Six Questions to Ask Your Readers at The End of a Blog Post (So You Get More Comments)2 min read

In the first few months of blogging it can be frustrating to put a lot of time and energy into writing quality posts only to find that it seems as though no one is reading them.

I’ve previously written an article on how to get more comments on your blog posts, so I won’t go over all of that again – however I wanted to share one simple technique to get folks talking. It is obvious and very basic – but so many bloggers don’t do it.

The technique is simply to ask them a question at the end of your blog post.

This blew your mind, right?

I know. Powerful stuff.

Here are six questions to ask at the end of a blog post to encourage comments.

  • Ask them for an opinion on a controversial topic – write about a controversial topic or one you think people have strong opinions about. Ask them what they think at the end of the post. Some folks will love to disagree with you, and you should encourage that.
  • Ask your readers for advice – state a problem that you or a reader has and ask for help, solutions and advice. You’d be surprised to see how many folks will comment.
  • Ask for tips – choose a topic that your readers might know something about and ask them for practical tips. Write a list post, and ask them to add to it.
  • Ask for examples – ask your readers to give you examples of something that worked or didn’t work.
  • Ask for experiences – ask a question about what your readers have done or experienced. Of course, something related to the blog post they’ve just read.
  • Give them the chance to self-promote – give readers an opportunity to self-promote in the comments section. Do not be selfish, share the stage with them. Maybe ask them to share their blogs and a short pitch as to why people would like to subscribe to their blogs. Something like that

Do feel free to add to the list in comments section below.

Cristian Mihai

Became Internet famous by the age of 23. Never recovered. I write short author bios all over the web. I’m an acquired taste. Don’t like me? Acquire some taste.

19 thoughts on “Six Questions to Ask Your Readers at The End of a Blog Post (So You Get More Comments)2 min read

  1. Yes, I need/want more comments on my blogs. So, these ideas are very helpful. I will try asking for tips, practical advice, solutions, opinions, experiences or what worked/didn’t … and see if I get any takers. Thanks, Cristian.

  2. Good ideas! After reading this I looked at my last post which no one commented on and realized I’d done exactly what you said not to do. I wrapped it up in a nice neat little package and there was no reason to comment. I changed it but for this post the train has left the station. I’ll be smarter in the future. Thanks.

  3. Aeesome tips! I started doing this instinctively. Mostly out of genuine curiosity and desire to engage with my audience. I haven’t gotten much of a response but I am just starting.

  4. I must confess this post answered my questions on this area. As a new blogger, I have been having issues getting readers to comment on I have been thinking what incentives to apply. This kind of provided the right guide to it. Thank you.

  5. Yes. Thank you. Excellent tool.

    Questions imply interest, and also promote engagement. Some people feel the tallest blade of grass is the 1st to get cut, and consequently don’t stick their interested neck out. When their expertise, or even simply their perspective is welcomed, it’s more fulfilling as a blogger. Being a talking head is boring. Facilitating discussions rocks.

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