Review Your Progress in 2019 By Asking Yourself These Questions3 min read

With the end of 2019 close, we bloggers are beginning to set goals, make resolutions, and come up with a strategy for further growth in year to come.

While looking forward and planning to improve your blog is something well worth doing, I’ve found that the only way to ensure the past does not repeat itself is by reflecting upon it.

The mistake that many bloggers make it they fail to capitalize upon lessons that they’ve already learned.

So, here are (quite) a few questions to ask yourself in order to review your blogging progress in 2019.

I highly recommend you to set aside at least a few hours to do this exercise. That might sound like a lot of time but what you will learn about yourself as a blogger by answering these questions is going to help you on your journey towards the blogging stratosphere.

For some of these questions you will probably need access to your blog’s statistics but for the rest, you might as well be offline and write the answers down on a piece of paper.

The Questions:

  1. What goals did you have for your blog in 2019?
  2. What goals did you meet?
  3. What goals you failed to meet for your blog in 2019?
  4. What mistakes did you make?
  5. How have you invested in your own learning as a blogger in 2019?
  6. What do you want readers of your blog to do after reading your blog?
  7. Would YOU read your blog?
  8. How did your traffic change in 2019?
  9. Take some time to analyze traffic sources including search engines, social media, other blogs, etc – are they trending up or down as compared to 2018?
  10. What search terms are people typing into Google to arrive on your site?
  11. How many posts did you write over the year?
  12. Which posts had the most views in 2019? Why do you think that was?
  13. Which posts got the most comments?
  14. Which posts were linked to most by other sites?
  15. What type of posts have you been writing lately (voice, style etc)? How long are they?
  16. What are the types of blog posts you had most fun writing?
  17. Are comment numbers from readers increasing or decreasing?
  18. How much personal interaction did you have with readers in 2019?
  19. Is your niche/topic/industry becoming more popular or shrinking?
  20. What are other blogs doing well in your niche?
  21. What are other blogs in your niche doing badly?
  22. Are those blogs growing or shrinking in terms of traffic and reader engagement?
  23. How were your interactions with other bloggers this year?
  24. How does your blogs design look?
  25. When a first time reader arrives on their blog what impression would they get?
  26. How much did your blog earn in 2019?
  27. Are your earnings up or down on previous years?
  28. What sources of income does your blog have?
  29. What alternative sources of monetizing your blog did you want to use in 2019 but haven’t?
  30. What features do your readers ask for or complain about on your blog?

OK – as I say above – these questions just scratch the surface as to how you can use the past in order to build a better future as a blogger.

I’d love to hear other questions that you’d also ask about 2019.


  1. Very interesting questions. Food for thought indeed. Not sure why I started blogging again…I have a new mystery out, but most of the promotion is done by my awesome publisher. Will the little bit I can do with my blog help? Maybe. But I don’t want to turn off readers by blogging constantly about my books…not really intending to make money off the blog either. But thanks for all the questions. Have a wonderful 2020!

  2. Ok not to be mean, but I’m just being honest. I think maybe you should scratch number 7. I mean K don’t know about other people, but me personally, of course I’d read my blogs. When I write something, I tend to write what I’d want to read. So yeah that question seems a bit weird. I mean if you wouldn’t read your own blogs, then how do you expect others to read them or want tl read them. I dunno. Just a thought.

    • Well, if everyone would be honest, sometimes the answer is “no.” Sometimes folks write blogs just for the sake of writing them, or because they haven’t written anything in quite a while. I think it’s important to be honest with oneself and answer even such a seemingly obvious question.

      But, yeah, in a way you are right. We should all write the kind of blogs we’d love to read.

      • Yeah but even if I haven’t written for awhile, I’d still want to write something I’d want to read. Even for the heck of writing something. But maybe that’s just me. I dunno.

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