Your Blog is Your Personal Brand

Who are you? What defines you? What is it that sets you apart?

Why should anyone read your blog? What exactly do you bring to the table?

Do you write generic content filled with SEO-friendly keywords?

What about your personality? Your fears? Expectations? Desires?

What about what really grinds your gears?

I am asking you all these questions because whenever you write a blog post and release it into the world wide web, you are “selling yourself.”

If you do not know, care, or are aware of this, then no one else will know you, trust you, or be willing to interact with you.

Here are a few things to work hard at in order to build your personal brand:

  • Build Trust – Authenticity is the new black. Be open about who you are and about what you do and don’t know. Talk both about your successes and failures.
  • Be Personal – This doesn’t mean blogging about your personal life, but show you’re human by using humor, a photo or two of yourself, and showing your personality.
  • Use Stories – I find readers respond very well to stories on blogs. Stories of your own experience, stories of different struggles and mistakes and how you overcame them. Using relevant stories can help build credibility in your niche.



30 thoughts on “Your Blog is Your Personal Brand

  1. Dude, well said. I’m learning all of this right now and the process is fun, but so much of this is easier said than done. Persistence is key, especially for those of us who feel awkward socially lol.

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  2. More useful advice. Thanks. I’ve found as I get more into the blogging journey it’s useful to have topic areas because they can trigger a new way of writing about a subject. My headings menu is considerable longer than when I started.

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  3. Very good. I have a personal rule about stories from my life.

    As often as I make myself out to be the hero, I need to make myself out to be a villain, too.

    Being real means exposing both your successes and failures.


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