The Story of Two Men

Two young men graduate from the same college. They are very much alike, these two young men: average students, well-liked by their peers and teachers, respectful. Average height, average build. Facial features that are so unremarkable it would be difficult for a sketch artist to draw anything but a circle. They even dress the same.

They both come from similar middle-class backgrounds. They were even born in the same town.

Both of them have certain dreams and aspirations, a certain eagerness to assume the world.

But don’t we all?

Twenty five years after graduating from college, they return for their reunion. They are still very much alike: happily married, a couple of children. As a matter of fact, both work at the same company.

But there’s a difference. One of the men is manager of a small department of that company. The other is its president.

Have you ever wondered, as I often have, what makes this kind of difference in people’s lives?

Is it intelligence? Talent? Dedication? Is that it? One wants it more than the other and is willing to persevere, to try over and over again until they succeed.

Is hard work the answer to all of life’s problems? The one thing we must do to become successful?

If yes, then what about working smart?

The hardest working person in the room or the most efficient? What makes the difference?

The difference lies in what each person knows and how he or she makes use of that knowledge. That’s it.

If there would be one advice I’d like you to never forget, it would be this: learn. Whatever it is you want in this life, you can only have it if you educate yourself enough to figure out all the ways in which you can obtain it. Educate yourself enough to develop the right tools, the right perspective and mindset, and the right plans.

Whatever endeavor you choose to focus on, you can always learn about it by studying from those who have tried it before you.

That is the definition of success in life. Being mentally proactive as to search for ways to enhance one’s knowledge in any given field.

In other words: be freaking smart!

Study from the best if you want to become one of the best. All else is nothing more than wishful thinking.

This is why I am writing these words to you. To tell you that knowledge is worth more than intelligence, talent, and hard work combined.

Knowledge is power, as the cliche goes.

Funny thing about cliches though: they are true to the point of exasperation.


What you don’t know, owns you. What you don’t understand, you’ll call fate, destiny, karma, whatever.

Ignorance is not bliss.

Ignorance is powerlessness.

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