Commenting on Other Blogs: What Works, What Doesn’t

Does commenting on other blogs bring traffic?

Yes. Kinda.

Can it be used as an effective strategy?


And yes.

It depends on how you do it.

Some people do it horrendously wrong.

Let’s take a look.

What doesn’t work

If your smart move is to leave comments on the posts of larger blogs in your niche just to get a few clicks, you should stop. You could get more traffic from a great blog post than months of that type of comment strategy.

And, if you think about it, if your blog sucks, there’s no reason to attract a few “curiosity clicks” anyway. What’s going to make them stick around after the click?


Plus, the root motivation for those curiosity clicks is often bad to begin with. The nature of the game makes it that way.

Many new bloggers approach commenting on other blogs like this: They try to be the first or second comment on every post of a larger blog. They do this because those positions in the comment stream get the most click-throughs.

The problem is, in the rush for “first,” the resulting comments are often incoherent and banal. Sometimes it’s quite clear you didn’t read the post, or missed the point of the post.

So any curiosity clicks are usually motivated by “I wonder just how bad this bozo’s blog is going to be?” It’s true… lame blogs are entertainment for the rest of us.

So, is commenting on other blogs not worthy it?


83 thoughts on “Commenting on Other Blogs: What Works, What Doesn’t

      1. Thing is, once a bloggers edits your comment, really its not yours anyways, and it should go to moderation for the comment maker to approve of the edit., Otherwise, you could be putting words in peoples mouths.


  1. I try to discern what blog post I should comment on and which ones doesn’t warrant a response. As you’ve mentioned it’s better not to comment at all if your comment isn’t going to add value to the post.

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