Three Types of Posts That Engage Readers Like Crazy2 min read


If your writing is powerful enough, it will compel your readers to comment, share, and like your post. If not, then… well… you can picture for yourself what happens to the blog posts that no one cares much about.

Like art, blogs have to make you feel something. And there are three types of blog posts that make you feel strongly enough that you just got to interact with the content itself, share it, maybe even print it out for future reading.

1. Posts that solve a problem

Engage your reader with a topic that is directly relevant to their interests, then delivering advice that helps them solve a particular problem.

The advice that you offer is what makes them want to engage with the content itself.

If you decide to write such a blog post, make sure the advice you offer is:

  • Clear
  • Relevant
  • Detailed
  • Doable

It’s got to be something that your readers can do on their own, yet somehow they never thought of it.

Also, if you want to truly impress your readers, then offer them more than just 5-10 items. A lot more. Like this post of mine right here.

2. Tell a personal story

Stories are powerful, as long as your readers can relate to them. You need to offer insights that truly draw them in, sweep them along, wrap them with emotion and sensation.

You have to make them feel, otherwise they won’t care about the information you are sharing with them.

Telling a personal story can be incredibly powerful. But this often also requires a level of writing and storytelling ability that goes beyond what’s required from a solid article, where the quality of the advice matters more than telling of the story.

Oh, and you have to be willing to write about the stuff that really hurts, the kind of stuff that didn’t kill you, yet it made you want to die.

3. Answer a question… in a post.

Blogging, in a way, is like a conversation. So, why not make it feel more like a conversation by writing blog posts about what your readers want to know?

Let them ask you questions, and provide answers in a complete blog post that will make them feel that you genuinely listen and care about them.

Next time you sit down with the intent of writing a blog post that receives a lot of comments, think about how you are going to engage your readers emotionally, then choose one of these three types of blog posts.

Look at each post as another opportunity to engage, uplift, and enlighten your readers.

So, I’m curious. What type of blog post of the three do you find yourself writing the most?


  1. I mostly write personal stories

  2. As usual, you offer concrete advice, succinctly and clearly. Thank you! I try in my posts to di as you suggest: “engage, uplift, and enlighten [my] readers.” I sometimes get as many as 6 or 8 comments. Rarely more. My number of followers is growing slowly, but steadily. But, the number who respond with a like or a comment is pretty steady and rarely more than 100 visitors. I’m not obsessed with needing MORE, but, I do want my efforts to be meeting my goals: to inspire, inform and entertain.” Just keep punchin’ the damn keys – yup – and be consistent. I do that! Thanks for your constant encouragement, Cristian.

  3. I like including personal stories or experiences. However, I will be on the lookout for a future opportunity to try #3 and answering a question, or responding to a comment in some way. Thank you!

  4. Does reading can also core related to getting more readership and likes? What do you think about reading a lot of other posts and leaving a comment! Does that compel the writer to bring in Audience?

    • Commenting on other posts? Yeah, it gets folks to visit your blog. But that’s that. If the content is not great, they won’t subscribe and won’t comment.

  5. I would say most of my posts would fall under the first type. However, I think a lot of what I write about is more interesting to generations prior to millennials just because I feel prior generations are better with critical thinking skills, have longer attention spans and are more philosophical. I also get more comments from older generations, which is great!

  6. Really useful info… definitely will try while writing next one !!! Thanks

  7. I have just started my blog and am keeping a careful eye on my stats to see which type of post works best. It’s interesting that you say to solve a problem. In many ways that’s what I am aiming to do (save money, travel on a budget) but I will maybe try and make that more apparent in future posts. I have done a couple of posts called ‘Save Your Knees’ which aim to help people who are limited in their mobility get around in Lisbon.
    I will be following your posts with great interest. Thanks for all the advice.

  8. I started out sharing stories because I like stories, sometimes I inform and entertain.
    I realize information and entertainment score highly in my stats but I like telling stories so I will keep doing what I enjoy to do.

  9. Number two is certainly where I tend to focus. I hadn’t thought much about the other two, but I will now. A good article.

    • Thank you!

      The idea is to figure out what works best for you, your style, and in what way you want to engage with your readers. And what benefits you want to offer them, whether it’s advice, life tips, inspiration, etc.

  10. I aim to get really personal, indebt and resourceful my writting. Feel my emotions and presence.

  11. You have solved my problem with this post of yours. I have been writing on everything without being more specific, and I have not been getting comments. Perhaps I will select one or all of your advice here. Thanks so much.

  12. I write my pain away. Not in the cliched cathartic sense. I often feel more potent anger whilst writing. I desire empathy I suppose. My blogs aren’t reader friendly. Too long, too personal, perhaps self indulgent. Probably why nobody views them!!

  13. Mostly personal stories but I would like to try the other two. Gracias!

  14. Short and sweet and to the point.
    A Nice Reminder, thanks.
    ▪️Life is full of questions.
    ▪️Your personal story is something no one else can truthfully tell in precise detail.
    ▪️Solving a problem is what most people strive for, gives purpose.

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