Blogging is a fluid medium. You can change, add, edit any of your blog posts. You can republish old content, try to make it more relevant to today’s audience, or even have a change of opinion and use an old post to show other how you used to think about a certain topic.

Now, why should you update older blog posts?

Read on to find out.

1. Accuracy

Correcting mistakes or making updates to reflect new circumstances makes your blog more useful for readers surfing through your archives – which all goes to help improving your blog.

2. Change of opinion

There are times when over time I change my opinion on different topics. While an old post that you no longer agree with might make interesting reading – it can also impact your reputation.

3. Usefulness and usability

Sometimes information in old posts can no longer apply, for example if a certain app is updated, or a new law is passed that renders your information useless.

Updating old posts to remain relevant as things change is one of the best things you can do to your archive of posts.

How to update old content

1. Fixing links, proofreading, etc.

In many cases all you have to do is replace a broken link, or properly spell a word, etc.

In these cases you don’t even have to let your readers know of the update.

2. Updates

You can add new information at the end of your blog posts, in which case it might be worth letting your readers know that new information has been added.

3. Reposting

If you change the headline, the introduction, and the way you share the information (from a how-to blog post to a list), then it’s worth rescheduling it to go live at a later date.

This means that you get to keep your likes and comments.

4. New posts

If you change a lot about your blog post, then you can simply share it as a new post. If it’s more than a few edits/updates, if you changed your opinion about what was stated, then it’s better to share a new post, and then possibly link to the old one as well, or even delete the old post.

Do you ever go back through old blog posts and update them? How do you do it?