Ten Reasons Why Nobody Wants to Read Your Blog6 min read

Be honest with yourself. Sometimes you feel like nobody wants to read your blog. No matter how much time and effort you put, there are no likes, no comments, and no new followers.

It’s as if you aren’t releasing your work online, but rather into the voids of space.

So, why would that be? And how can you fix it?

Well, the first step to solving any problem is figuring out that you have one. Read on to find out 10 reasons why no one wants to read your blog.

1. You’re not that into it.

If you don’t like your own words, it’s almost impossible to get anyone else to like them either. Why? Because readers can usually tell when you’re just publishing blog posts for the sake of it.

2. You’re not editing.

A lot of folks think that they can write for 15 minutes, hit publish, and become Internet famous. That’s not blogging actually works.

Readers want content that over-delivers, content that inspires, content that does not feel superfluous, content that is void of cliches or mistakes or bad grammar.

3. You are not writing like yourself.

If you don’t write like yourself, and all you do is try to write like someone else, someone you admire, readers will pick up on that and kind of hate you for it.

What makes the difference between you and others is your story, your vision, and the way in which you translate it all into words.

It’s not just what you say, but how you say it.

4. You feel like you’re owed something.

One way to screw up your blogging career is to feel like you are owed a certain number of readers or comments or money. You’re not.

Whatever feedback you are receiving right now is exactly how much you deserve, because of your content, its frequency, the way you interact with readers, your niche, and how long you’ve been blogging for.

If you become bitter because you feel life’s unfair, life will tend to become increasingly unfair until you quit blogging altogether.

5. Your content isn’t properly formatted.

Engaging content takes advantage of lists, bullet points, and images. Also, engaging content is written in a conversational style. It’s you talking to your best friends about what sets your soul on fire.

6. You want it now. Or yesterday.

A lack of patience is what makes most bloggers quit within their first three months.

As they say, you can’t make a baby in one month if you get nine different women pregnant.

Even if you were to spend the next two weeks working sixteen hours a day, publishing 4-5 different blog posts a day, and connecting with as many fellow bloggers as possible, you wouldn’t see a significant increase in terms of readers/engagement.


Because it takes TIME. A lot of it.

It takes time for your readers to trust you, it takes time for search engine to index your content, it takes time to build relationships with fellow bloggers, it takes time for folks to consider you an authority in your niche. It takes time to figure out what your readers most like to read from you. It takes time to figure out what you most enjoy writing about.

7. You fail to balance what you want to write with what your readers want to read.

This is what I like to call the balancing act of blogging. Just like walking on tightrope, you must write about the issues you feel strongly for, but at the same time, you must write in such a way that your readers get value from it, can engage emotionally with it, and can relate with you.

You need to figure out what makes you burn with passion, and then figure out a way to get your readers to feel the same way you do about it.

8. You’re too careless.

Like I previously said, good enough never gets read. Good enough is the enemy of the great.

Maybe you’re lazy with your images and headlines. Maybe you think introductions don’t matter much. Maybe you think you have your own vision, and that learning about blogging is going to dilute that vision.

9. You’re just writing because you want to say something.

Have you ever read a post for five or so minutes only to wonder what the hell the blogger was even trying to say?

Ask yourself this question: are you writing because you want to say something, or are you writing because you genuinely have something to say?

Why should someone else read your blog? What’s in it for them? If your answer to this question is a blank stare, do yourself a favor and figure out a way to actually say something.

10. You’re afraid to take a stand.

If you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything.

Keep in mind that lukewarm is no good, and that by trying to please everyone you will piss off most of your readers.

It’s just how it is.

Write your truth even if your hands shake agains the keyboard.

Passion is the name of the game. Write from the heart, about the things that make you feel alive, and write in a way that is both entertaining and inspiring.

Provide value, and never take anything for granted.

And always remember that the moment you start to think you’ve reached the top, that’s when everyone else starts to surpass you.


  1. “If you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything.” Confronting. Bloggers need to take a stand for what they believe. If they come under fire, take it like men (or women!) and keep writing. Great post!

  2. We live in a world where a tick like is meant to say it “all”.. The art of conversation is gone..lost in technology and today’s rushed world… I prefer pictures to words..

  3. I loved this!! It’s nice to hear these things, for a beginner. I enjoyed every word. I’m just starting a blog for the first time and I’m definitely at a loss for even the basics. This definitely covered a lot of the answers I had questions to. Great article!

    • I like admitting that I am new at this. Im sure it will take us a while to get a hang of it. I absolutely enjoy the writing part. Fine-tuning is in the near future.;)

      • Yes!!! I’m just getting the hang of posting often. But I AM paying attention to the tutorials that are coming in my email. There’s a lot to a blog that I never had a clue about. It’s going to be an exciting, fulfilling (near) future. There’s a lot to learn but I’m looking forward to it!!

