The Truth about Blog Post Length2 min read

Some bloggers suffer from what I like to call verbal narcissism. Only it’s in writing. Anyway…

To avoid this awful fate, you probably try to keep your posts short, sometimes writing series of blog posts. After all, you don’t want to scare away readers by dumping too much information on them all at once, right?

Makes sense, but what’s weird is it doesn’t work that way.

Many popular posts here are around 1,000 words. But other times, short posts pack the most punch. It’s almost as if the length of a post matters not when it comes to how successful a post becomes.

But how could that be?

Ever watched a long movie that was totally awesome?

The Lord of the Rings comes to mind, of course. Or Titanic. As a matter of fact, we could make a pretty long list of award-winning movies that approach or cross the three hour mark.

What about short movies? Those can be awesome too, right?

Most animations by Pixar or Disney are less than 100 minutes long.

So, what’s the deal?

It’s quite simple, actually. It’s all about the story.

Each of your blog posts is, in a way, a story. Your life’s a story. Who you think you are is a story, who someone else thinks you are is another story.

And it all comes down to how long it takes to tell the story.

Hmm . . . maybe the same is true for blogging.

The Truth about Blog Post Length

A long post isn’t wrong. A short post isn’t wrong. In fact, the length of a post has nothing to do with how good or bad it is.

Here’s what matters:

  1. Writing something that’s interesting
  2. Taking out everything that’s not interesting

That’s it.

Sometimes, it takes 4,900 words to make an idea stand out. Other times, all you need is a few sentences. What’s important is that you do your idea justice in as few words as possible.

Eliminate the fluff. That’s the idea.

Fluff. It’s all about the fluff.

Long blog posts don’t scare away readers; sloppy writing does. Readers expect us to deliver content that’s as polished as possible.

Eliminate the words that seem to do nothing, the sentences and phrases that go nowhere.

Think of your post as a rollercoaster ride. It’s got to keep moving. If it’s not, then there’s something you need to edit about it.

If you want to see your blog grow and flourish over the coming years, you’ll need to come to the blank page not just with a mouse and keyboard (so you can punch the damn keys), but also with a knife . . . and the courage to use it.


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  • Robert Buchanan

    Great advice! I think the length of the post should be determined by the core post idea. I post some motivational things on my blog that is pretty short, but if a post is conveying a deeper idea, then it’s ok if it’s long. I do think your suggestion of bringing a knife to the review party is a great idea though, and if I’m completely honest, probably one I might benefit from following!

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