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Admit it. You often wonder what’s that something successful bloggers have that others seem to lack.

The secret ingredient. Or that neat little trick that you are oblivious of, and obviously need it to get noticed in this gargantuan blogging world.

So, what is this secret ingredient?

What is this secret ingredient?

Well, without it, people don’t ever get interested in reading your blog. Without it, folks will go on reading other stuff on the web, and never reblog, share, or comment on your content.

Without this secret ingredient, you often feel like your blog is temporary. Just an experiment. And your readers feel it as well, and that’s why they don’t stick around. Why would they if you are only going to quit six blog posts from now?

Also, without this secret ingredient, you cannot be confident in your ability to speak your mind, no matter what.

And you know what sucks the most? That this secret ingredient, you can’t buy it, rent it, or stumble upon it.

It cannot be given to you.

How do you get it then?

The million dollar question.

How do you get this secret ingredient? How do you add some of it to your own blog?

Be honest. You want to turn your blog into a success, and you want people to not only subscribe, but to hang around and comment. You want people to follow your advice, and maybe even pay you for it.

So, what is this secret ingredient?

I know you’re going to be disappointed but it’s nothing more than…

…hard work…

Disappointed? Surprised? You shouldn’t be. In fact, you should consider this as the best news ever.

Because if this secret ingredient was nothing but this innate ability or God-given gift, then you’d have no chance at success.

However, if it all comes down to hard work, the road to success becomes not easy, but available.

Hard work cranking out content on a consistent basis…hard work writing guest posts for popular blogs…hard work managing experimenting with different types of blog posts until they found one that people love…hard work interacting with their 1 or 2 readers until they got a 3rd, and then a 4th, and so on…

“But I’m working hard!” you might say, and I don’t doubt it, but are you working hard enough? Are you learning, implementing, analyzing, and fixing on a daily basis? Are you doing all that you can to become a successful blogger?

Are you networking? Are you giving as much as you are taking?

These are the questions you’ll have to answer for yourself, and only you know the truth.

Some people just might not make it, at least not the first time. Show me a blogger that did get it right on the first effort and I’ll show you another thousand that didn’t. The difference though, is in persevering and not giving up. If one project fails, start another.

When I started my first blog over seven years ago, I didn’t have a backup plan… I was all in. Do or die. There was no plan B, because plan A was all I knew or cared about. And I was certain there was no way I was going to fail, because I couldn’t afford to.

It all comes down to this, how bad do you want it?

If there are tens of thousands of blogs in the same niche as you, do you have the internal fortitude to overwork most of the other bloggers?

Do you want it bad enough to give 100% day in and day out?

Being an overnight success requires years and years of hard work that isn’t even noticed, let alone appreciated or paid.

I wrote for 11 years before earning my first dollar.

Do you have what it takes?


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  • iamthesunking

    My blog WAS intended to be temporary! At the start I didn’t really get into the art of editing as I didn’t think the blog would last much more than 6 months with maybe 30 followers. Plus I didn’t think many people would want to read about a psycho French cat. Now that I know that more than 30 people DO want to read about a psycho French cat, I try a little harder. 🤣

  • life TWOgether

    Nice. Thanks for sharing.. learning one day at a time.. I’m hobbyist and lately I realized if other people can earn from blogging why can’t I.

  • JanBeek

    It is hard work … but if it’s a joy to share with your readers, and you have a few faithfuls who acknowledge, comment, and affirm, then it becomes a hobby … and hobbies aren’t work – they just require tenacity, practice, and ❤️ heart. Thanks for your constant encouragement, Cristian.

  • Kim Petitt

    It may not be what many want to hear, it is hard work. I enjoy blogging it’s helping me to grow socially.

    Even if you are a natural talented writer and can effectively communicate blogging still takes time. I’ve several blogs that stated it took years for them to create remarkable content that made readers interested in what they have to say.

    It takes planning, researching, writing, editing and promoting without seeing significant results. So, it’s not surprising that most people stop blogging after the first couple of months and why there are a lot of inactive blogs online. If it were that easy, everyone would do it.

    Once a person understands that it’s really hard then can be prepared. Personally, I blog because of what I believe God lays on my heart to share. If it was really about the numbers I would have quit months ago. I was frustrated and honestly offended but then I started to change my mindset. I don’t write to impress people. I blog in hopes of encouraging others in their challenges by sharing my own. I also direct it all back to God who helps me to live a purposeful life despite my physical disability. I share Biblical truth to be a light in hopes someone who doesn’t know God will come to know after reading my content.

    It’s taken time for me to find my voice. This is because my effort and expectations weren’t aligned.

    Thank you for sharing the art of blogging. People like hearing about what happens behind the scenes. This is why sharing personal stories is important.

  • Toluway

    11 years? Wow! Not an easy job. Weldone Brother

  • titania08

    Seriously, I love all your blog posts. There will be times when I want to write so badly and have so many ideas, but I end up sitting in front of my laptop, blankly staring at the screen. I read your blog posts during those times, and it always inspires me.

    • Cristian Mihai

      Thank you so much for your compliments!

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