      • I agree. Its a learning experience for sure

  4. This article is awesome, thank you so much for the honest tips. I’m a newbie and have no idea what I’m doing so this does help lol And lo and behold as I was typing this comment, I got kicked out in order to sign into my WP blog. I lost the first comment I sent (if it ends up here, I apologize) but it looks like I figured it out now. Thanks again for the informative article.

  5. It is hard to put yourself on the line and take a stand, I know because it is something I do with careful consideration before I hit the publish button, but I have huge respect for the honesty and courage of others even if I don’t always agree with them.

  6. Quite valid, and strong points. Good blogging needs all these and more points to be considered.

  7. Great advice 🖤

  8. Useful! Thank you for your work!

  9. “No-one writes brilliant first drafts.” Actually, some of us do, and I am not referring to myself.

    My younger brother’s first play won a major award. As I remember it, he wrote a play the day before the deadline. I’ve seen the original manuscript – he did indeed submit a first draft. And it was brilliant.

    Twenty years later he entered a three-day novel-writing contest that was also filmed for a reality TV show (proving writing can be sexy and fun). Rules were you couldn’t have anything written before the contest. He won that one too.

    In general I agree that we all can benefit from editing. But sometimes it depends on what is being written. I have written some political speeches that were far better in first draft, full of fire and passion, than the more cautious final product.

    In those cases the writing may have been better in the edited version, but the audience response was more restrained.

  10. One thing that makes me skip a blog is when it is written in too small a font. If I have to strain to read it I will pass it by. Especially so, if it is long and only words and no embellishments.

  11. Some really good points. I always try to write and re-write although the temptation is often there to just click publish. I can often go back over a post 4 or 5 times before it sounds right.

  12. I am new at blogging. I love it! My problem is the length. I need to read and re-read to cut words out. I feel like if its too long people get bored. Thank you for the tips!

    • Hi Tina,

      Well, boring is not just about how many words you use, but how you use them. Fascinating writing can be long, but it’s got to keep readers glued to the screens, and it must fascinate them from the very first sentence.

  13. Great tips. My problem is a bit different than some in that I edit repeatedly and hesitate to publish anything until I feel it is perfect. That definitely affects how often I post, but I’d rather be proud than prolific.

  14. I am prolific and write about anything which I research and interests me in the moment. I don’t have a specialty other than updated new quotes or a brand but do have an encyclopedic blog which can be referenced by keyword. It is hard to create a huge following in a random blog whose articles seldom appear in search engines.
    That said I am having a great time writing at will whenever I feel like it. Best wishes. Uldis

    • Uldis,

      You can better market your blog if you find something that connects all the dots. Maybe it’s the way you write, maybe it’s a recurring theme of sorts.

      • I post all my blogs on Pinterest under Evergreen Truth, animals, science and nature, etc. I have over 900k views every month but I don’t believe that statistic and think it is just an attempt at getting me to advertise my blog postings with money. Go figure?
        I have too many dots to connect and there is no recurring theme but thanks for your reply and encouragement Cristian.
        I have published Amazon kindle books with titles such as Marriage, Relationships, How to Think, Don’t Be Inefficient, Dating, Updated New Quotes, etc. so I am creating some order out of my random blogs by connecting similar dots. Selling the self published books is another problem which I am not fretting over since I am letting most of the public read most of the books for free with kindle select. Hope your writing eventually makes you some money. Best wishes. Uldis

  15. This is exactly what people don’t know! Success isn’t an overnight thing. You can’t use the formula “small work, big profits” to run your life. I like this a lot. Knowing what you want is the first step. Putting repeated…I repeat, repeated and consistent efforts is the driving force of your success!

    • Exactly, Vincent.

      Instead of constantly complaining that no one wants to read your blog, you need a plan of action, and you need to follow through no matter what.

      • Persistency. This is what most new bloggers lack, and what I’m determined to acquire. The big blogs I admire, all started new. With this mindset, new bloggers should believe that if big Blogs can be successful, we can also be. Just a matter of time and efforts

  16. Wow !!! Totally loved it. Specially “ if you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything” it just hits the bulls eye. Very informative !!! Thanks

  17. Excellent insights, especially the parts about being yourself and writing entertaining and inspiring posts. Thanks for the tips!

  18. Thank you for writing this post. I love the saying, “if you stand for nothing, then you will fall for anything.” Never a truer statement. These 10 things have truly helped me as I am a new blogger for the fourth time. Thanks again and God bless you.

  19. Rich post with excellent points. Definitely makes a blogger take a serious look in the mirror.

  20. Great tips here and a lot of common sense. I especially like the part about being yourself. Too much phoniness out today, so when something sounds true and real it is refreshing. Thanks!

  21. Brilliant post with priceless advice. Sharing our stories is a gift only we can give…it’s just a matter of taking the time to do it. Thanks to your blog we all have a great resource to guide us.

  22. Some good points there for me to keep top of mind. Thanks, Mel

  23. Hi Cristian! Great read…. especially loved d last sentence…. will come back here time n again to refresh what i read!

  24. Thanks Cristian! This is a great post 🙂

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