Why Do Folks Subscribe to Your Blog?2 min read

Yeah, it’s true – if you want more readers, you must write great content and target a specific niche. It’s a lovely idea, and guess what? It really works.

But it also helps to understand why your readers subscribe.

Read on and find out who’s really following your blog and why.

If you’ve got readers, it’s likely that they belong in at least one of these categories:

1. They want to be (like) you.

If you subscribe to The Art of Blogging,  chances are you want a great deal of readers, a sense of fulfillment when writing a post.

2. They want your knowledge.

If you’re an expert in your niche, the chances are high that you’ve got followers for one reason: they want to learn as much from you as possible.

3. They want your free stuff.

Are you always hosting giveaways and offering free content? It’s a universally accepted truth: free stuff equals followers.

4. They want you for your sense of humor.

Laughter is a powerful thing. Never, ever underestimate the speed with which someone will go looking for the subscribe button if you can make them giggle. Especially if they’re somewhere they shouldn’t be doing that.

 5. They want to check the competition.

Do you subscribe to your competitors’ blogs? You should do—it’s the best way to stay ahead in the game.

Chances are, a lot of your readers are your competitors.

After all, the best way to learn about blogging on a certain topic is from those who are already doing it with great effect.

How To Get More Followers

If you want more subscribers, just do one or more of the following:

1. Become an expert in your niche.

If you work hard at becoming well-known in a certain field, people will want to be you and read you. They will trust your advice and (sometimes) even follow it.

2. Be generous.

Think of it this way: what could you offer your readers for free that would be invaluable to them?

Free advice? A free eBook? A tutorial? Whatever it is, make sure they have to subscribe to get it.

3. Make them laugh.

If you can make people laugh, they’ll be more inclined to subscribe to your blog.

4. Become the envy of the niche.

If you can make something that’s truly remarkable, there’s a good chance your competition will follow you to see what you’re up to.

Well, what are you waiting for?

Go out there and use this new knowledge to get more followers!

Cristian Mihai

Became Internet famous by the age of 23. Never recovered. I write short author bios all over the web. I’m an acquired taste. Don’t like me? Acquire some taste.

13 thoughts on “Why Do Folks Subscribe to Your Blog?2 min read

  1. I actually subscribe to The Art of Blogging because I think you’re a genius with respect to digital marketing and showcasing your work. When I read what you share I think ‘Yes. He gets it! He really gets it!’

    Sounds cheesy but I just really appreciate the content.

  2. Some very great tips. I believe that I might now improve my sense of humor as who likes sadness and seriousness in an otherwise stressful world!

  3. Great tips!
    I subscribe to this blog for blogging tips and everytime I get a good dose of ’em.
    Also, I subscribe to bloggers in the travel niche in Nigeria to check the competition…😉

  4. Just started out and of course, I want more subscribers. Started with intentions of blogging about Travel in Kenya, but now- I am just writing about life. Still searching for my voice.

    1. I hear ya. I just started out too, and like you, would like more subscribers.. but honestly, I don’t have anything ‘important’ to say… I write about life, but it’s a pretty low key and almost boring one so … *yawn* .. yup, I’m still searching for my ‘voice’ too.

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