Your Step-By-Step, Fool Proof Guide To Writing a Fantastic Blog Post Today

As a blogger, punching those damn keys is no doubt an important part of your life.

And if you want to stand out in this often overcrowded blogging world, the quality of your writing should always be rated as brilliant.

Most bloggers have spent years and years, learning how to write in a simple and clear manner, how to edit their posts.

Fortunately, you won’t have to spend all that time though, because you are going to have this step-by-step guide to… well… guide you.

1. Get enough sleep

If you are not in top mental and physical condition, how do you expect to write stellar content?

Shoot for eight, eight and a half hours of sleep.

2. Wake up…

The first thing you should do after getting out of bed is drink water. Plenty of it. It’ll help activate your entire system, thus preparing you for the day.

Then, it’s time for a breakfast worthy of champions.

You can’t think nearly as well on an empty stomach as one after a hearty breakfast, so make sure to eat your fill.

4. Stretch

If it’s possible, squeeze in at least two to five minutes of stretching before sitting at your desk to punch those damn keys. If you already go for a jog or do some other physical activity, this isn’t required, but will still help nonetheless.

5. Do a bit of reading…

Some people say it’s impossible to be original anymore.

While I don’t disagree completely, inspiration is a still thing, right?

And what better way to be inspired than by reading published, successful works? Along with that, you also get a glimpse into new writing styles that you could adopt.

You need to feed that wonderful brain of yours if you want to be able to punch those damn keys.

6. A lot of “a bit” of writing.

Write short excerpts, quotes of possible ideas to expand upon later.

Write short stories.

Work on two blog posts simultaneously if one becomes too boring for you.

7. Don’t write if you’re very happy or very sad

Unusual levels of any emotion can cause you to write something you probably won’t be too proud of later.

8. Be honest

If you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything.

9. Don’t hurt people

Write you truth, even if your fingers shake against the keyboard, but try not to alienate readers because you seem like a pushover.

10. Be opinionated

Have an opinion, and stand by it. Be brave enough to counter any resistance.

11. Come up with a fantastic headline

You want readers to be intrigued by your headline, leading them to click on your blog post and engage with it.

If you’re writing a post that aims to help the reader, make a bold promise in the title — and then live up to it. You want to make sure you deliver on your promise, if not even over-deliver.

12. Write like yourself

This simply means to write as if you are speaking to someone. Maintain the same tone and pattern .

This helps in making you sound more conversational too. People love blogs that make them feel as if the author is speaking to them directly.

Aim to strike a personal connection

Evoking emotion is by far the most effective way to engage readers.

You’ve got to make people feel. A “meh” blog post, one that you’d rate as a 7 or 8, never gets read. Folks spend their days aimlessly wandering through the internet in search of brilliant content, not lukewarm stuff.

14. Evoke emotion

Make people fall in love with your writing. Make them hate what you have to say. Make them cry. Make them laugh. Aim for an emotion and don’t stop until readers feel it.

15. Empathize

If people feel like you understand them, they’ll think more highly of your writing, regardless of whether or not the quality has actually increased.

16. Be honest (about yourself)

Yes, you can talk about failures, embarrassing moments from your past, or your own desire to call it quits.

People won’t judge you; quite the opposite.

17. Be funny

Everyone has a funny bone — it just needs to be tickled.

18. Pay extra attention to your beginnings and the endings

The opening of the blog post is the first thing that people will read.

And, as they say, first impressions matter. A lot.

Also, your ending determines how they feel about your article, what exactly they should be doing with what they’ve just read, and if they want to subscribe to your blog or even leave a comment.

Rules, rules, rules…

20. Break some damn rules

Contrary to popular belief, writing doesn’t have any rules…

Learn them, then break them, bend them to your will, do whatever you want. If you feel like a certain “rule” is holding you back, ask yourself why.

21. Read your writing out loud. And backwards.

Oftentimes, you’ll pick up on mistakes you would have otherwise ignored while reading out loud.

If you read your blog post backwards, it’s just words. Your brain won’t be able to ignore mistakes. You are basically forcing yourself to see everything sentence by sentence.

22. Edit out redundancies

Don’t use two words when one is enough.

23. Be willing to change the headline

Headlines are subject to change and evolve with the content. Do not be afraid to change your headline if some better idea comes up as you are writing your post.

24. Pick simple words

This is a rule of clear writing. Do not try to show us how smart you are by sending us to the dictionary every five words.

Other tips

25. Walk away (for a while)

Can’t move forward? Give it a rest, then give your body a rest. Go for a swim, hang out with some friends, take a walk in the park.

Ideas often come to you when you least expect it. If nothing seems to be working, take a shower — that always works.

26. Don’t overly edit

We all want our work to be perfect, but perfection is a matter of perspective for the most part.

27. Keep paragraphs short

In a time when attention spans are shorter than ever, you need to break up the text into small manageable chunks. This’ll make it easier for people to understand your writing, and soak up the message.

There you have it. 27 easy to implement, short blogging tips that’ll help you write a fantastic blog post today.

Do let me know if there’s some important tip I forgot to mention.

5 thoughts on “Your Step-By-Step, Fool Proof Guide To Writing a Fantastic Blog Post Today

  1. Great tips, I like the part of being funny. Important tip you can mention = catchphrase or slogans for the blog headline that makes the blog stand out more. Thanks for sharing this info.

    Liked by 2 people

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