What’s The Deal With Your Post Going Viral?3 min read

The vast majority of those who play the lottery never win big. In fact, statistically speaking, it’s more likely to die on your way to buy a lottery ticket than it is to win the big prize.

But this is how most folks approach blogging. As a lottery. They keep at it, battling it out in the purgatory reserved for those with little or no feedback, and hope that one day their post will go viral.

And just like winning the lottery, having a blog post go viral is a fantastic feeling, and it makes your fantasize a bit about becoming rich, famous, and quitting your day job in order to blog full time.

I wrote a few articles that got a lot of attention. One of them can be read here. In a sense, they went “viral.” They’ve had tens of thousands of views, received hundreds of comments, and were shared all over social media.

The stats climbing high, so damn high, and then, like a bell curve, went back down. Once my 15 minutes of fame were up, I understood that even if you do win the lottery, you’re still the same person.

This is why hoping for your post to go viral is not a viable strategy, and even if you do get lucky, getting a lot of attention in a short amount of time won’t do much for you.

Here’s what you should be aiming for instead.

Little by little, a little becomes a lot.

It’s not what we get that matters, but who we become. And getting a lot of traffic fast is not going to change who you are.

If you do not know what you did to get something, you won’t know how to replicate your previous success.

See the predicament?

This is why most lottery winners lose all their money within 7 years or less.

If you get lucky, luck is the only factor you can be aware of.

Rather than hoping for a post to somehow make you famous on the Internet, focus on sustained growth.

Little by little. Focus on gaining more readers, getting a bit more comments each day, creating content that gets you more and more engagement.

Stop treating blogging like a sprint, but more like a marathon, and you will notice that it can be a lot more enjoyable.


You can’t predict what will be popular. It often happens (as it happened to me as well) that the posts you never thought would be popular are the ones that explode.

Odds are that your most popular posts are the ones you wrote down real quick and didn’t think much about. Maybe. Maybe not.

But do you honestly want to put your faith in something that is as unpredictable as winning the lottery?

However, there are benefits of going viral. This is only if you are a true blogger, and not an occasional writer. This is for the blogger who writes every day, who has a niche blog, and wants to create a following.

The key is to consistently publish quality content. The key is to have a proper plan of action, to experiment with different techniques that could help your blog grow.

If you love what you write about and you are determined and show up for your writing on a regular basis, sooner or later, the readers will show up.

If you are interested in sustained growth, in developing the right tools and the right mindset to take your blogging to a new level, you can book a one-on-one session with me by clicking on this link here.

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