Are You a Consistent Blogger?

Tell me. What is your blog all about? Can you define that in a simple sentence? Why are you blogging? Can you offer a six word answer to that?

Why do you write what you write?

What is your blog’s purpose?

How often do you blog? Do you stick to the same days, hours for publishing new content? Do you invest the same amount of time, day in and day out?

I am asking you all these questions because you need to plan. You need to write down lists of the topics you will write about.

You need clarity of purpose.

You need to know what you what, what you are doing, why you are doing it, and what are you going to get out of it.

If not, you’ll feel lost and confused, and you’ll be easily disappointed and defeated by the many obstacles that will inevitably come your way.

Clarity of Purpose:

  • It builds a reputation.
  • It builds authority.
  • It becomes a destination.
  • It becomes a source.

You need to figure out who you are as a blogger

If your blog tells more stories about your life than reports on the news and world around you, then it’s a personal journal or memoir.

If your blog reports and comments on politics, it’s a political blog.

If it only reviews products and services, it’s a review blog.

If it’s a place to showcase photographs, it’s a photography blog.

If it has more music than text and pictures, then it’s a music blog.

The content on your blog indicates the purpose of your blog.

The clearer the purpose, the better it is for your readers to quickly decide if they want to follow you or not?

When labeling your blog, take a serious look at its content. As your blog evolves, the value of your blog comes from the content you build over time.

Consistency And Continuity

If you create an expectation of content on your blog, readers return expecting to find similar content.

If you switch one week from blogging about gardening to blogging about what you did last summer, you’re are going to disappoint all those who were expecting a post about gardening. If you switch from personal stories to writing about cars, readers are thrown off and their expectations aren’t met. Odds are they will not return for more.

In this world of blogging, predictability is anything but boring. Predictability builds loyal readers. They know you are the expert on this subject and that you are the source for information. Meet their expectations when they return.

Unless you have a clear vision of what your blog is about and why is it about that, you will never be successful as a blogger.

Engagements level will fluctuate, readers will come and go, and it will feel like an uphill battle.

Predictability up to the minute is recommended. Just like a TV show that airs new episodes every week, at the same hour, and on the same channel, and it’s about a plot that arches over entire seasons.

Your blog should tell a bigger story than what is written within the confines of 500 or so words of the individual blog post.

What is your blog all about? What is the big picture about? Where are you going and why?

If you do not know the answers to all these questions, I suggest you find out. Fast.


26 thoughts on “Are You a Consistent Blogger?

  1. I blog to take my heavy intellectual thoughts and empty them into the dumpster of the internet. The great thing about dumpsters is that people can come along and make use of some of the material. In this way, then, I never really know who I might be helping.

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    1. Stephen! I totally feel that! I wouldn’t say it’s my only purpose, but I am constantly learning and reading and thinking about things . . . I was having so much trouble sleeping before I found this way to offload some of my thoughts. It also gives me more clarity and focus on what I actually think about what I’m learning.

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  2. I think I write of to much subjects on my blog, so now it is all rumble in the jungle, but I stopped to write only for others, mostly I do it now to preserve my thoughts for future time. Also, it is much easier for me to write my texts in blog form than in Word on the personal computer…

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    1. Same with me. I’m still a noob but the ideas in my head are all over the place so I fear I won’t have a clear niche. I like a few different topics but probably can’t focus on just one, not yet anyway. What to do in that case?

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  3. Mine Rw’s Random Blog is a Photography/Spirituality based website. My intention is to spread as much positivity and spiritual awareness through my content as much as possible. Short stories some original others from around the inter webs are also posted on my blog.

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  4. I write about how to win at life. It’s about creating deep personal connections, taking care of yourself, and cutting all the clutter. I offer my lessons-learned so other people can skip ahead on an easier path.

    And I write only once a week on Sunday afternoons because, you know, self care and boundaries and all that. 😉

    Love reading your posts, Christian. Thanks!

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  5. Great post! This post makes me draw the big picture for my blog: Through quotes from books I read, I would like to share my thought about the age of Big Data and Data Science!
    Thank you!

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  6. Great advice! I think when you have a clear vision of what your blog is about then you can effectively tell a story that motivates into action. Whether it’s a story that causes outrage or empathy. A story that can take the reader on a journey.

    Our brains like stories and information. A story or information conveyed in an effective way can make the reader feel as if it was happening to them.

    I think no one will agree on exactly what makes for a good story or informative content because we all have our own desires and opinions that cause us to be draw to that kind of language. I believe the best way is to make the content simple with simple motivations, will always be easier to write and a reader to follow. Whether your blog is a story or informative there must be conflict. Without conflict, it’s boring. Unless it’s a “how to” type of blog.

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  7. This was the first exercise I did when I decided to make my blog a professional, go-to resource for environmental students and enthusiasts in India and the world.

    As always, extremely sound advice. Great post, Christian!

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