How to be a Rockstar (of Blogging)1 min read

Want to be a rock star of the blogging world?

You can be.

You can be the go-to individual for your particular niche, especially when a citation, quote, or interview is necessary for the media (social and traditional).

Having a strong Internet presence goes a very long way thanks to the ever-increasing use of search engines and the power of social media, but to truly become a rockstar of blogging, you need to do a few more things.

For example…

Here’s a secret I am kind of ashamed to admit. Even though I write at least 100 blog posts every month, I never feel like writing. I’d much rather scroll the day away on social media. But I don’t. How do I do it? How do I write two articles before everyone in my neighborhood wakes up? I have a system.

Here’s what I do when I don’t feel like writing a blog post…

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