All Good Things Come to an End

It happened to me on more than one occasion, when on a 1-on-1 Skype chat with a client, that I get really excited and blurt out strategies and tricks and tips and a detailed plan of action for the next month or so because listening to them describe what they love gives me the right kind of energy and provides me with the clarity I need to know how to help them grow their blog.

The thing is: I love leaving people with not just that “moment” . . . but also a full set of meaningful, organized steps to take.

And this is true for all my programs, including the 0 to 5K Program, which for the next eight hours is discounted by over one quarter of its usual price.

That being said, if you wish one-on-one help with growing your blog, expanding your readership, earning money, or even becoming better at blog writing, this is your chance.

Only eight hours left to purchase 0 to 5K Program. Huge discount. 28% off.

That is it.

I’d love to sit down with you via Skype and create a strategic, thoughtful action plan for your next few months of growing your blog. . . the smart way.

To be honest, I considered crowding this post with all the testimonials from folks who I’ve helped before, but the reality is, you probably know by now whether or not you want my help, whether what you’re doing now is working at the ideal level, and whether you need a fresh approach to growing your blog . . . or not.

What if by this same time next month, after we’ve decided on a strategy and you’ve spent your days focused on implementing it with ninja-like quickness?

Honestly, working with you on this programs is fun for me too. From health and wellness coaching, to financial planning for high powered women, to teaching creative writing to kids, we’ve crafted smart plans for unique people like you with amazing blogs like yours.

Weeks of one on one sessions, fresh ideas, brainstorming, and advice that is designed to guide you through specific actions, all of them worth well over $1,000 each if it were any other superblogger.

It’s pretty simple math, actually:

You + me + Any Program = actual magic (okay, I mean, you’ll have to do the work of implementing the strategy, but you get the point).


I don’t want you to jump on this opportunity if it’s NOT the right time for you. One million percent don’t enroll if:

  1. You’ve been hearing about “blogging thing” and just want to see how you can make some quick money
  2. You have no idea who you want to help or what you care about.

But if you HAVE been hearing about my programs and reading along with this blog post and thinking “I need this clarity and focus; I’m definitely serious about my blogging . . . and I do realize this price for everything is literally insane” . . . then click here to enroll.



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