If The Journey Isn’t Difficult, The Destination Won’t Be Rewarding1 min read

The first day of the year. The date we use to mark some change in our lives, to set certain goals.

But have you punched those damn keys today? Have you commented on other blogs? Have you interacted with your readers?

Do you feel motivated, even though you want success, to do this even if you don’t feel like it?

Start your journey, and know that it is not meant to be easy. As the cliche goes, if it were easy, everyone would be doing it.

The journey towards blogging success is difficult. Many quit half-way through.

So, tell me, have you written your thousand words today? What new things about blogging have you learned today?

Don’t tell me your plans and goals, tell me your habits.

The secret to success lies in the things you do each and every day.

So what did you do today to become a more successful blogger?


  1. January first is a holiday where I live – that means free time. So yes, I have punched the keys today, written two posts from scratch, finished two others and started three more.

  2. Great advice and there seems to be a little encouragement for we the lazy. Good Post.

  3. That’s the kick up the bum that I needed to do a bit more work!!!

  4. i commented on other blogs. and i decided to work daily on my blog, for as much time as i can afford because i already have a job. but like anything else, consistency and discipline are keys.

  5. Apart from my posts, I liked and commented on your post.

    Great article as usual.

  6. Well time to go to the old drawing board make sure you add the right equipment to do the job…

  7. Yes. I’ve been punching the keys. Scheduling the posts. Reading new material, and commenting on my favorite blog sites. I have to say I miss this so much when life gets too busy. The schedule is in the process of being revamped, since the old one wasn’t working well any more. Thanks s much for your encouragement!

    • Hi Deborah,

      All we have to do is gain momentum. The more you act, the easier it is to act. The more you find time to blog, the easier it is to make time to blog. It’s as simple as that.

  8. I did comment on some blogs today, including yours just now. I didn’t work on a post, but I am working on a couple other projects. One does involve writing. Been a little under the weather so it’s not too hard to sit at the computer. But need to walk the dog soon. Life. 🙂

    • Hi Dianne,

      Life tends to get in the way. But, well, maybe we can spend that time thinking of what to write next, headlines, etc. Thinking about writing is good enough when life gets in the way.

  9. New Year’s Day here in Canada. After being up for nearly 21 hours due to work and an evening trip to a local ski resort and then after about 4.5 hours of sleep, I was up once again and wrote two posts both scheduled to go live tomorrow.

    Left comments here and there on other bloggers pages. So, all in all, a good start to 2010.

    Thanks so much, Cristian for sharing your wisdom and insight into this thing called “blogging.”

  10. I learned that I am constantly changing and so will my blog, and that’s okay.

  11. I read your blog to help me be a better blogger… And i am responding! And i’ve read an been inspired by several others that i follow. I punched the damn keys! Yes, Cristian, I am working at being a better blogger. Thanks for your encouragement.

  12. Great post! It was definitely encouraging for me because I have been the one to stop half way. But this year will be different. I’ve been working hard to get new content up this month!

  13. Great post and great advice, not just for blogging, but life in general. Happy New Year!

  14. Loved the the title of your post and the post itself is so inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Great post. Writing while recovering from the flu bug.

  16. Your post hit on many things which are so true! That while it isn’t easy, taking bite size steps helps! Thanks 😊

  17. You’re writing is well 🙂 Punching them keys 😛

  18. Thank you for the hardcore truth. I am glad I wrote something today. Be blessed

  19. What defines succesfull blogging then?

  20. Yes, I have punched the keys and published two posts, I am really heading for more right now because I just got data.

  21. Blogging can be fun or it can be work…so far, I like both!

  22. “Don’t tell me your plans and goals, tell me your habits” I really felt that! Now that’s what I call a quote!

  23. Habits… many people are jealous of what others have, yet won’t put in the work, change their habits, and change their lives to achieve something they never have before.

  24. Your blog posts are always motivation and wake up calls to me

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