Are You Serious About Blogging?


Do you know what is the biggest secret to growing Your Blog to thousands of adoring readers who follow every word you publish?

Would you like to know?

Let me be blunt: there are very few people in the world who can tell you.

The vast majority of so-called A-listers are bright but otherwise normal people who were in the right place, writing about the right things, at the right time.

Many of them pay thousands and thousands of dollars on advertising.

Why would they pay such outrageous fees?

Because they stumbled into popularity. Because they realize they got lucky, and they are desperate to seize the opportunity before it slips away from them. Little do they know, that we always make our own luck.

I turned this blog into one of the most popular blogs on WordPress to date. I did it by studying from all the great bloggers before me, I did it by implementing the advice that most suited my needs, and discarding the rest.

Through trial and error, I figured things out.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: stop messing around with blogs in your spare time. Instead, look at this like a career and get serious about mastering your craft.

“WHAT?! No magic traffic or monetization tricks?”

Nope. Sorry to disappoint you.

The truth is far less appetizing, I’m afraid.

You’ve heard stories about how athletes dedicate their lives to the mastery of their sport. They train for hours upon hours every day until they are the absolute best in the world at what they do.

Well, that’s how I treat blogging.

To me, it’s not just a little hobby I tinker around with on the side. It’s a career, a profession, maybe even a calling.

And I’ve dedicated thousands upon thousands of hours to the mastery of my craft.

Want to be as good as me?

Well, until recently, you only had two options:

  1. Drop everything in your life and think about nothing but blogging for the next decade
  2. Pay thousands and thousands of dollars on advertising

If you’re a beginner though, both options are problematic.

First, you have a job and a family, so you can’t just drop everything and become a blogging addict. Second, you probably can’t afford to that much on advertising alone.

The solution?


The 0 to 5K Program


The Only Blogging Program Designed Exclusively for Serious Bloggers Who Are Tired of Messing around With Free, Watered-Down Content

From what I’ve seen, there are two types of bloggers:

  • People who like the idea of having a place to express their thoughts but have no expectations. They just like writing, and they don’t care if anything comes of it. If they make some money, great, but if nothing ever happens, that’s fine too.
  • People who see their blog as a means to an end. Sure, they love writing, but their real purpose is to create a side income, build a platform for their book, attract clients, or promote their business. In other words, they’re not blogging just for fun. They expect results.

The problem is, most of the blogging advice out there is watered-down; extremely simple content that gives you a few tips and tricks but fails to teach you how to get real results from your blog.

And it’s frustrating as hell.

If you’re a serious blogger, you don’t want some stupid list post giving you 100 ways to do something. You want the one strategy that works every single time you try it, and you want to dive deep into that strategy so you can really understand it.

If you’re a serious blogger, you’re sick of listening to interviews where a famous blogger gives you vague advice like “create great content” or “just keep writing.” You want a one-page checklist for everything you have to do, broken down into steps you can actually follow.

If you’re a serious blogger, you’re tired of wading through thousands of articles, reading contradictory advice, and trying to figure out how to piece it all together. You want someone to just tell you what to do, so you can stop wasting time and get some freaking results.

But no one is offering anything like that. Until now.

It’s Yours: Everything I Know About Building a Successful Blog

For the first time, I’m offering you everything I know about building a successful blog.

This also comes with a guarantee: From 0 to 5K followers in six months.

This is not just about traffic, but it’s also about making your readers fall in love with you and keep coming back. Not just a few vague steps either, but nuts and bolts instruction showing you every single step and detail.

In fact, I’m betting you’ll be staggered at how much I give you:

  • An initial report on your blog. This isn’t some beginner-level document teaching you a bunch of stuff you already know.  I’ll cover more than just the basics here. We’ll talking about feedback on the quality of your content, from headlines to the conclusion, the visual layout, the navigation, your social media presence.
  • Screenshots, checklists, and tons of resources – everything you need to take action and get results fast.
  • Me. Yes. You can even put me on speed dial, if that’s your sort of thing. I’ll be available to discuss about your blog, your needs, and the platform we’re going to build together. We can Skype or chat or e-mail. Even talk on the phone, if you’re into that sort of old-school stuff.
  • The information you will receive will be tailored to your needs, specifically designed to help you dominate your niche. Let me do the heavy lifting for you, and research your specific niche, so you can focus on creating brilliant content.

