How Many Topics Should a Blog Cover?

Now, that’s an interesting question. And I bet you’ve asked yourself that.

Should you write about everything you’re passionate for?

Should you write about your life and everyone in it?

How should you go about this?


There are some bloggers out there who believe that you should blog about only one topic.

This blog, for instance, is about blogging. And a bit about writing compelling articles, which is some form of writing. And that’s it.

My other blog, irevuo, is an online magazine dedicated to all things art. We’re talking books, music, movies, self-publishing, writing advice. Stuff like that. It’s about artists, for artists, and for those who enjoy art.

The truth of the matter is that the more topics you add, the less engaged your audience becomes.

Another thing that is true is that you could, somehow, manage to alienate a part of your readers by writing articles on topics they even dislike.

I’d say that one rule of thumb is to never tackle topics that are contradictory; that are meant to opposite kinds of people.

Having said all that – it can work to have a random blog – but if you want to build your profile and authority on a single topic, then it would make more sense in my mind to develop a web property that showed you specialized on that topic.

The same goes if you want to monetize your blog. Even ad serving platforms won’t like it if your blog is about ten different things.

Also, another thing to consider is the first time visitor. If someone arrives on your blog they make a snap judgement about what it’s about and whether they’ll engage with it. What message does it convey if you have posts on two different topics on the front page?

Some of them will think ‘cool – a post about XX next to a post about YY – I’m into those two things – I’m coming back.’ but I’d guess that for most people if the posts don’t relate that they might come away feeling a bit confused and go and search for a site that is focused on the topic they’re searching the web for.

What are your thoughts on all this? Should your blog cover more than one topic? Which blogs do you prefer to follow? Those who tackle one topic, or those who are a bit about everything?


54 thoughts on “How Many Topics Should a Blog Cover?

  1. I would like to differ with you to some extent. Like if you have passion and knowledge on 10 different unlike things or topics, one should go for it and publish in his blog.
    Also this would lead to leave a great impact on the blog readers mind that this particular website or blog can help them in various topics in many ways and thus trustworthy. Is not it?

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  2. Running a random blog is definitely going the hard way, believe me. And I break all the rules. But I’m starting to detect a common thread in my posts. I wonder how many bloggers have started out with a general blog, only to organically find their niche?

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  3. That’s an interesting one an one I really think about I’m very new to this I would say more an intern, I looked at 3 that I felt were of meaning and topics that covered a lot of the world in today’s society, with that time will tell. I have all ready work out the one that is strong but all so I have a passion which I like to write about.
    Thank you.

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  4. This post hit too close home! Great advice and perspectives given. haha it feels like you’re calling me out directly. It has inspired me to do better and be more considerate to my readers from now on!

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  5. I just like to read and learn about helpful tips and sometimes I like to be entertained by a blog so I don’t mind blogs that don’t focus on just one thing. But its okay to just focus on one thing. I think that makes you a better blogger. However if you’re a good writer I don’t think it matters if you focus on more than one thing!

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  6. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. I have like 3 major topics on my blog(faith,family and crafting), but I’ve been wondering if I should just focus on one topic or possibly create 3 separate blogs…😬😬😬 But who has time to maintain and write content for 3 blogs.🤔🤔🤔 I guess it’s possible, but as a new bloggers I’m not sure I could handle it.

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  7. I struggle with that too. I have a “main” topic, but my interests are rather diverse, so I veer off into secondary topics too. I’ve always had an insatiable thirst for variety in everything I do.

    I see the validity of sticking to the main topic, but it is difficult for me to do. Perhaps it is hurting my blog growth. I don’t know. But there is also some value in the freedom to write about whatever you want. I’ll continue to mull this over, and probably read more posts on the topic. 🙂

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  8. I literally changed the way I blog today and then I saw your post. Great coincidence! I have decided to specialize instead of having a blog about too many topics. People look for a specific topic they are interested in and if your blog also contains other things, their attention span and interest would just not be focused anymore. This is the age of swiping right or left, after all. And by having several blogs on different topics, I never really have to think about if anyone would like what I am nerding about, because my blog is about that specific nerdy topic. It kind of gives me more options and might even prompt me to write more.

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  9. I agree with what you say, Cristian. I have looked at blogs, interested in a certain post, only to be turned off by other posts and stopped following it. Of course, within any given topic are countless sub-topics.

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  10. I posted about needing advice partially on this subject and I think reading this has helped me realize my mistakes. I do write about random things, and I thought it would work. Maybe it is better to narrow it down, or try and combine some under one roof. Thanks for writing this post!

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  11. I have a personal blog that is primarily about starting over in midlife after a divorce. But it’s personal, it’s more personal therapy than anything else and it is also bleeding over into other topics now. But I have no interest at all in attracting readers to that one.

    I am preparing to launch a blog that is entirely about soft skills and soft skill training an development. So while it covers multiple topics; emotional intelligence, communication, goal setting, team building, etc. all of them fall under a single topic heading.

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    1. On the day of the release, a download link was sent to you via e-mail to the e-mail address you use to make your pre-order. Do check your inbox, spam, etc…

      Also, apparently they were some issues with the automated system and some folks didn’t receive their e-books. If that is the case, do e-mail me at and will solve it.

