Are You a Gutless Blogger?3 min read

Let me know if this has ever happened to you: after sitting at your desk for what seems like hours, writing and rewriting, trying to communicate an idea, it downs on you that you’re feeling a bit… lost.

You write a paragraph, only to decide that’s not what you really want to say. So then you rewrite it to something you’re reasonably happy with, but then you can’t figure out what comes next.

You sit there thinking about it for a while, becoming increasingly frustrated with yourself. Finally, you just walk away, trying to find some perspective, but when you come back, instead of gaining some clarity, it seems like your ideas are even more muddled than before.

Every writer has been there. Some call it writer’s block. Others say they’ve lost their “creative direction.”

Personally, I think they’ve become gutless.

Why gutless?

People like to use the word  “guts” to describe courage, strength of character, and honesty.

You know what you want, what to do to get it, and you are not afraid to go after it.

No matter what.

If you want a recipe for a great blog post, rummage through your brain for that one topic you have always been afraid to write about and then write about it.

I’ve noticed that, whenever I have trouble writing about a topic, it’s usually when I’m trying to hold back a certain opinion I have.

The best solution?

I change the headline of my post to How to [Subject of the post], and then I write a series of subheads outlining the steps of exactly how to do it. And you know what? It works like gangbusters every time. If you can put what you’re writing into a series of steps, it’ll make your thinking and writing more complete.

What to do if you’re gutless.

Here are some tips that might help you:

  • Journal – Instead of writing what you’re supposed to write, just write down whatever is in your head. You’ll probably notice what you really want to say pop out.
  • Start another draft – If you get stuck in the middle of a post, try starting over with a different opening. Chances are, it’ll be more clear.
  • Remember your readers – What can you say that will help your readers the most? How do you need to say it?
  • Question yourself – If you’re not clear, don’t try to keep writing. Ask yourself, “What is my goal for this blog post?”
  • Work on something else – Instead of waiting for your subconscious to sort things out, try working on something else where you have more clarity. It’s more productive than just sitting there, getting frustrated.

If it sounds like a lot of work… it is. Still, it’s worth every moment if you want to be brave as a blogger. Your words just fly onto the page and finishing the blog post is next to effortless. It’s not because you suddenly found your talent. It’s because you finally know exactly what you want to say and how to say it and you have the guts to stop thinking about it and punch the damn keys…

And that isn’t just half the battle. It’s pretty much all of it.

Cristian Mihai

Became Internet famous by the age of 23. Never recovered. I write short author bios all over the web. I’m an acquired taste. Don’t like me? Acquire some taste.

38 thoughts on “Are You a Gutless Blogger?3 min read

  1. I love the way you’ve looked at this…
    Personally, I’ve experienced this so many times, mostly after I’ve published it which only makes it worse.
    The only thing worse that getting negative comments on a post is finding yourself agreeing with them, however small a way.
    Think about it, the problem may be with me, not with the ‘writer’s blog’ we all love to blame it on…
    I’m just so glad I read this! Looking forward to reading more from you! <3

  2. Thanks for this great post! As I was reading it, I realized that you are so right! There are so many things that I feel strongly about and yet am afraid to write about because of how others might take it. And those things that I am suppressing get in the way of my writing.
    Really helpful! Thanks.

  3. I like how you say, “If you want a recipe for a great blog post, rummage through your brain for that one topic you have always been afraid to write about and then write about it.”

    I will keep this in mind, when writing my next blog post, thanks!

    1. I like that part, too. Reminded me of something I’ve always thought of writing about but can’t get myself into starting it.

  4. Vry informative..thanks for the happens with me..i always know wht i want to say bt don’t know how to say it..🤷‍♀️

    1. I agree, but sometimes we hold back our opinions because we’re either afraid of hurting/offending others or of being criticized because of what we said. Sometimes it’s hard to strike the balance between being honest and straightforward about what we think or feel when we also think that others might take offense with what we’re going to say/write (at least that’s how I feel sometimes).

  5. Blogging for me has been a constant battle with trying to be brave enough to be vulnerable online. I think these are some great steps to get past those fears!

    1. Exactly how I feel sometimes. I guess this is a risk that all bloggers need to take if they really want to pursue blogging (for whatever reason or purpose).

  6. I can totally relate. And I can certainly agree that we usually get lost when we are holding something back. Been there, done that. And sometimes I feel like I was much braver as a writer when I was younger.
    Thanks for the tips. Will keep them in mind. 😊

  7. I completely relate! Thank you for this post!!! Unfortunately, I allowed my gutlessness – and then life also gets in the way – to completely derail me from my writing. I am just now coming back to it. I will definitely try your tips! Happy writing. 🙏❤️

  8. You make some very interesting points here! I’ve several article topics on the go that I just can’t seem to get right. I’m not happy with the phrasing or arrangement. Hopefully leaving them for a while and returning with a fresh head will help to solve this.

  9. I always laugh at my past posts because when I write, I don’t really try to tone down or re-evaluate my opinions. Usually, it’s all about looking for misspells and maybe a point that needs a little more explaining. For the most part, I feel gutless when I feel like I haven’t made myself laugh or entertained. I don’t know if entertaining yourself is selfish or not?

  10. Maybe I am different but I like to let the voices in my head out to play, well NOT all of them obviously…I couldn’t risk that level of insanity !
    I do write as I speak though and let the words flow, yes it takes courage but as one of your other followers mentioned…own it and press send !

  11. Often, there is great hesitation after writing, but before hitting publish of a post that may have some “bite to it.” But……once hitting “publish” there comes great satisfaction from pushing through with courage and determination to get words out there that need to be said.

    Great post and encouragement to push the boundaries and not be afraid of hitting “publish.”

    1. Indeed. Yet my most controversial posts I wasn’t even aware that they could cause so many people to react like that.

      I just wrote what I felt, how I felt, and that was it.

      1. Excellent point. I often wonder if “overthinking” tends to overthink our writing so to speak. In that, posts that start as “written from the heart” get edited until they’re “written from the head” and thus lose their “bite or edge?”

  12. I’m often afraid I’m only writing something I would read and neglecting my reader(s). Censorship before words touch the page is the worst and it can be difficult to overcome. Thankfully, I have your tips and tricks to help me when I (often) have these moments. Thank you! 🙂

  13. This strangely was the first post on my Reader feed this morning. I definitely needed this one! Great advice for the budding bloggers out there! Thanks!

  14. I have had ideas that are probably only controversial in my head. I’ve had a couple, but the potential blowback has always stopped me from moving forward. I think I may muster up the courage to let it rip.

  15. I’m not gutless, if anything, I have no filter. I write what’s on my mind sometimes and then I wonder if I should have shared that. Some posts are better off if no one reads them. I wonder why I don’t just stick to the stuff that helps people, like “listicles” and facts.

  16. This was on point. I read it and thought back to my posts that I drag out for hours rewriting and you’re right, It’s because I’m holding back my opinion and trying to be universal. I needed this advice, thanks for a great post!

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