How Is All This Different from the
Posts I Publish for Free?

Good question.

We’ll go into much greater depth than we can in a typical 2,000 word blog post. We’ll talk a lot more about how to do everything, instead of just telling you what to do. You’ll also receive checklists and any other supplementary materials we think are helpful.

These are also much more advanced topics. On the blog, we’re forced to cater to absolute beginners who haven’t really committed to building a popular blog yet. All they want is a few basic tips, not in-depth material designed to help them achieve mastery.

But if that’s all you needed, you’d already be an uber-successful blogger, right?

That’s why I created this program: to help you get to the next level. And yes, that involves giving you more advanced training, but it also means upping your game.

It’s also going to be fun as hell. It’s going to be the kind of interactive experience you usually have with your mentors.

How Is This Different from the
Other Programs for Bloggers?

The biggest difference:

This is not some random compilation of courses and videos that may or may not help you. This is an interactive solution. We’re going to stay in touch on a daily basis. I’ll be available to answer your most ardent questions right away.

I give you the kind of feedback specifically tailored to your own needs, to your style of writing, to the time and effort that you can put into your blog.

The Most Affordable Solution Out There


If, at any point of this program, you feel like you’re not getting the results you want, them you will receive your money back.

If, at the end of the program, I fail to deliver what I promised, you get your money back.


Everything You Need to Know for the Price of a Cheap Dinner

Imagine for a moment that I’m coming to your town. Seeing that you’re a blog subscriber, I call you up and ask if you’d like to go out to dinner.

“Can I ask you a few questions about blogging?” you ask.

“Sure,” I say. “If you’ll pick up the check, I’ll let you ask me anything you want. We can even go somewhere cheap like Chili’s or Applebee’s.”

Would you take me up on it?

Or here’s an even better question:

If I offered to come to your town and have dinner with you every month, teaching you everything I know about building a popular blog, wouldn’t you joyfully continue buying me dinner month after month for as long as it took?

Well, that’s essentially the deal I’m offering you here. $899 $599 for six months of mentorship, that’s $99 a month. Learn everything I know about blogging for about the same price as a dinner for two*.

*Offer available for the next twenty four hours only.

Enroll in this Program, and if you’re not overjoyed by the type of learning I am offering, I’ll issue you a refund. No questions asked.

The bottom line?

There’s absolutely no risk for giving this a try. If you want in, purchase the program below.


The 0 to 5K Program



Warning: The Most Expensive Advice Is the Advice You Don’t Take

You might be thinking, “Well, I’m just getting started. Maybe I’ll tinker around by myself for a while, and then I’ll come back to this later. “

But that’s a mistake.  Here’s why:

It’ll take you ten times as long. You’ll run into a simple problem, and you’ll waste days or even weeks trying to figure it out. You might also take your blog in the wrong direction and end up having to backtrack or even start over.

I can save you from some of that. Not all of it – learning anything is struggle – but what if we save you just a few days of frustration every month? Is that worth $599?

And here’s the real question:

If you’re not willing to commit $599 to mastering your craft, you’re not very serious, now are you?

I don’t say that to be mean. It’s just the honest truth.

Think about it this way:

You were willing to spend four years in college, right? Maybe you finished, maybe you didn’t, but the idea of dedicating four years of your life and tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to school didn’t seem ridiculous.

So why should this be any different?

Blogging is just as difficult as any other career, and it requires just as much study. If you’re going to reach the top of your field, you also have to dedicate the time and money necessary to master your craft.

And this is nowhere near as expensive!

At a top university, you might spend $200,000 for a four-year degree. That’s $4,167 per month.

This program, on the other hand, is $99 per month. Granted, we don’t have fancy classrooms or those hats with the little tassels, but stick with it, and do the exercises I give you, and you’ll learn just as much.

Can I promise you’ll become a popular blogger, earning hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars per year?

No. The only person that can make that promise is YOU.

You have to decide how serious you are. You’re either in this to win, or you’re not.

So, what’s it going to be?


The 0 to 5K Program



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