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  12. I’ve been trying to figure out what my blog is about. I write poetry and short stories, but I randomly posted something that was a little more advice-driven a couple weeks ago. Poetry and stories are in the same category though, right? And is it better to make an entire new blog for a subject, or to just make a few different pages on your main blog? Because I’ve seen that before and liked that it was organized without me having to open a whole new page

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  13. I decided not to monetize my blog, which means followers aren’t that big a deal. I like big numbers, but it is a hobby, a creative outlet, and I don’t want it to feel like work. I agree with your advice, for the most part, but consciously choose not to follow it. That leaves me poorer and less famous, but my life is full and rich. To blog properly would be a full-time thing, and I have higher priorities at this time.

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  14. My blog, although occasionally it includes random posts, is mostly about 2nd time parenting (I’ve raised two children and now I have a toddler and granddaughter simultaneously) and traveling with a young child (often with photos since I’m an advanced amateur photographer). Is that specific enough? I know it’s not the subjects of the century, but it’s my thing.

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  15. I respect your opinion about focusing on a single topic. I don’t think I’m looking for the same thing from my blog. If I stay focused on one topic all the time, I feel like I’ll limit my audience. I don’t have a specific stet of persons I’d like to reach. Personally, I’d like for the world to be my target. And as a collective, we face different issues.
    Even within my own life, I read about different subjects as long as they interest me. I am just as fascinated by molecular biology as I am about the streets of Florence, captivated in a fiction novel. Do we ever just stick to one subject.
    So in my opinion, neither should my blog. I will write about everything I’m passionate about. If that strikes someone’s attention, great. If not, then on to the next.
    Thank you for your perspective.

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    1. This blog has one main topic, yet over 25 thousand readers.

      And the fact that each person is usually interested in a lot of topics does not mean they want a blog that writes about all of them.

      You are limiting your audience by choosing more than one topic, not the other way around.

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  16. Well, mine’s sort-of-about one topic — the “fine and lively” arts, which constitute one topic — but, within that, it’s about multiple topics: classical recordings, classical concerts, theatre, film, and books of various kinds. When I’m talking about the books, I tend to steer into other, related subject matter. Occasionally, since I’m a writing teacher, I add a vignette about some issue of grammar-and-usage.

    All these subtopics, if you will — except, perhaps, for the books — are related to my activities as a musician and teacher. So _I_ consider my blog to be focused!

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  17. Good morning Christian
    I have to correct an error I made in my comment before.
    I now understand what you mean when you say it’s best to write about one topic. If I, for example am writing about life experiences, it would throw off my readers for me to start writing about airplane parts.
    I misinterpreted your meaning in my initial comment. Sticking to one topic doesn’t mean I have to stick to one subject. I started off my my first and second post of life experiences involving death because those are issues I’ve recently faced. I’m pretty sure the subject matter will change as time progresses, but I will continue to share life experiences. That is my “one topic”,
    I get it now.
    Thanks for the article.

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    1. Hi Tanya,

      Yes, that’s what a topic is. You could use a bunch of topics if they are addressed to the same kind of reader.

      But they should be related.

      You can’t write about sports and religion. But you can write about sports and nutrition.

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  18. I think I have too many topics because a large portion of my blog is about my journey and thoughts on my world – from my position as a relaxed housekeeper. I decided not to worry about follows and just write what I feel is important. I do however think your advice is excellent, and I will remember it in case I ever decide to restructure my blog. Thanks!!


  19. I feel like for niche blogs, yes there are topics that should be avoided and stuck to… but at the same time, so many different topics can be covered under one overarching THEME. For me, that’s art and writing. My late diagnosis of depression and anxiety, my faith, the books I read, the movies I watch, my pets, things that happen to me during the day/week/whatever… they all connect to that overarching theme of my art.


  20. I think you hit the nail on the head when you talked about the writer’s intention, including whether or not to monetize. I’m not looking to monetize. My blog’s name (Bits and Bobs) is pretty clear that it’s not very focused. I used to worry about that, because I had heard so much about how it “should” have a focus of some sort. But I’ve come to be OK with that because I know what my purpose is and it doesn’t require a focus. Mostly, I’m writing as a creative outlet, more for myself, and if someone else enjoys it, then that’s a bonus – a perk of writing in a public medium as opposed to intent of it. However, if I ever do decide I want more from it, then I think I would absolutely need to find a focus because I would need to put much more consideration into the wants/needs of the readers I want to attract.


  21. In life, opportunities to quote Mungo Jerry are few and far between so I’ll say this, “…just do what you feel!” because worst case you will still amuse yourself. Experiment! Throw paint against the canvas Jackson Pollock style and see what sticks! Having said that, results may very so take Cristian’s advice over Jerry’s for better odds of success!


  22. I enjoy blogs whose topics are related & the topics are those that I love. I’m not for a single topic. 3 related topics in a blog is lovely for me.


  23. Yes, it should cover more than one topic, it’s almost impossible not to. I have one main theme: The 1950’s, but within that theme are many topics… and even then it’s hard to stick with just the 50’s theme. I think readers will pick out the posts they want to read and skip over the ones they don’t. That’s what I’ve experienced anyway. I try to make it a mix of what I want to write about and posts that will be useful to my readers.


  24. I think having a core purpose for your blog is less confusing for the reader. If you are just starting out then I don’t think you should have multiple blogs until you developed a “profitable” blog. I prefer to follow Christian blogs and also inspirational with an intended purpose. However, I’m open to following other blogs on other topics such as beauty and business, depending on the content.

    I also enjoy your content. Thank you for the valuable information that you share.


  25. I don’t mind a blog that touches on different topics. Personal Blogs usually consists of different topics while still relating to that blogger. Maybe this is why I struggle so much . Maybe I’m unclear about the question.

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