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Let’s say you’ve managed to set up your blog, decided on a niche, and now it’s time to write.

So… how long should your blog posts be?

Do you write long posts that cover pretty much an entire aspect of your niche, with lots of tips and tricks, or do you write lots of smaller posts?

Do you write the ultimate beginner’s guide? Or break it down into several guides on different aspects of your topic?


Admit it: this is something you’ve thought about. And you’d like to know, from a reader’s perspective, which kind of blog post is better.

Well, read on to find out.

Long Posts:

+ Are a great way for you to show your readers that you know your niche

+ They can be used to define your blog’s niche/topic

+ Can be the kind of content that is bookmarked, saved for later, printed out, and shared by those interested in your topic

+ Can act as an incentive for one time visitors to subscribe to your blog

– They can overwhelm new readers

– They could make it feel as if you’ve exhausted your topic

Short Posts:

+ Easier to write, edit, and publish

+ Easier to read, especially considering the short attention span of most folks nowadays

+ Can be linked together to form a series, an e-book, or an e-course

+ Great to entice readers to subscribe (they’ll want to read more)

+ The rhythm required to write them is easier to sustain over a long period of time

– Serious readers will feel a bit “cheated”

– It can persuade you to hold on to your best ideas (to use them later on)

– If done wrong, they can be so short and void of engaging information that readers do not feel the need to comment

Personally, I’d say that either approach can work well as long as you are aware of the consequences.

My own approach in launching my blogs has been to tackle certain topics rather than the whole niche in a post, and to try to break down larger posts into series.

Of course, there are exceptions to this.

I also think that the main issue is not blog post length, but rather substance. It’s not about how many words, but what those words convey. Do they teach, inspire, motivate, make someone laugh or cry?

People are hungry for the kind of content that will enhance their life in some way, no matter the word count.

One more thing: it also comes down to the topic of the blog, as well as the personality and writing style of the blogger.

What do you think?


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  • debjani6ghosh

    I agree with you, Cristian. As long as the content strikes a chord with the visitor to my blog, the length of the post does not matter. Great post, as usual. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • Kim Petitt

    I think it depends what you are trying to accomplish with your blog. If you want more comments, then shorter is better especially if the post is focused on asking your readers questions and motivating them into action. I read that shorter posts rarely get shared on social media sites and it is difficult in terms of ranking on search engines.

    If you are trying to build an audience, shorter posts will create more engagement with your readers.

    I desire my posts to be shared on social media sites. I’ve found that the shares I get are influenced by the topic. According to a blog tip article if you want more shares on social media then you should write between 600 to 1, 250 words. I am for the short to medium blog posts.

  • Chinelo Anikpe

    Well, because you asked for my opinion, I’d like to give it to you.
    Here: I would have argued with you for obviously giving all the great qualities to long posts, and seemingly discrediting short posts, although I understand, because that’s why you choose your writing style to be the long posts despite the fact that this may not be easy for you.
    But then, I won’t argue that point because you said before your conclusion that it is not the number of words that matter but what they convey, and I too can agree with you on that.

    And Cristian, thank you for asking for my opinion.

  • The Mind Report

    This is actually pretty nice. I’m not sure what my style is, but I tend to write longer posts, even when I’m not planning to. Writing short post is basically a challenge for me…

  • tvjournalist

    Good points. Have you ever analysed what is the average length of a long post and a short post in terms of words.

    • Cristian Mihai

      No, but that’s worth a blog post in itself. And it would require a bit of work too.

  • JanBeek

    I like the way you break the topic into parts and use subheadings to pull the reader forward. I like your focus on the title of your blog. You deliver! Some are longer than others, but they all are helpful. Length is not the issue. For me, your example of content and format is very “spot on” and helpful. Thank you!

  • Ianus Christius

    I was always the fan of the short posts, ´cause they were easier for me to write…

  • Iseult Murphy

    I prefer short blog posts because I don’t find the blog format conducive to in-depth reading. Series of connected posts or compiled into ebooks works for me. I agree with you about content and style.

  • Robert Zoom

    I believe that people are eager to read posts that can bring a solution for some problem or question in their lives. If that post does it, then the number of words doesn’t matter.

  • byekzaman

    Great insight. Thank you.

      • byekzaman

        You are very welcome. The Lord loves you.

  • Robert Zoom

    I believe that people look for posts that can help them solve some problem or question in their lives. As long as the post can deliver that, the number of words it contains doesn’t really matter.

  • Emeka Orji

    Cristian, thank you very much for this

  • veeds

    I tend to like shorter posts, but I always seem to find more material to put in mine, so I try to break up the text with images. And I’ve gotten into the habit of putting side-points down in a sort of footnote section.

    I will also mention that I like your short grafs. I keep telling my Eng 101/102 students to break their monster (20-line) paragraphs into more readable units.

  • bubblebathselfempowerment

    When reading blogs, I have come to prefer well-written shorter posts – because there’s so much to read and explore. Because of this I’ve been working towards the goal of writing shorter posts.

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