate the most response. Other times, I think I have something to say about something important and you can hear the universal yawn echoing through the empty chamber of readers. I often get blog ideas while driving or riding my exercise bicycle.

  • Eowyn

    When I need to ‘rekindle that spark’ I unplug. Disconnect. Take a mini-vacation mentally and/or physically. Do a change of scenery. While waiting for the Muse to descend again, one thing that helps a lot is a walk in the woods. There’s nothing like some solitude in the Great Outdoors to get the creative juices flowing, dust off some mental cobwebs and reboot the ‘ole cerebral hard drive. Hello, Muse!

  • Redbird Stormcrow

    This is great! Thank you so much for reminding all of us that we need to step back and have fun once in awhile and that we all need help on occasion. As for what I do to rekindle? I do photography, go on a nature walk, or play a video game.

    • Cristian Mihai

      It’s funny how we seem to get our best ideas when not thinking about ideas.

      • Redbird Stormcrow

        Indeed! And usually when we are sleeping LOL

  • retrodee

    Great stuff– I have this page bookmarked. When I hit a wall with my blog, sometimes I’ll just write whatever I want for me, then I start liking writing again, then I can go back to providing content that is beneficial to my readers as well. 🙂

  • Rachael And Fierce

    I feel like I’m on the verge of needing a bit of a break.

  • Kim Petitt

    I remind myself on days when I feel, “is this even worth it” by working through it and the feeling of accomplishment helps to rekindle the passion.

  • lornafraserja

    I’ too have felt the way you described, from time to time; but the thought of how much of I don’t want to be thought a hypocrite, since I always advisemy readers t never give up, always keeps me going.

  • phoenixraay

    I just stepped away from my blog for about a year. I fell hard. I am very much ready to get back into it now though! I forgot how much I love this blogging community. I can always find inspiration on any blog I click on.

    Thanks for sharing this post, it was very helpful!

  • jvtripioauthor

    Point 5 of this post has been the most helpful to me. In fact, I joke that I do most of my best writing while on the cross trainer, doing yoga or simply while on a long drive. I allow my subconscious mind to feed me the raw materials for my novel or next post. Thanks!

  • DaxTomFoxLeo

    Can you please tell me what to do when I run out of Ideas? I write 3 or 4 blog posts every sunday but seem to be running out of ideas.

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